Content is the heart of the web. It is what people come online to consume and it is why websites of all kinds are set up. Whether that content is written, spoken or shown on video – it is the main component of the web and those in business today will have to have it if they wish to sell any kind of product or service. Of course, how that content is generated or otherwise obtained can vary widely, but it is important to understand your options when it comes to this. What we are going to talk about now is a type of content that many marketers are using these days. We are going to see that PLR content is one of your options now, see why it is popular, find out how it is being used, what the challenges are when using it, discover best practices for using PLR content, see how many entrepreneurs earn from producing it, and even discuss alternative forms of content in case PLR content is not right for you.

The Definition of PLR & Its Use Online

What PLR stands for is Private Label Rights, a licensing agreement that says a person who buys PLR content will be able to label it as their own and more or less do whatever they wish to with it. This is much different from other licensing agreements wherein the person who held the copyright for the content would be paid royalties each time the content was used or would be at least be credited with authorship of the content itself. With PLR, none of this happens – the person purchasing the content use any or all of it for their own purposes and attribute its authorship to anyone they want to. As you might imagine, this has many powerful benefits for marketers who need content.

Generally, PLR content today is sold in ‘packs’ of articles. The number of articles per pack will vary and generally, those articles are grouped around specific themes such as decorating a home or converting to green energy sources, just to name two possibilities. The PLR content producer will typically set a limit for the number of packs they are willing to sell and the price will reflect how many packs are set to be sold. In other words, when 10 packs of PLR content are being sold, the price per pack might be $50 whereas if 100 packs are being sold the price might be $7 per pack or even less. Pricing, a number of articles, and number of packs sold will vary by seller and there is no specific formula for this.

It should also be noted that website templates, photographs, ebooks and even videos are sold as PLR content today. This is less popularly known, but it is an important source of these forms of content for those who require it. The process for purchasing these other types of content can vary, but they are sold more or less the same way that written PLR content is.

Why is PLR Chosen by Marketers Today?

One of the reasons that PLR packs are so popular is because they tend to cost very little. Since a writer or content producing company can sell the same material a number of times, they can afford to charge far less than the going rate per word for custom articles. Marketers looking for ‘filler’ content often turn to PLR because of the low costs and the ease of the sales process which involves no waiting since the articles are already finished. If they had to place an order with a writer or company, a wait period would be involved and some marketers may wish to avoid that.

While it might sound as if ‘filler’ content is somehow a negative thing, it is often needed today when content is so critical to success. A few more pages in an ebook can help it to sell for more. A bit more content on a website may help it look larger and more developed. There are nearly as many reasons to use PLR content as there are marketers using it.

Video content is often difficult to produce and it can be expensive, too. Purchasing PLR videos can be a good solution for sites looking to add videos and the same can be said for graphical templates. Hiring a designer can be expensive, but having one alter a template – or doing it yourself – can be cheaper, faster and easier. PLR ebooks, too, can be reworked to provide additional value to the reader and give the marketer one more tool or product to offer.

Some of the Ways PLR Content is Used Today

PLR content

PLR content can be used in a variety of different ways. In some cases, it is a good supplementary form of text for ebooks or an entire PLR ebook could be purchased and bundled with other product offers a marketer has. For membership sites, PLR content is often a great way to beef up the offer and give subscribers more. This can help membership sites cost a little bit more without costing the marketer too much for the additional bonuses given to the members to make the offer worth it to them.

For sites with a newsletter or that focus on fresh content delivered at a regular rate, some PLR can be included so long as it is not the sole form of content being offered. This helps lower the amount of work the site needs to do to have a regular flow of content and that makes life a bit easier for those running the site.

Some marketers will also use heavily customized PLR content as something they can distribute to other sites to introduce web visitors to what they have to offer. They may alter PLR articles and posts them to article directories hoping for redistribution. They might offer a site one of their videos in exchange for being linked to and credited for the video. There are numerous ways to approach this particular angle.

In short, marketers find all kinds of uses for PLR content and their options are really only limited to what they can imagine and then follow through on. PLR content is versatile and since you own full rights, you can use it however you need to.

Concerns Expressed by Some Regarding PLR

As with any marketing tool, PLR content can and does have pitfalls associated with it and people have abused it in the past, as well. One of the first things you want to check out when you purchase any kind of PLR content is whether or not the content has been plagiarized. Generally speaking, a simple web search of text will let you know if it’s stolen content or not. For videos, templates and ebooks this can be trickier to do. They real key to avoiding PLR that contains plagiarism is to only do business with a respected PLR content producer who has a well established public reputation for producing quality work.

