Have you ever thought of how your web design Toronto has affected your ranking on major search engines? When you have hundreds or thousands of links to your site, search engines view them as recommendations. If your site is recommended by so many other sites, it gives search engines like Google, a good reason to crawl your site. However, when search engines crawl through your site, they must not find any elements that discredit it.  For this reason, you can have numerous links pointing to your site but if the site wasn’t designed with SEO in mind, it will all be a waste of time.

At SEO Competitors, this is the main reason why we focus on the design of your website before we even get to applying any off page optimization techniques. We take time to construct your website in such a way that Google, among other popular search engines can easily find and index it. There are numerous approaches which we take to give your website a high ranking on Google by improving its overall structure. This is so-called technical SEO.


web design Toronto profesional

First, we have to look at the headers on your website. Headers, in simple terms, are the titles on every post on your website. Headers must have the right keywords. We make use of different headings, especially h1 to h4 on every page. H1 tag is considered the most relevant and it must only be used once per page. We eliminate the use of duplicate h1 tags on your web pages because it may affect your ranking. It is important for us to ensure that the keyword we include in the h1 tag is short and has a high traffic online. The other tags are just included in order to support the main tag which is the h1 tag.


meta description

A site’s Meta data is used to tell search engines what that website is all about. There are basically three types of Meta data, title tags, page descriptions and keywords. Our job at SEO Competitors is to emphasize on each aspect as it is a crucial part of web design. Title tags describe the content of the page and they are usually below 70 characters. We have to make sure that your title tags contain the right keywords because search engines analyze these tags when crawling the website before ranking it.

We also have to focus on your Meta description because it also plays a very important role in your ranking. This one is usually 70 to 160 characters and it also needs to include a given list of keywords. Our idea of making your description stand out in SERP is not by stuffing keywords. The description is meant to be unique for each web page on your site. For us, every word in that description counts.

Media files

Some of the things that affect the ranking of websites on popular search engines are flash and huge media files. If you have flash and media files on your website, the loading speed will be largely affected. We eliminate some of these features that may cost your website a good number of online users. We do this by providing other alternatives like hosting these large media files on other sites so that they do not affect the loading speed. We also keep the number of flash elements on your website to the minimum just to ensure that the web pages load fast for the ultimate user experience.

Interactive interface

Other than that, we understand how important it is for your website to have a simple and interactive interface. Sometimes, a complex interface may cause web visitors to move away. We make sure users are not finding it hard to browse through your website in order to find some piece of information. Even the choice of colors on your website may determine the volume of web visitors who move away from your site. We have expert web designers who understand all the concepts that will contribute to an attractive web design Toronto. They know how to incorporate the right colors on all your web pages and simple features that make your website interactive and responsive.

Responsive web design Toronto

Responsive web design
Responsive web design

You need a responsive web design Toronto in order to reach out to the numerous clients performing searches on mobile devices. Most people who do not have a responsive website design are not able to make the most out of these mobile visits. Research has shown that the number of people accessing websites using their smart phones is increasing by the day. If you are able to tap into this market then you will double your online audience. This is why at SEO Competitors, we help our clients to come up with a responsive web design. 

Social media

We also help you to attract massive traffic on social media by including certain elements on your website which help to drive traffic to your social media pages. For instance, we incorporate the use of social media sharing buttons on all of your web pages. This means that, visitors to your website can easily share information with their friends and followers on social media sites by clicking on these share buttons. This certainly boosts your visibility online.

Right content

Most importantly, great websites need to have the right content. We emphasize on not only the structure of your web design but also the content. Information that is well structured is likely to attract a larger audience compared to content that is not presented properly. We have experts who understand how to place your content strategically on different web pages. Use of elements like bullets and sub titles will attract the number of readers going through that piece of information.


At the end of the day, a great web design Toronto will help you to boost your ranking on popular search engines. For you to get a well structured websites, you need the web design services of a professional. 

Contact us today and get to learn how we can help.

At SEO Competitors, we are dedicated to helping you improve your website design. 



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