Most people know that an article is a brief form of written content and the web, by and large, is composed of information delivered in this form, interspersed with photos, videos and other kinds of content. Those in marketing may also be familiar with the concept of article marketing which is the use of articles as a way to reach out to customers and win them over by providing good quality information or entertaining content designed to appeal to them. However, what you might not know is that in order to get so many articles out there, article spinning is often done. That is what we want to talk about today so that you can learn what it is, how it works, why it is used in marketing maybe even decide if it is a way you want to promote your enterprise. Let’s get started learning more, you’ll be surprised by what a fascinating topic this is.

The Definition of Article Spinning

Article spinning is when a single article is transformed, via special coding, into a number of different articles using what is called article spinning software or, more commonly, an article spinner or article spinning tool. Sometimes one article can be turned into two or three more, other times it can be turned into dozens or even hundreds of unique articles that cover the same subject matter as the original article. What those using this technique are hoping to do is get a variety of good, readable articles that can be distributed to various sites as a way to build more inroads to their website through the building of links and also as a way to promote whatever it is that they might have to sell.

In order to understand article spinning, we should give an example because in abstract terms this might seem like a strange practice. Let’s begin with an example sentence:

Athletic dogs are very good at games.

Now, we can then use a type of syntax sometimes called spintax that will tell the article spinning software to replace certain words with a variety of other words we have shown the software by using that special syntax.  Here is an example of a ‘spun sentence’ which means that the sentence has been re-written in the proper form for the software to decode it and produce multiple variations:

[Athletic|Energetic|Playful] dogs are [very|quite|extremely] [good|skilled|gifted] at games

Okay, now that we have the sentence above fully spun – and it is important to remember that this is merely an example – let’s take a look at what types of sentences could be generated once this sentence is run through quality article spinning software. Here are just a few examples:

Athletic dogs are quite skilled at games.
Energetic dogs are quite good at games.
Athletic dogs are extremely gifted at games.
Playful dogs are very good at games.
Energetic dogs are quite skilled at games.

As you can see, there are 5 distinct sentences above, but each of them is a little different without being so different that they express completely different meanings. This is, more or less, what we are looking for when we spin a sentence. Some of the sentences will look very similar and others will be very unique. You can use far more variations of words as shown in the brackets above and we could have chosen other words to replace or even fewer words. The choices are unlimited, but the point remains the same: to generate a variety of unique sentences.

Now, in a spun article, most of the time at least a few of these sentences would be spun in this way, but for the best results, it is often a smart idea to spin each sentence in the article. That way, you produce a huge number of possible results that will be readable to people and, if there are mistakes, quick to edit so that they are logical and sound good.

It should also be mentioned that very complex spinning is possible where whole phrases or even entire sentences are spun. Spinning can get incredibly complex in order to produce a lot of new and viable content, but extremely complicated methods are generally best left to seasoned professionals who have been spinning articles for years. It is all too easy to ruin a good article once the complexity gets higher than replacing various words with their synonyms.

What Made Article Spinning So Popular


In the beginning, many people were worried about being able to produce the volume of articles necessary in order to get a lot of exposure on the web. Search engines love content and articles are an ideal way to ‘feed’ search engines so that more links are listed to a site that a marketer is trying to promote. Obviously, writing dozens, hundreds or thousands of articles by hand would be wearying to say the least and this was simply not feasible for the majority of those doing article marketing. Article spinning was devised to help make the process of creating viable articles simpler.

Those marketers who wanted lots of links knew that if they distributed a lot of articles around the web they would gain valuable backlinks. Additionally they came to learn that unique articles were indexed better, meaning more links. Thus spinning articles became a necessity. And this still works to some extent today, just at a different level. What we do not recommend at all, is using any form of spun content on your money site at all.

What article spinning has become is a low-cost way to get a great deal of articles at a low price because the person doing the spinning would not need the same price to do one article and spin it that they would if they had to hand write hundreds of unique articles on the same subject. Syndication could proceed rapidly and articles could be submitted to blog syndication, article directories and many other places in a very short period of time.

