Website development and design

since the mid-1990s, website development and design is the faster-growing industry all over the world. check why we are the best company for seo
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      Since the mid of 1990s, website development and design is the faster growing industry all over the world.  Before 1995 near about 1000 web development industry in the United States only, however by 2005 there were more than 30000 companies. By 2010 web development company will probable to grow more than 20%.  The progress of the industry is being backed by large business aspiration to sell product and service to their clients and creating the computerize business workflow.

      Now this time cost of Website development and design has vividly go down. At these days’s development of a simple website can done within thousand dollars, depending on the intricacy and number of content. Nowadays small Web site development and design companies are able to make web design available for both smaller companies and individuals are enforcing additional fueling to the growth of web development companies.

      Our Seo Competitors is a leading resolution provider, concentrates its strength with accurate bland in website development and designs, Search engine optimization services, e-commerce online solutions and much more to satisfy with the needs of both small and large businesses. Our principle towards achievement lies in brings high quality products to our targeted addressees and go halves their valuable information on keep hold of their valuable clients.

      All of our client database replicate the work we have done successfully and we accomplish the client satisfaction by providing them 24/7 support via email, phone, chat etc. we provide our clients professional Website Design, Web Programming, logo and corporate Identity, Quality assurance, offshore Software Development, internet Marketing,  Flash Presentation and SEO service.

      Content Management Systems

      A Content Management Systems is useful computer software. It is used to create, manage, modify, and publish content in a consistently systematic approach. Content Management Systems are commonly used for accumulation, managing, versioning, and broadcasting industry-specific documentation such as articles, operators’ manuals, technical manuals, sales guides, and marketing leaflets. It is include image media, audio files, electronic document, computer files and online (web) content.

      Web site management system is based on content management system software, it is executed as a web application for create and manage hyper text markup language content. It is used to run and manage a dynamic collection of Web content (such as HTML documents and their related images). A Web Content Management Systems helps content creation, content control, editing, and many necessary Web conservation functions.

      Our (we at Seo Competitors) aim is to keep your website content accurate and easily accessible. Usually, one devoted web person can’t do that, if he is on break, ill or out of station, you’re in difficulty. Let more than one people work on exact parts of the website – each with exact privileges and errands.

      You can store it existing, nobody gets blaze out, and if you have revenue employee, you can train their surrogate how to do what is desired in a very short time.  The content of new web sites is now individual manage for the server rather than by uploading from local web site editor like FrontPage, Dreamweaver etc.

      HTML website development and design

      HTML is known as Hyper Text Markup Language, is the leading markup language for efficient web pages. It is totally text based formats in a document by represent certain text as links, captions, subsection, lists etc. HTML is inprint in the form of “tags” that are bordered by angle brackets. HTML can also explain, to a number of degree, the demonstration and semantics of a manuscript.

      According to the Seo Competitors, “HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the lingua franca for announcing hypertext on the World Wide Web. It is a non-proprietary arrangement support upon SGML, and can be fashioned and development by a wide range of tackle. HTML Source Editor is, has his designation states, a very straightforward and trouble-free to apply HTML editor. It performs accurately like notepad (the best HTML editor there is) but it insert some new facial appearance to construct it even better, such as a comprehensive list of all the special HTML characters and HTML tags, conversion of specials characters to HTML codes, rapid & unproblematic to launching of your web page into your favorite browser and much more.

      If you want to validate your website with the help of html then it performed to identify areas of prospective blockage that could preclude search engine spiders or visitors from approaching your website. You may not inconvenience with html validation or writing trouble-free and fresh code when manipulative your web site. Afterward you may retrieve your site is slow loading, become visible incorrectly in the main browsers. Our company provides you all services for those purposes. Seo compettors becomes one of the better companies in Canada and USA for search engine optimization services.

      PHP website development

      PHP (personal home page) is an influential and effectual server side scripting language which is used to build dynamic web pages for developing e-commerce and other web applications.  The explanation of personal home page goes in this way PHP is an open source, thoughtful programming language. Initially design is a high level language for generate a dynamic web pages and it is used mostly in server side application software other than performing from a command line.

