Business is booming on the web, as most people know, because it has become yet another conduit of commerce in the world today. Marketing can be done here for a very low-cost and that has helped keep prices lower than they would be if advertisers had to pay more expensive rates to advertise their products or services. With online commerce, everyone wins on both sides of the equation and that is precisely what makes it an attractive proposition for businesses. A lot of these businesses do work with people who want to make money helping them sell what they need to sell. This is what CPA marketing is all about. It is just one form of Internet marketing, but it happens to be a very important form and that is why we want to study it today.

If you have been hoping to find a great way to bring in some cash, then this just might be an avenue you want to consider. We’re going to go into what this kind of marketing is all about, how it benefits everyone involved, how to get started doing it, some of the realities for those who earn with CPA marketing, and more. By the end, you should have a solid working knowledge of this particular style of marketing and be empowered to decide if it might be a good choice for your particular needs as an entrepreneur.

The Definition & History of CPA Marketing?

What the CPA in CPA marketing stands for is Cost Per Action. However, in certain cases, those three letters actually stand for Cost Per Acquisition which means that the company ‘acquired’ a customer through the CPA offer. There are other cases where CPA is renamed PPA, meaning Pay Per Action. All of these are ways to describe essentially the same concept, a pricing model for advertising in which the publisher (person with a website who is putting the offer in front of potential customers) works on behalf of the advertiser, attempting to get potential customers to perform a specified action.

This is a style of what is known as affiliate marketing yet it differs from most because the customer has to do more than view or click something. Often, the ‘action’ involved in a CPA offer will involve the customer inputting their personal contact information, ranging from an email address or zipcode to their credit card billing information – even if the offer is free.

Limited time free CPA marketing

Many CPA offers are free or free for a limited time, hence the need for the customer’s billing information in case they do not cancel after the free offer. In some cases, the customer will pay a vastly reduced weekly or monthly subscription fee with the price going up after that first week or month. There are all kinds of different offers, but each of them will require the customer to ‘take action’ in order to get the reward from the advertiser. Every time someone acts on the offer, the affiliate (publisher) will be paid.

The publisher will need to be signed up with the advertiser through their CPA program before they can put these offers out. Once they are approved, they get advertising graphics and links with their affiliate code. They put these invitations to the CPA offers on websites and drive traffic to those sites, hopefully getting a percentage of people to take the CPA offer. Every time someone does, they get paid at varying rates which can be $1 or all the way into the double digits for some highly competitive CPA marketing niches.

Why CPA Marketing is Smart for Advertisers?

CPA marketing explination

The businesses that have a CPA marketing of their own or get involved in a network like Clickdealer, for example, are able to benefit in a big way because they get quality lead information from those driving traffic to their offers. This takes the bulk of the promotional work off their shoulders and passes it over to those who are skilled at Internet marketing. Since so many people are involved in CPA marketing, a lot more ground can be covered than one company itself would likely be able to do because all those audiences from all those marketers really add up. This is therefore an excellent, low-cost way for companies to get all kinds of customers.

Since the program will almost always have very strong incentives, these companies do have to make sure they are regularly auditing their leads and those who market for them. They need to make sure people aren’t scamming the system to get free offers and that marketers are not cheating to try to earn themselves money for worthless information. In that respect, this kind of marketing is not always right for all companies.

That being said, it often costs very little to reach a huge number of people with these offers by turning to CPA marketing affiliates instead of the company bankrolling the marketing itself.

What Makes CPA Marketing Attractive to Entrepreneurs?

One of the advantages to the CPA marketing model for entrepreneurs is that the CPA advertisers are a bit more open-minded about how their offers are displayed and where. That means that so long as the affiliate has gotten approved for a CPA network it can be a matter of them figuring out the best way to get customers to take those CPA offers instead of having the advertisers exerting a lot of control over their efforts. Most entrepreneurs are going to prefer this kind of freedom.

Another major benefit to CPA marketing is that those who do it well are making much more than they would with something like the Pay Per Click, known as PPC, model. Each time a customer takes an action and completes it, they get a substantial amount of money. When done correctly, this can result in huge earnings over the course of a month which is precisely what most marketers are going to be looking for.

Yes, CPA marketing can be more challenging than other kinds of marketing due to the fact that the customer has to do more and people are less inclined to do anything they aren’t forced to – that’s a simple fact of human nature. However, that being said, those marketers who are good at this style of marketing can still reap the benefits in a big way. Of the different, easy to enter models of Internet marketing, this one does pay quite a bit and takes more effort on the marketer’s part so it can be a good training step for those that want to one day become big fish in the Internet marketing industry.

How to Get Started Doing CPA Marketing?

The first step to doing this kind of marketing, in one sense, is signing up for the company or network you will be working with. There are a lot of different companies out there which do CPA marketing and signing up is generally a more involved process than it is with some other programs. Obviously, you have to give your personal information and, if you have a website you will be using to promote offers, some CPA networks may want one of their representatives to look it over.

CPA networks have to be careful because they need to make sure people are not doing anything fraudulent with the offers they have. You may even be asked to speak with someone over the phone and doing so is a good idea because it shows your commitment to the network and helps you look far more trustworthy. Some people do get rejected upon their first application to a network, but if you are honest about your experience, or your lack of experience if that is true, and open to talking then you have a far higher chance of being approved.

Once you have signed up and been approved, it is time to start driving traffic towards the CPA offers that you’re promoting. This is obviously where things get a lot more intensive. Hopefully, before entering into CPA marketing you have done your studying and maybe even know a bit about Internet marketing in general. If not, then you need to know that there are different ways people bring in traffic for CPA marketing.

