Web marketers often come across the term backlink, but they tend to have no or little information regarding it. Well, here is plenty of useful information for everybody who is wondering about what is a backlink. Backlink is any link which is received by a website, page, blog, or any top level domain from any other website, page, or other domains.

Backlinks tend to indicate the popularity of a web page. The higher the number of incoming links from other web pages, the higher is its popularity and chances of getting indexed by major search engines. In this way, websites and individual web pages having more backlinks in comparison to others will receive more traffic, driving up the sales and profit figures.

Backlinks for Search Engine Optimization

backlink definition

Backlinks became popular during early days of the internet as tools for efficient web navigation. Over due course of time, they became important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Every link from one page to another can be considered as a vote. For instance, say Page A is bearing a backlink to Page B. The backlink will serve as a vote for Page B and boost its ranking with major search engines.

There ara two diferent types of backlinks: do-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks.

Backlinks on relevant sites are considered optimum for SEO purposes, while those present on irrelevant ones are worthless. This is mainly because of such algorithms employed by search engines that do not index backlinks on sites, which are not related with content of the host site in any way. They have turned up pretty smart and efforts to con them into indexing a particular web page tend to fall flat.

There are certain common habits among internet marketers to try fooling search engines by inappropriate methods like link farming and Google bombing. Though such techniques worked to an extent few years back, this is not the case anymore. Most search engines have grown smart enough to identify and tick-off probable scammers. Websites trying to follow such practices are penalized and removed from search engine results altogether.
There are few proven ways to create high quality backlinks to drive web traffic to your website, here are some of them:

Join Related Forums

Most forums would have members having certain common interests. Such forums are used by members to share views, tips, current news, ask questions, and answer those posted by others. Here, you can pitch in with your take on the current topics. Make it a point to include a link to your website every single time you post a message on any such site.

In this way, you will be able to generate pretty good number of highly valued backlinks for your web page. Whatever you do, avoid spamming mail boxes of others or you may end up with a suspended account. Adhere to forum guidelines while posting your messages and there is not going to be a major issue.

Write Articles and Submit to Article Directories

Article Directories

Search engines love article directories. But article directories love good quality content. In this way, writing good quality articles and submitting them to plenty of article directories is a sure-shot way to drive traffic to your site or blog. The content that you submit to such directories ought to be original and free from grammatical howlers. It is a good idea to stick to your niche and write about what you are good at. If you need to, brush up your writing skills alongside promoting your product or service.

Link your profile with your website and even better – with your Facebook profile. Find a couple of article directories and submit unique versions of your articles to each one of them. The process is going to take some time and money, but worth the effort and time that you spend on it. You will be able to create quite a lot of great quality traffic in this way and sell your product or services to even more customers than earlier.

Press Releases

Press releases too are found to be pretty effective in this regard. Well drafted press releases can build your reputation on internet and bring great deal of organic traffic to your site. However, you need to choose keywords well in order to make the releases work for you. It will require a bit of research on your part to understand the ins and outs of the trade.


Above mentioned methods can prove to be too much for you as you might be occupied with other crunch issues. You need to promote their product or service, analyze their traffic, and take care of your customers. Building backlinks is important, but leaving other important tasks for it is not a good idea at all. It would be great if you leave this task to an expert and let him or her deal with trivial issues.

The expert would create plenty of backlinks for you by performing each one of the above mentioned tasks with perfection – write articles, submit them to directories, create your profile wherever needed, and write and submit press releases. In this way, you will be left with plenty of spare time for your business and your clients.


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