Question is, what is organic traffic and when we get the point we will answer how to how to increase organic traffic. These two questions have deep connection, but lets start from first one.

Search engines matter today just as they have for well over a decade. They are the technological tools that users turn to when they are looking to find information. Big names like Google, Bing and Yahoo are not only household names, they are some of the world’s largest corporations that pull in billions of dollars every year.

Of course, how they make that money is by selling advertising, but that is not what organic traffic is all about. Today, we want to learn about organic traffic and find out about the benefits it offers to websites. We also want to learn why it is important, how you can begin getting organic traffic for your site and a lot more about the process involved in becoming an organic traffic leader in your niche.

This is useful information for anyone with a website, whether it be to promote something they care about, to help an organization spread the word about what it does or to help a business succeed online. Let’s get started learning and by the end you will be confident about understand organic traffic as well as have the needed knowledge to know whether or not it should be an important part of your efforts at promoting your site today.

The Definition of Organic Traffic

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In the past, search traffic was search traffic and there was no real need to distinguish organic traffic from other kinds of traffic. Things have changed dramatically since the first search engines arrived, however, and now we use this term as a way to differentiate between paid traffic bought from other sites, advertising traffic and so forth. What organic traffic ends up being is traffic that comes from a search engine without paying that search engine for being listed in its index nor for ranking well on specific keywords.

The goal of most search engines is to list the best information for any given search query as close to the top as possible. Today, however, the major search engines place ads in the most prominent positions and blend them into the search results so well that it is often very difficult for users to distinguish between what is a natural organic search result and what is an ad.

Statistics vary depending upon who is presenting them, but it does appear that the majority of search engine users are not aware that ads are different from actual search results. Marketers combat this by trying to rank as high as possible and obtain organic traffic despite ad placements. For those who do well, this can bring in a lot of visitors, especially on more popular searches.

The organic traffic industry is all about a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) that works to make sites and their pages easy for search engines to catalog. In this process, specific keywords are chosen, meta tags are fine tuned and many other aspects of a page are adjusted in the hopes of ranking high in the search engine for the content the page contains. For many sites, organic traffic is their lifeblood because they do not have a large budget for advertising.

Keywords Are Crucial for Gaining Organic Traffic

An essential part of getting organic traffic is understanding how keywords function. When users type in a search query, the search engine automatically analyzes it for keywords and keyword phrases. If they search for ‘dog collars’ then the search engine will try to return results relevant to that search. The more words used in a search query, the more complex things can become. Marketers need to understand keywords fully so that they can optimize their pages to make sure those entering queries for the content of their pages are able to find them.

Keyword research and the SEO process itself are entire fields of study on their own. Those just learning how to get organic traffic would be well served to study these topics and learn more about bringing in the visitors they would like to appeal to. These are not subjects one masters rapidly, but there is help out there which can speed up the process.

The most important point is using the same keywords and keyword phrases that your target audience uses when inputting a search to find what you have to offer. If you can bridge communication this way then you are far more likely to bring in relevant organic traffic that will be happy they located your site.

Another important note here is that no one should struggle so hard to use the right keywords and SEO techniques that their content ends up suffering. The bottom line for all marketers is that as valuable as organic traffic, getting it will not matter if users are disappointed by the sites they land on. What matters is making sure you use techniques that help them, but that you place top priority on the creation of great content above all else. That is what helps sites rank for the long-term.

Advantages That Organic Traffic Offers

For marketers, as well as anyone promoting a site they want the public to see, there are many advantages to optimizing to get organic traffic. One of the most important is the low-cost involved. Not all sites have the kind of money it takes to run banner ads, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns or to buy traffic from brokerage services.

That’s why it is important to try to keep costs down. With organic traffic there is no real expense beyond what you pay to keep your site online. If done correctly, it has the potential to keep bringing in traffic for years to come.

Another advantage of organic traffic is that most of the users who find your page this way, so long as you have done a good job with optimizing, actually wanted to arrive there. They had other options, but they chose your site and not because you are a paid advertiser. Your site rose to prominence, presumably, on its own merits and therefore obtains a level of trust with your audience. This is very positive and speaks volumes for the quality of your content creation efforts as well as your efforts at optimizing your site.

For businesses, organic traffic is one avenue to pursue that can be mixed in with the rest of their marketing techniques that does not add high costs, but brings positive benefits. Most businesses consider organic traffic to be solid because it usually converts well when the optimizing has been done well. Users who find a business in the organic search results do tend to buy more than those who may have been lured in by a catchy ad.

How Organic Traffic is Proof of a Site’s Success

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It is hard to argue that sites which enjoy a great deal of organic traffic are successful. It takes a lot for a search engine to rank a site highly these days and those sites which do appear ranked highly for search results have usually been online for a while, are vetted by other trusted sites that link to them and display the best content relevant to the search term.

When you have a business and your site ranks well, bringing in lots of organic traffic, this is a sign that you are obviously meeting the needs of searchers. It’s proof that your site does provide what they are looking for and that is good both for your bottom line and your reputation. Brands that do well in regards to earning the respect of their visitors certainly tend to have a strong future because they understand organic traffic and how to make it work.

What It Takes to Pull in Organic Traffic

Things can get complex when you are trying to improve a site’s ability to bring in organic traffic. For starters, your content really does need to be top-notch. It should have images which are properly labeled, clear and readable text that is useful to your visitor, proper categories and good site navigation.

Basically, all the elements that are important to building a quality site are important for efforts to bring in organic traffic. If you focus on content quality first, you will be ahead of many competitors, generally speaking.