      Dynamic website is a database ambitious website where user often comes to acquire fully adapted information and site owners can add desired information and inform the website time-to-time to pull and keep additional traffic to their website. In this extremely competitive, continually changing economic trend, PHP has suit one of the most modern and rapid increasing expertise for creation dynamic web pages. PHP merge many of the facial appearance of C and Perl in an easy-to-read system. Programmer has measured PHP as a worldwide solution for easy-to program dynamic web pages and is uniformly easier to keep and inform in evaluation to other scripting languages.

      SEO competitors specialists are highly knowledge and inventive in developing website and design using PHP who are pleased to take up latest challenges and care for something latest and inimitable. We help you to develop into a leader amid your challenger, increase more sell and reputation by integrate most recent and insist features in the industry subsequent best coding practices.

      ASP for web devlopment

      ASP (Active Server Pages) is a web site development programming language. It is used to create dynamic web pages.  ASP (Active Server Pages) first introduced  by Microsoft in late 1996, and its coexisting versions like ASP 2.0 and ASP 3.0 have been initiate later and the latest introduction of Asp 3.5 framework. It is server side scripting language developed by Microsoft Corporation and run on windows platform having Internet Information System (IIS).  It connects to a number of databases to display dynamic information like as client’s requirements. Generally common database are MS-Access, SQL Server, or it can be MS SQL. Early 2002, latest version of ASP with intact latest interface for page designs with the name ASP.NET. It supports user interface as well as object oriented programming.

      Our Seo Competitors serves clients both design and development of custom ASP web site, preservation of obtainable ASP web site and combination with third party ASP components for file upload, mails etc and content management system for organization your content.

      Our company has extensive experience of successful web project achievement and proven follow record of client satisfactions.  We impart modified care to our clients by providing a dedicated project manager, who will be in converging all the time during the project. We at our company provide SEO service, Search Engine Marketing Services, Web Promotion, and E-mail Marketing. Search Engine services helps you get additional experience to the web users and helps you get superfluous traffic.


      Joomla is an open source content management system. It is used for web application and building website. Our Seo Competitors provides Joomla based development for client feasibility and flexibility to manage website on own. The flexibility move toward from attach modules provided which can be easily installed as and when required. Joomla also comes with a user friendly managerial system that allows a client to modify the content and the layout as and when required. Organization of the website based on Joomla just desires an associate with a browser and any office application like Microsoft Office or Open Source Star Office. We are providing service using Joomla like corporate portal, Ecommerce Website and web store development, organizing intranet and extranet service and community and social networking portals.

      Joomla installation is very easy and does not require foremost help. Joomla based website is survive and successively, it is suitable to end user to manage it on own. End user update on their web client’s direct using Joomla with basic Information technology skill akin to Microsoft office services and Internet browser based services like Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Joomla Framework impart an advantage of not making the application controlled particular closed application or organization. Joomla users can easily add, update, delete contents from pages created with Joomla and also create social networking clients feature.

      Our experts of Joomla developer use Joomla content management system to design basic as well as intricate business solution and submission.  The framework has been bear by enormous community of developers who designed and developed autonomous component to another features.

      Web 2.0

      Web 2.0 application development is the succeeding invention of online based application to assist and emphasize internet associations, sharing between clients and implementation communally. The surfacing of announcement and relationship tools of web 2.0 application has motivated user to relate over the web and thus offer a lucrative way to endorse knowledge sharing, viral statement, kind devotion and decrease support cost.

      Our Seo competitors recognize the importance of assimilate Web 2.0 based Application Services into your internet  web pages and thus help you with all stages of the Web 2.0 Development method, right from necessities assembly, planning, and design to development, execution, and current management of the Web 2.0 Applications and Communications.

      Our company use affluent online application system such as AJAX and Flex widely to build web 2.0 based application assortment from a simple client interface proposal to a web 2.0 based communities networking site. Web 2.0 Development is a winding up of an open source community labors where business can confine an original character of all its clients. Web 2.0 Development standards are being recognized across the sphere to smooth the growth of ingenuity, information sharing, and association amid web user in the World Wide Web.

      Now we are alive in Web 2.0 age meaning using online as a stage. Common characteristics for Web 2.0 are blogs shared applications using online as stage, social networking sites etc. Web 2.0 has given any standard user to influence the content of online making it exist