Popular website and CPA

If you have a popular website already, CPA marketing is going to be relatively simple for you. It is a matter of putting your affiliate link up there and letting visitors know they should click it. Of course, there are sales copy or design concerns that go along with this, but the basic idea is to make sure people can see the offer and that they will respond to it. Obviously, you are going to need some serious traffic to a website already and unless you plan on a healthy advertising budget for the site or are an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) wizard then this might not be the best starting point.

You can also purchase links, buy Facebook ads, use Google AdWords or other advertising methods to send people directly to CPA offers. If you are good at writing catchy ad copy and understand how to approach these ad networks in order to reach success, this could be a smart idea for you. However, each of these methods also involves its own learning curve, too. That and you want to make sure that you are earning more than you are spending. Still, this is by far the simplest way to get traffic to your CPA offers so it is very popular with marketers.

Video sites and CPA marketing

Video sites can be an effective way to promote CPA offers, as well. You can either make your own videos or ask for your link to be shown in or near an already popular video. This route can be fun and it is a bit of a newer method, compared to the way that CPA marketing was done prior to the rise in popularity of online videos, so it could take some time to master for some. Videos do get a lot of attention, though, and this method works like gangbusters for those who use it well.

Review blogs, Facebook Groups and other ways of using the web that don’t involve building a website from scratch are all possible in terms of how you present the offers you have. Each of these are readily accessible to most of us and cost very little so it can be a first class way to get an excellent way to present your offers to an audience that you build yourself. If in doubt, this is most likely the smartest way to build your business.

Media buying radio and TV

Finally, don’t forget about the idea of doing media buying to bring in traffic. This is where you purchase ads on a media outlet. That could mean a radio station, a TV station, a newspaper, a magazine or even a very high traffic website via banner ads. If you do things right, it could be rather easy for you to get a whole lot of traffic driven to your offer which is certainly a good thing. If you are advertising in print or other traditional outlets like radio then you will want to drive them towards a web address. Doing a media buy on a high traffic site is a bit simpler and you can send the traffic straight to the offer via your affiliate link.

This is the basic way that CPA marketing works and has been working for years. It’s very unlikely that it will change too significantly in the future, but more diverse ways of reaching out to an audience may be found. Of course, it is not the ideal way to market for everyone, even for all that it has to offer.

Can a Beginner Do CPA Marketing with Little or No Experience?

It is definitely possible for someone with no experience in CPA marketing to get started and even to do well, but it would not be true to call this an easy path. It is most likely simpler for those who have at least studied how marketing on the web works and even easier for those who have done some form of Internet marketing in the past. At the same time, it is not something that is too difficult to learn or requires years of advanced training.

If you want to get started in CPA marketing and you have little experience, your best bet would be to either use a blog where you review the offers (because that costs very little to start) or to use PPC ads if you have money to invest. With PPC ads you simply choose keywords to target, write the best ad copy you can (or buy it from whose who write good ad copy) and run your ads. This is easier and more straight forward which is why beginners can benefit from taking this path.

One point that needs to be made here is that you can save yourself some of the learning curve by trying to get good at marketing in advance. Beginners can always get into CPA marketing as they are studying up on general Internet marketing and CPA specific information, but you do need to keep learning. Experience plus education goes a very long way in this field.

Do People Do CPA Marketing as a Primary Business?

Yes, this is actually possible because the offers pay quite a lot per action. Now, you will want to keep in mind that those who make a full-time living at this, or even who get wealthy through CPA marketing, have usually put years into getting there. They also are going to be those who care more about CPA marketing than any specific kind of product or service. Their focus is on motivating customers to take an action.

Because of the way they look at this, they most likely do several niches which is not how beginners need to start. They are at the point where they are expanding their businesses, driving huge amounts of traffic, cashing checks for thousands weekly and so forth. It takes time to get here but it is absolutely possible to work your way to this level.

What is the Importance of Focusing on a Niche & Staying Committed?

Those who find the most success in CPA marketing usually do so because they focus intensely on the niche they serve, they know their audience and they know the offers those audiences are going to respond to. They may be involved in digital devices or they may be involved in life insurance – either way they know what it is going to take to interest those audience members in the offer at hand. That takes a while to learn to do, but it is generally quite worth the effort.

Without focusing on a niche, you run the risk of spreading your energies too far and too wide to really be effective and drive sales. It takes persistent work to even be successful with one CPA campaign and that means you need to try to stick through the learning curve to get to the cash. It can be tough learning how your audience responds and how to lure them to the offer, but if you skip from one offer to the next too often then there are bound to be issues that arise from doing that.

Stay committed, keep your focus on a niche and really give your best effort before you move on. Those who are willing to drill are almost always those who reach the riches.

Getting Your Education in CPA Marketing is Important & So is a Plan

If at all possible, do yourself a favor and sign up for a course on CPA marketing. It will help make it simpler to learn and you will be a lot more likely to succeed. Yes, it is an upfront investment, but it is worth it even if you already know a little bit about Internet marketing. By studying up in advance, you are making life simpler for yourself and that’s always going to be a good thing. Too many aspiring CPA marketing entrepreneurs try to get started without doing their homework and then end up thinking it is impossibly hard to succeed in this arena when that is not at all the case.

Be sure you are putting together a serious plan before you start out CPA marketing, too. You can not expect results to be significant if you have not put enough into planning. You really do need to be intelligent in your approach and without a strategy, it is unlikely you will succeed. Marketing strategy is crucial in any field, but more so in CPA marketing because there are so many ways to get to the goal and many of them will cost you.

By getting educated and planning intelligently, you will be well prepared for the realities of CPA marketing. It’s a great way to earn a very substantial income and definitely can add a great deal to one’s bank account when done the right way. This is why this has been such a popular way to earn money on the web for so many years.


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