Remember that how you optimize your page for search engines matters, too. You need to understand how users go about searching for what you have to offer so you can meet their needs. You need to know about longtail keyword phrases which are especially long keyword phrases and often what users type in so they can be more precise in you’re searching. This can take a while to become good at and, in the end, you may be best served to hire a professional.

You also need to make sure that if you have social media accounts, you are using them to promote your site. Search engines take into account many different factors and if you show up as a leader in your niche, they are a lot more likely to send you quality organic traffic that converts. These are just some of the factors involved in earning a steady stream of organic traffic.

Should Bringing in Organic Traffic Be Your Sole Focus?

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While organizations and those with a simple site they are promoting for fun or on a tight budget organic traffic can be a good solution, businesses will need to do more. In this era, it is unlikely that organic traffic alone will be enough to sustain a business. Businesses need to exercise more strategy, invest more resources and make sure they are doing what they can to bring in visitors via all possible channels.

The fact is, organic traffic can often be difficult to obtain within high competition niches. You may spend years trying to rank when it would be cheaper to simply purchase affordable advertising. You have to evaluate organic traffic and discover whether that which you could go after makes sense for your business and for the amount of time and capital you have to invest. This is really the only way to know whether or not organic traffic is worth pursuing.

It should also be noted that search engines are not the only way people find what they are looking for. Some will be more inclined to look on social media sites or turn to friends when they want to locate a business. A business needs to be aware that simply because traffic is ‘organic’ does not mean it will convert or meet their needs. It takes time to learn what works and, keep in mind, what works can also change over time as the web evolves. What is important is making sure to get the best value for the time and money you invest.

Be Prepared to Wait if You Want Quality Organic Traffic to Your Site

While in the 1990′s and early 2000′s, getting organic traffic was a fairly quick and easy process in most niches, times have changed. Users are more savvy with how they use search engines and they are more discriminating with what they choose to click on, too. Search engines themselves are cracking down on those who try to manipulate search results in order to get organic traffic that is not in service to the searchers themselves. It will take time for all of these things to be worked out, but you need to be aware that getting organic traffic is different now because of all these things.

One important point to make is that even the most vigorous and meticulous SEO efforts often that 3-6 months to show you any real results. That means you may put up a new site and do everything correctly but still, after a couple of months no real organic traffic is flowing towards it. Staying consistent in your efforts and continuing to push a solid strategy is what will eventually pay off, but this really does end up taking time. If you know that going in, then there is less likelihood you will become frustrated and give up early as so many aspiring entrepreneurs and webmasters do.

Hiring a Professional Expert at SEO

While some will want to learn to get organic traffic on their own, plenty of other people would be better off turning to a professional consultant or a trusted firm. This can save you huge amounts of time handling the learning curve, not to mention all of the time that serious SEO requires. The fact is, this is a very competitive field and the work might appear simple, but doing it right requires both knowledge and experience.

If you do decide that investing in professional SEO services is the most intelligent way for your site to start getting organic traffic then you will certainly be well served to investigate your choices fully. What you will most likely discover is that there are many solid companies and professionals out there. Trust the recommendations of those who have gotten good results whom you know or look for other third-party reviews of these services. You want to make sure you are working with responsible, skilled and ethical firms that put your site’s best interest first.

Learning How to Succeed with Organic Traffic

Those willing to put in the extensive study time needed in order to succeed at SEO will want to make sure they are learning from the latest, most respected books, courses or coaches. SEO changes at a near constant rate and there is almost always going to be something new you need to learn. Courses go out of date faster than you might imagine so it is very important that you find one which is either from within the last 6 months to a year, or that is updated at regular intervals. Most of these courses will involve video content to help make things easier as well as written materials and possibly webinars. 

If you choose to work with a coach, you can learn more specific information geared to helping your specific site succeed. This might end up being your best bet and is certainly something to investigate. Often, coaches have years of experience in SEO and it is a strong part of what they do. If you find the right coach, you can avoid a lot of the pitfalls common to those trying to get organic traffic and really end up creating the kind of site you dreamed was possible. Plus, if you hit a snag there is someone you trust that you can turn to for help.

The Ultimate Path to Organic Traffic is Becoming an Authority Site

There are a lot of proposed answers for how to get good at gaining organic traffic thrown around in messages boards and on blogs today. The real truth is that if you are serious about being a top destination for relevant organic traffic then you need to look at the bigger picture and think long-term, too. Once you start doing this, it will become obvious to you that the path to being a leader in organic traffic is becoming a leader in the first place by building an authority site.

There is no substitute for greatness and authority sites have great content. They are rarely focused on SEO because their core focus is on serving the needs of their audience. Sites like Wikipedia are an extreme example of this, but think of how often a Wikipedia entry for exactly what you were searching for ranks first on Google or Bing.

This is because Wikipedia is trusted and it has put its audience ahead of making money. Indeed, it’s a nonprofit and that gives it clout that many think a business site can’t have. In reality, the best businesses put their customers first and work to educate, not just make sales, because they are confident that by serving an essential role for their audience sales will happen.

Think long and hard about putting in what it takes to develop an authority site because this could be a game changer for any site. Evolving into an authority means others in your niche look up to you. The organic traffic begins to happen more naturally because you lead your niche. You don’t worry over SEO details because over time it becomes obvious to the world that your site is where they need to go in order to learn what they want to know about your niche. This is the most powerful form of marketing today and it’s an ethical way to build a viable, lasting and profitable business.

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