Duplicate content is one thing that those who decry the use of PLR content say worries them about its use. They believe that if the same content appears on multiple sites, it will be penalized by search engines like Google. This has been proven to not be true or otherwise syndication of articles and other content would not be possible. Duplicate content refers to using the same content on multiple pages of a site on a single domain.

Others fear that duplicate content will be an issue because customers might recognize an article, video or other PLR content as having been something they saw elsewhere. They argue that this would upset visitors, especially paying customers. That might be true, but there are ways to avoid this if you are concerned that many within your same niche have purchased the same PLR as you have. One thing you can do is alter the content significantly to provide extra value. Another thing you can do is limit the use of PLR content and provide primarily original content.

Quality of PLR content can and does vary widely. It is a marketer’s responsibility to try and closely examine any content they have bought before using it. Most PLR content can not be looked at before being purchased because that would enable scammers to simply steal it and begin using it, ruining the value for actual customers. Because of this, dealing with a reputable PLR producer is very important. Ask around in marketing forums and see who has a good reputation – that is often the best way to decide where to purchase your PLR content from.

Best Practices with PLR

In order to make the most of the content you purchase, there are a few things you might wish to do. One of the first things that is smart to do for PLR content is to avoid putting it on websites as an SEO tactic. Articles that are used to try to get rankings for you should be totally original and unique to your site, not PLR articles. Including some PLR content is fine, but it should be aimed at helping visitors, not at increasing your site’s rank since it is unlikely to help in that way. While syndicated content is great for spreading the word about your site, products or services, it is not a way to build links effectively these days.

Obviously, you want to thoroughly check for plagiarism before you use any PLR content you purchase. If you’ve done a good deal at choosing a source then it should not be an issue for you.

Consider altering PLR content when you can for a bit of extra security and to add a personal touch. This often only takes a few minutes, but it can make a difference. You might also want to think about writing articles in which you cite your PLR content to add an extra layer of originality. For those who struggle to come up with articles to write, this can be a good way to have a head start and get some great articles that are not all composed of your own work.

One of our favorite uses for PLR content is for auto responder messages in our affiliate marketing funnels. We have had great success in that regard with PLR content.

Can PLR Be a Good Income Earner for Content Creators?

In the past, when people believed that mountains of PLR content would help them create hundreds of thousands of links within days and rocket them to the top of the search engines, PLR content was huge business. Today, the reality is different and fewer buyers are out there now that search engines work a bit differently. That said, it is still possible to earn an income from PLR content, but it must be exceptionally good and you need to have a customer base before getting started to ensure that you can make regular sales and make it worth your while.

If you want to become a PLR content producer, don’t just start out writing a bunch of articles and then try to sell them. You need to know what kind of articles people want. Hot topics for marketers vary from one week to the next and you need to be involved in forums or social media circles where you can discover what it is people want and need. You might even consider reaching out to some marketers to find out if they have any needs you might be able to fill.

Those wishing to make PLR content production their business will have to take it seriously and approach it as they would any other business. This means laying out a plan and doing all they can to get things off the ground. It will be hard work, but it is possible to profit in this market for those who put in the time, energy and intelligent planning it takes. Don’t forget to educate yourself on general marketing along the way, too.

Alternatives to PLR for Those with Content Needs

PLR content is simply not going to be the choice for all marketers. Some have brands that they have to carefully manage the reputations of and PLR content, if noticed by customers, could hurt the brand’s image. In this case, the marketer still needs content, but it has to be unique. Anyone in business, in order to be as successful as possible, is going to need to focus on what they do which is marketing – not making content.

Outsourcing the creation of content is the best way to go when you need full rights to the content produced. This can be done via freelancers, but you might consider the benefits of going through a respected content creation firm instead. If trouble arises, dealing with a business is often a bit easier than with a private individual. Just as you would do with a PLR content producer, check out the reputations of anyone you plan to purchase custom content from. The web is full of solid businesses that are worth working with, but it could take some time to discover which of these is best suited to handle your needs.

Remember, when PLR content is a risk and you still need more content than you have, buying that content is a great way to go and if you make bulk purchases you can often lower its total price.



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