By having so many unique articles, each containing links back to the site the marketer specified, huge numbers of links to a site could be built for a relatively low-cost. Those using this technique, as a way to build links, you would be able to rank a site highly in the search engines quite fast and begin seeing tons of traffic start to flow in.

This is no longer as viable as it once was, but still works, just not at the mass scale it used to, which is a good thing. Massively distributing spun articles for anchor text rich backlinks today, gets you the opposite effect of what you are looking for. This is because, in many cases, the search engines view articles distributed specifically for the purpose of building a site’s incoming link profile as a spam technique. Instead, as we will see, using spun articles has other benefits.

Spinning Your Own vs Someone Else’s Articles

Before we proceed, we need to be very clear about something and that is who authored any content you intend to spin. Some unsavory marketers of the past have chosen to spin content they took from sources other than what they had written themselves or purchased from a professional writer. Doing this is definitely a violation of copyright and can result in a lawsuit should it be discovered. This is not something most businesses or entrepreneurs would attempt, but it does need to be mentioned since some people may not realize that it is against the law and can result in severe penalties.

The best way to get quality spun content is to either write the original articles yourself or pay someone skilled at writing articles to do it for you. There really is no excuse to steal someone else’s hard work and change a few things to market it as your own. If you do need to quote them, by all means do so, as long as you are sure to cite their work, as well. This is just common courtesy in business and a way to avoid legal troubles.

Is Article Spinning a Good Choice Today?

When done the right way and for the right reasons, article spinning can be a great way to gain a lot of exposure. It allows you to get a great many articles for a low price and, so long as you check them carefully or use someone who does that for you, you will be providing good content for sites that rely on it. It provides a way for people to find your site and when it’s done well, it can also benefit them by providing good information.

Every business has different needs and not all businesses benefit from spun articles, but many do. The key to learning whether or not it is right for your business is studying SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, or speaking with an SEO professional who can advise you on how this type of marketing would impact your company.

How Important is the Software or Technique Used in Spinning?

Good software that is proven to produce quality results is not always easy to find, but it is worth it. For some businesses, the cost of quality software can be too high and renting such a service may make more sense for their particular budgets. While there are some software packages that will replace words on their own, this is far more likely to turn out producing garbage articles than to turn out good quality articles. Computers can do a lot of things for us, but deciphering the full scope of the English language is not their forte. As much as it is promoted as a way to save costs, if you look at the results you will likely agree that the articles made this way simply do not read naturally nor logically in almost all cases. We use and recommend The Best Spinner, and the price is absolutely affordable for what it does.

The technique is very important because if you want to produce legible spun articles then you need to have a very solid grasp of the English language and the kind of mind geared to solving puzzles. Each word that is replaced in a given sentence needs to sound good with the other replaced words as well as those which were in the original article. The same is true when you are spinning entire sentences.
As simple as spinning sounds, good spinning technique involves practice and the learning curve can be steep for many people. Those who want to try it out for themselves should keep that in mind and continue working at it until this technique comes naturally to them.

Are There Services Which Handle Article Spinning?

Yes, there are services that have been offering spinning of articles for quite a long time and they are able to perform all kinds of spinning for the software you already own or to run through their own software and produce a number of articles for you. This can be a relatively inexpensive way to get a great deal of content at a reasonable price, but it is important to see their work before you buy anything because not all spinning services are created equal.

You should also consider hiring a service, that has experienced writers on staff. If they write both the original article and then insert all the spinning syntax, you are much more likely to get quality articles over and over again. These services generally have an editor who will look over each spun article to make sure that it reads properly and, if it does not, that editor will make alterations. This way, you get quality articles over and over.

The price for spun articles varies widely and the best services are not necessarily going to come cheap, but compared with the cost of ordering dozens or hundreds of unique articles, the cost saving is remarkable. This can be a solid way for those looking to reduce their marketing costs to go and still get the content they need to promote their sites. You may even be able to find services which offer you a 
bulk deal on articles to further lower your costs.


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