There has been many discussions about no-follow backlinks and there has been a lot of confusion about its value in search engine optimization (SEO). The greatest question is about its effect in search engines and what are the things that people miss to take advantage of.

What Is The Purpose Of No-Follow Backlinks?

There are two types of backlinks. The no-follow backlinks and the do-follow backlinks. No-follow is an HTML rel attribute that was introduced in the year 2005 to decrease spam comments and spam post in the forums. No-follow backlinks tells the search engine that any given hyperlink with this HTML rel attribute should not affect the ranking of the target of the hyperlink. Its main purpose is to reduce the value of such links in search engine optimization. With this in mind, people are confused whether to still use links with no-follow attribute or not.

How Search Engines Treat No-Follow Backlinks?


For Yahoo search engine, they do follow no-follow backlinks but they do not use it for calculating page ranks. As for Bing search engine, there is no evidence that tells whether they follow it or not. They do claim however that they do not use it to calculate the rankings, which is same as Yahoo. For Google, they treat no-follow backlinks as what its name suggest, they do not follow it. An SEO case study says however that Google still follows this link but it doesn’t index it. For, they do not follow link and they also do not index the linked pages.

The Uses of No-Follow Backlinks

No-follow backlinks

Although no-follow links has lost its weight in search engine optimization, it is found to be useful for website owners. Since no-follow links reduces the weight of any given link, no-follow links are excellent in protecting a website from unwanted comments or unwanted posts in a forum. Unwanted comments and post decreases the quality of a website in the eyes of search engines. One can also use the no-follow attribute for affiliate links. Affiliate links decreases the quality of a page but when used properly with no-follow attribute, it will not have any effect on the website’s quality.

The Best Way To Get Backlinks

Since no-follow backlinks is not as effective as before in increasing search engine ranking, website owners must find their own way to generate backlinks. Creating backlinks is not as easy as before. This is very advantageous for users because an SEO specialist cannot abuse the power of blog commenting and forum posting, which gives too much weight on links created when no-follow attribute does not yet exist.

With the existence of no-follow attribute, what’s the best way to get backlinks? The SEO rules remain the same. Creating good content and useful web pages is still the king of key in terms of getting backlinks. People will link to a website especially if it is useful. Website owners must create content for the users and not for the search engines.

How to Find Blogs That Do Not Use No-Follow

Not all blog owners care about SEO. In fact there are some who doesn’t know anything about it. Often, these are the people who create a personal blog and not a blog for monetizing. This is why they just don’t care about SEO and some of them does not know anything about it. This also mean that most likely, they are not using the no-follow attribute in blog comments.

These blogs can can be easily found in Blogger, WordPress, or even in search engines. The best way to do this is to find a blog that is related to the topic so that you can avoid posting spam comments. If one wishes to find out if a blog uses no-follow attribute or not, one way to do it is try to post a comment and then check if it was approved. After it was approved (or if there were previously approved comments), just right click on the page then search for the word “no-follow”. If it does not exist, it means that it does not use the no-follow attribute. Another way to do this is to install a web browser toolbar that automatically checks it.

The Truth Behind No-Follow Links: Does it Affect SEO

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If the website is being optimized for search engines like Google, no-follow backlinks has little to no effect at all. This is because Google does not use links with a no-follow attribute to affect the page ranking. However, one must always keep in mind that forum postings and blog commenting are not intended for search engines and backlinking. It is intended for users.

Although there are blogs and forums, which uses the no-follow backlinks, one must never forget that any type of backlinks where no-follow or do-follow can always serve as a door to your website. This means that even if it does not affect search results in search engines, this can still drive visitors to a website especially if it is really relevant to the topic. It gives the website an authority on its niche. This is what most people forget to take advantage of.

Using no-follow backlinks is still useful after all.


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