You will ask yourself what is search engine. In this article, I will explain all about search engines and how they work.

No one can work on the Internet without the search engine. A web-based tool is very essential to finding relevant information related to any subject. The search engine is a term given to the activity that helps the user to identify the data he needs. It is also called a program that enables the user to find the information with the help of suggested keywords.

Once the keywords are typed in the search bar, a series of documents linked to the keywords appear. The user then is able to click on the right website and open it. Many search engines help the user as they fetch the related results. They spread the web like a spider to fetch documents. Google search is often used. But Google is just one of the programs that identifies the documents. There are other search engines also that optimize the data for the user.

A search engine will ideally index the entire results. The best results come in the first few pages of the web. The lesser likely data is pushed in the other web pages. The average user prefers to get the information from the first page itself. Whether it is Google or any other search engine a particular algorithm is used to detect the results. To explain algorithm simply is the software that decodes the web pages allowing the searches across millions of websites.

A user has to type at least one keyword to determine what is required. The World Wide Web (www) has expanded into multiple websites and it is impossible to find a website without the help of the search engine. Any company that develops a search engine knows the advanced methodology to locate any web address. It is like an internet post office knowing the pin codes of all websites.

Why a search engine

google locator

Suppose you need to know where a person is located and need to reach him. The basic requirement will be his address and probably a few landmarks to reach. This happens in the physical world where you will also get directions to reach via train, plane or road. It just narrows down the search for the person and does not waste time.

The same principle works on the Internet. You need specific information on a topic to complete your project. Alternatively, you may need a database of all contacts in a niche industry. So how does it become possible to search on the net? It is a multiple web and you will get lost, unless you know the right website or address. And in today’s time the country of origin too. SO what do you do?

Simply use a search engine to locate the database or get information. This is why a search engine is essential. Without it you will never be able to reach the right target audience if you are a advertiser. Nor will you reach the right person to deal with to do business. Today the websites have niche address that end with the country. Therefore, the search engine narrows down to the only addresses that may be useful to you.

Over a period, a search engine has been developed to find the accurate things rather than just give the entire list of address that are available in the world. It would take many months to go through them. To make the Internet experience of searching easier the engine optimizes the keywords. The world today depends on several kinds of international and domestic search engines to help with detecting the information. No matter what kind of query the user has, there is an answer available with a click.

What are the popular search engines?

How people use search engines

When you begin to use the Internet for the first time, it is confusing. No one wants to waste time getting many search engines to work. Its like too many cooks spoil the soup. If you use multiple search engines, some results will be the same in all. Therefore, it is best to stick to a few that may be useful for web searches across the world.

The main reasons why some search engines work more:

  1. Getting the relevant results. This is most important
  2. The results should be clear and easy to read.
  3. Any helpful options will make a search engine popular. It is like giving a tip to a gambler to win!
  4. Everyday search results get better with visuals and more options.

On their own, the search engines are very complicated. The software program that enables the user to get the right results is like a complex brain that does multiple functions. They go through several databases to bring the top ten web pages to the user. Imagine if you had a few large web dictionaries in large libraries. How would you ever detect what you need unless they are indexed? With good speed, a search engine can find results in a few seconds.

The top ten search engines of 2019:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo Search!
  4. ASK
  5. AOL Search
  6. Wow
  7. Webcrawler
  8. MyWebSearch
  9. Infospace
  10. Info

These search engines are based on the popular reader/user reactions. They found these ten to be very useful in getting the kind of information they needed urgently or otherwise. They are able to update the database also. If a user returns with the same keywords, they will find that the top ten pages are toppled by some fresh information and more useful.

How Search Engine works

 How Search Engine works

Search Engine is system or software through which you can find any useful information related to any of your query by simply entering your query into phrases or words. Now how search engine works?

Web search Engines works by storing and saving needful information and data about many different web pages, which they fetch from the HTML (Hyper Text Mark up Language) mark up of the pages. These pages are fetched by Web Crawler (also known as a spider) – Web Crawler which crawls automatically follows every type of link on the Web Site but if you want to exclude some pages then you can do it through robots.txt.

Then search engine analyzes all the content of each and every page to determine or figure out that how it can be indexed. Let us take an example, we can extract words from the titles, page content, headings or some special fields called Meta tags. Data and information about different web pages are saved and stored in an index database for use in later asked queries by any another human being. Different query from any user can be a single word. What index does is it helps in finding information related to asked query as soon as possible. Some search engines, Such as Google all part of web page as well as data and information of that web page where as some engines like AltaVista store and save every word of every single page they find and crawl. The cache page always grasp the real search text since it is the only one that was actually indexed, so it is useful when the data of the current page has been updated and the search terms are no longer in it.

Many search relevance create these cached pages useful as they may contain information and data that may no longer available elsewhere.

There is an organized structure for “How Search engine Works”. A Search engine works in following order:

  1. Web Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Searching

Web Crawler:

A web Crawler or Crawler is an internet robot that browses the World Wide Web in a proper manner and systematically, typically for the purpose or goal of Web IndexingYou can also call a Web Crawler a Web Spider and Scutter, an Automatic Indexer or a type of Ant.

Different web search engines are using Web Crawling and Web Spiders software or program to update their web sites content, data or information as web crawlers can copy all the pages so that users can search them more quickly. Web Crawlers can construct hyper links and HTML code and can also be used for web scrapping.


Search Engine Indexing resolves, collects and stores data and information to preside fast and executed information retrieval with care. Search engine Indexing is an alternate name given to web indexing for the main purpose finding web pages by different search engines.

The actual purpose of storing and saving index is to optimize and improve performance and speed in finding the relevant and unique documents or results for a search query. If there is no index then search engine will scan every document in the body, which will require more time and computing power.


Searching refers to Web Search query which is a query that user or visitor enters by converting his query into phrase and word into a web search engine to satisfy or meet his or her information needs. Web search Queries are plain text and they fully vary greatly from standard query languages.

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