Selling anything online requires more than just having a great product or service, it requires the right strategies and techniques. Online audiences differ from audiences found elsewhere due to the technology being used. In a split second, a visitor can click off your page and all the marketing in the world may not bring them back. Internet marketing works differently, too, because there is so much choice available to those online and constant distractions around every corner. Making sales can and does happen on a regular basis for those who know how to sell effectively to web audiences, but often this is because they are using techniques that have been honed for years through rigorous testing and continual tweaking. Squeeze pages are one of those strategies that are specific to the Internet and that is what we are going to learn more about today.

You’ll be learning what squeeze pages are, why they matter to those doing marketing online, how they functional in conjunction with other marketing methods you might use online, and more. If you’ve seen the term around and wondered what it was all about, this is your chance to learn and see if using squeeze pages is right for the kind of business you do on the net.

The Definition of a Squeeze Page

At its heart, a squeeze page is a type of highly specialized landing page – in other words, the page that a visitor will land on if they click a link in a search engine or from an ad that points to your squeeze page. The idea is simple, it’s a concentration of what a landing page would do in that it avoids a lot of lengthy sales copy and works to get the visitor to input their email address so that they are opted in to your email list. Usually, after this they will receive a welcome email via an auto responder which is a piece of software that handles your mailing list.

One thing you will notice about squeeze pages is that they will never (or at least very, very rarely) contain links which lead off of the page or site. The goal is to keep the consumer there and get them to make a decision regarding your offer. Anything other than yes or no would be wasting their time and yours, so the thinking goes.

The whole point of the squeeze page is to get the visitor to sign up for your mailing list voluntarily so that you have one more contact on that list which is, so marketers hope, interested in what you have to offer. The concept is taken from direct response marketing that was and is still done via the mail. This is where most copy used on squeeze pages comes from because it has proven so successful for direct response marketers.

How does squeeze page look?

You’ll see a lot of bulleted lists, catchy headlines and simple color schemes on most squeeze pages. This is because this kind of design and copy have been shown to produce the highest conversion rates and when something works, marketers have a tendency not to deviate from that formula if they can avoid doing so.

In some instances, squeeze pages will have video sales letters that are incorporated with whatever written copy they feature. There are often testimonials to help when the consumer’s trust and convince them that signing up is in their best interest.

Special offers are sometimes made, including limited time memberships to exclusive sites, downloadable ebooks in PDF format and other free bonuses designed to spur sales or sign ups from the audience in question. A really effective squeeze page is almost always the result of a great deal of research and testing.

If You Have a List, Using Squeeze Pages is Very Important

Building a good list that you can make sales with often takes a lot of time and effort, but having a squeeze page can be one effective way that you can build that list. Many who market using a list rely on squeeze pages to drive subscriptions because they are effective at doing this and because they are fairly straight forward and low maintenance once they are set up the right way.

Most of the time, giving consumers too much time to think over whether or not they want to enter their email address for just about anything is a bad idea. People have privacy concerns and even though most marketers today do not abuse the trust of those they want to sell to, spam still does exist and it irritates people to no end. Their reluctance is understandable and good squeeze pages help them get past those worries.

Squeeze page explainer video or photos

Your squeeze page should explain why signing up for your list is a good value to the consumer and how they will benefit. It should do this in the shortest space possible because web audiences prefer things to be as close to instant as they can be. Marketers have found that persuasive sales text used in direct response marketing works wonders and most will use this on their squeeze page, tweaked to suit their niche, along with a few photos or maybe a video. Obviously, it’s never a good idea to use shady practices such as being dishonest or promising things your list can’t deliver, but when used the right way a good squeeze page can lead to a lot of people who sign up and stay signed up.

It needs to be said that those with a list often settle for having a small sign up section on their blog or site, prominently displayed. This is good and, to some degree, it can be effective, but squeeze pages can get a lot done if you send the right traffic to you. They do apply pressure and this is why they work. Not everyone will appreciate nor respond well to that kind of pressure (and you can vary this with the type of language you use in your sales copy), but they are effective at what they do. Considering a squeeze page and a budget to send traffic to it is smart for most in business today who want to build a substantial list and it is something that can work for beginning entrepreneurs, as well.

Using Squeeze Pages to Make Sales

Squeeze Pages to Make Sales

Not only are squeeze pages used to get subscribers to mailing lists, they can also be used to make sales quickly. Those with a product to sell, especially a digital product, can use squeeze pages because they have proven to be so effective in Internet marketing over the years. The same kind of sales copy used to drive sign ups for a mailing list can be altered to fit the needs of just about any kind of product or even service you might want to sell.

The pressure mentioned earlier helps push sales and can definitely be highly effective, especially in instances where you have a digital download that the consumer is going to be able to start using right away. The instant nature of the product can support the kind of pressure that a squeeze page often puts on.

Of course, if you are trying to sell something that is not instantly sent to the consumer, then you may need to adjust your squeeze page to ease off the pressure factor slightly. It takes time and testing to see what works, but video demonstrations of a product in use, testimonials and other things definitely can be helpful in selling a wide range of different things. Affiliate marketers often prefer to use squeeze pages because then they do not have to do extensive content creation in order to sell something.

This can work, but there are limitations and if using a template things can get tricky because you may be relying on a look that consumers in your niche have already seen. The main thing is to be thorough in trying to develop the best possible squeeze page for your product and your niche. But we recommend keeping squeeze pages, for grabbing emails leads solely.

Squeeze Pages and SEO Campaigns

Marketers are able to send organic traffic from search engines to their squeeze pages and, when proper search engine optimization (SEO) is done, they can get highly targeted traffic and very high conversion rates. Those days are slowly coming to an end, however, because search engines now do not look all that favorably on squeeze pages for organic traffic, but in some select non competitive niches, this can still be done. This is because these pages are not deemed to have much to offer the searcher and therefore not deserving of a very high-ranking.

What this means for you is that SEO is going to be, in many cases, harder to do for a squeeze page. You can however setup a squeeze page, as an additional page on your website, where you funnel visitors from your site into a squeeze page. This is where search engine traffic will work great for you, but there are many other forms of traffic that might be a great idea.

Sending Traffic to a Squeeze Page

If you are serious about sending a lot of traffic to your squeeze page then you are going to have to look for the right avenues. In some cases, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can work, but this will depend upon a few different factors. For one thing, if you are an affiliate marketer using a squeeze page then you may have trouble with programs like Adwords that do not want you to use squeeze pages. However there are tons of other PPC ad networks beyond just Google Adwords. In fact we don’t even use Adwords ourselves anymore.

There are definitely avenues beyond just PPC ads that can work for getting traffic to your squeeze page. You can try banner ads on sites that are in your niche or you can try purchasing advertising space in mailings done by those with a list. You can get involved with social media and spread links to your squeeze page. You can even do content marketing that links to your squeeze page and see if you can get results that way by providing people with some value up front that relates to what you are selling on your squeeze page. There are a lot more ways of driving traffic that you can look into, but these should get the beginner started in the right direction. The thing you want to focus on with traffic is trying to get traffic that is focused on your niche so that what your squeeze page offers will be relevant to their needs.

Why Relying Heavily on Squeeze Pages is an Outdated Strategy

Squeeze Pages exmaple

As effective as squeeze pages can be in terms of a marketing tool, they are not always the right tool for the job. Since search engines have changed dramatically, most solo entrepreneurs who are just starting out should not plan on making their fortune using squeeze page they have heavily SEO’d to garner traffic and sales. There are a lot more marketing strategies out there now and to be overly reliant on an older strategy like this is not likely to be the best idea.

Marketers should always mix it up and experiment so even if your squeeze page is working like gangbusters now, you may still want to branch out and try some other methods of promotion. Things can and do change rapidly on the web so being prepared for that possibility is a very smart idea.

Training is Important for Those Who Want to Profit Using Squeeze Pages

Education is essential to making squeeze page that actually drive either sales or sign ups. You need to understand a lot of things to be able to make a squeeze page that is going to work. This is not something beginners will usually succeed at unless they seek out some training. The good news is, there are a lot of great courses available that can teach you how to create and promote a squeeze page.

There are also coaching programs where you can actually work with someone who has used these marketing tools to succeed in their own business and will show you how, walking you through the process to make sure you succeed. Either of these options could work for you, but do make sure that you have done your due diligence to make sure that the course or coach you turn to have a solid reputation in the Internet marketing community and that they are teaching you what works now, not what worked ten, five or even two years ago. If you do that, you should find learning to be far more effective in terms of increasing your ability to monetize squeeze pages.


It should also be said that you are going to need to learn things like copy writing, color psychology, page layout and many other things if you want to be good at making squeeze pages that earn money. In some instances, you might be better off to outsource that side of things, but in order to know if what you are buying will work, you need to understand as much as possible about selling with squeeze pages.

That’s why you need the training. Remember, too, that even after you are educated it will take time and fine tuning to get your squeeze page to produce your results. Stick with it and put in a consistent effort without giving up – that is how you can make squeeze page make money for you. They’re a proven strategy that can earn money for those who understand how best to put them to work. For anyone driving PPV traffic to squeeze pages, we recommend checking out Easy PPV Profits for proven squeeze pages.


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