Online boat sales and brokerage is an extremely competitive market. Having a great listing of boats at the right price is not enough. People need to be able to find the boat listings and this is role the role of your website and online presence. You need a website that is highly visible in both search and social media, that can generate the leads.

Five reasons why you NEED to update your boat sales site

#1 Responsive template – Making your website mobile friendly is not some nice to have feature to please a small number of mobile users. This is now a critical issue affecting your visibility on search and social media. Websites that are not mobile friendly are now being penalized by Google.

#2 Contemporary design – Website design styles change and some can appear very dated. Our designs will not only give your site a needed facelift, but also provides a better user experience- that will keep your visitors engaged and returning.

#3 Enhanced functionality & features – The enhanced functionality and features such as image sliders, featured listings, advanced search, add to favorites, send to a friend, share on social media all will help convert visitors to buyers.

#4 Online marketing – Our SEO friendly design makes it easy to implement on-page SEO, which is important for both organic search and pay per click. With our design you can increase your online visibility and get an edge on the competition.

#5 More Sales – The only reason you should invest in updating your site is the belief that the updated site can directly add to your bottom line. All the preceding reasons are ultimately about achieving this goal.

Our Custom Design Service

We are not selling a template or providing cookie cutter sites that you need to make your business model conform to. We are offering a complete custom rebuild of your website, working closely with you to ensure that you get a website that matches your needs and expectations.

We will rebuild your existing boat sales website using our specially designed boat sales template with lots of unique features that will set your website apart from the competition.

This is a fully responsive design so your site will also be accessible on all mobile devices. In April 2015 Google implemented changes to its algorithm that will result in non-mobile ready sites being penalized. These changes are estimated to result in a 50% reduction in search engine referrals to non-mobile sites. So, if you have noticed a drop in traffic to your current site now you know why.

We provide you with a dedicated development mirrored site that will continue to be used after your new site goes live for testing and further development. Your website is your primary marketing tool and it needs to be continually improved and refined.

Key features of our Custom Template

  • Fully responsive web design that adjusts to different screen sizes, making YOUR site mobile friendly.
  • Can incorporate your existing branding and design elements
  • Customizable boat categories that enable you to create the boat categories you want to work with.
  • Customizable fields allow you to include the descriptive detail that IS Important for your customers in your target market.
  • The inclusion of four feature categories allows you much greater flexibility in including on-the-fly or unique features not defined in the set fields.
  • A truly Search Engine Friendly design that incorporates all the elements you need to implement on-pages SEO.

Website Functionality & Features

boatc webdesign
  • Custom top menu providing simple and highly visible navigation to the site
  • Header banner slider displays, custom banners that can be used to highlight the key benefits or features of your service(s)
  • The featured boat slider module can display all or selected boats in a running slider that allows the visitor to quickly browse through thumbs of each boat.
  • Featured boat module where you can feature a single boat (boat of week/month or whatever)
  • The featured specials module allows you to feature boats based on your own criteria
  • Powerful advanced search feature that enables the user to search specific fields/values
  • Testimonial / quote module where you can add endorsements of your service
  • Includes many pre-defined advertising regions where you just insert banners or html code.
  • Add a boating Blog to keep your visitors informed and to feed the search engines and social networks.
  • Highlight boats in search results with highly visible ribbons with text over the top of the thumbs. Eg. Sold, Reduced, Discounted, Urgent Sale, Negotiable.
  • Favorites feature allows visitors to add boats to their favorites that are remembered on subsequent visits on the same computer (uses cookies – they do not need to register)
  • Clear call to action tab enabling the visitor to express interest in a particular vote.
  • Send to Friend tab allowing the visitor to easily send boat details to a friend via email and encourage them to share on social media.

Optional Add-on

  • Build an online store for marine products / services
  • Provide boat charter services with booking form 
  • Affiliate module for boat brokers
  • Down load PDF boat listings (under development)
  • Outsource management of listings to us.
  • Professionally written content for your site (web copy and blog posts)
  • Internet strategy development.
  • Online Visibility Services (Social Media, Search and Pay per click)

Optional Professional Copywriting

We will make a special mention of our professional copywriting service because producing quality content is vital to your online success. We have a pool of professional writers available that can write or re-write selected website content, articles, blog posts and social updates. Our writers will work directly with to adapt your unique marketing message to create content that is more appealing and compelling to your target market.

They can also optimize it for search engines like Google so they can correctly index your site.. This will help with organic listings (put your site higher in search results) as well as help with PPC campaigns. All content is written primarily with your human visitor in mind and SEO / LSI keywords are naturally incorporated wherever possible.

Ongoing Management and Support

boat website

We provide you with the needed online marketing tool, which is how you should think about your new website, but our commitment to your success goes further than that. We also provide you with ongoing website management and support. Our monthly website management package is the services you should get most excited about.

To achieve online visibility today a website needs to be dynamic to keep visitors returning, and to feed search engines and social media to improve your online visibility.

If you have ever struggled to get support for your existing site, if you have found getting anything changed a hassle, been ripped off or just decided it was cost prohibitive, then you are going to love our monthly website management service.

There is nothing worse that visiting a site that has information that is obviously out of date or has not been updated in a long time. Even worse is encountering broken links, error messages or images that do not display.

Our website management package goes beyond just keeping your site running smoothly and making occasional minor updates. It gives you a chance to continue to refine your marketing message to improve sales. It includes implementation on-page SEO to improve your visibility on search engines. You can add new pages, post updates to your blog, and for sites with a low volume of listings you can even use this service to maintain all your listings.

Offer Limited to Specific Geographical Regions

boat service website

We will limit our offer to one client for each specific geographic regions to ensure that you have a totally unique site among your direct competitors, and eliminate any potential conflict of interest on our part. We will consider making exceptions for specialized sites, which targets narrow markets such as luxury yachts or commercial vessels.

Your Investment

Many developers leave the costing to the end or do not publish it at all to avoid price shock. Some will provide a low starting-from price that does not include most of the features you require.

We have left our pricing to the end for exactly the opposite reason. We are concerned that if you saw our low price you might not consider this a serious design service.

For the type of custom design we are offering you can expect to pay thousands of dollars.

Free Tips – Convert More Customers With These 8 Web Design &Digital Marketing Tips

seo tips

The goal of every digital marketing campaign is to increase conversions.  How do you go about doing this with all the ecommerce competition?  Here are 8 website design tips and digital marketing strategies you can employ to encourage conversions and decrease cart abandonment…let’s dive in!

Spruce up your site

Have you been to that site, the one that looks like a still shot of a carnival, with flashing lights, photo carousels and scrolling messages that make you dizzy?  Don’t let that be your site!  Step into 2014 and get your website up to speed with the latest web design trends, like responsive design, dynamic backgrounds, full screen imagery and minimalism.  Who would you rather buy from; a retailer with a hip, polished, professionally-designed site, or a site that appears to have been built in the last millennium?

Give them great content

Your website content is more important than ever these days.  Google has made no bones about the fact that sites that offer great content to users rise higher in the SERPs.  A video tutorial, an awesome product photo, an informative blog are all great content ideas, and they will not only get your site higher in the SERPS, but will also serve to engage customers, therefore lowering your bounce rate.

Engage with social media

Clearly, making offers on social media channels is a great way to spread brand awareness.  Coupons, offers, incentives and contests are frequently shared and can increase site traffic and create conversions if the offer is enticing.

Show them you can be trusted

People are wary of spending money online these days.  Do everything you can to prove you level of expertise to a potential customer.  Customer testimonials, Q&A, awards, accreditations, and business memberships should all be displayed on your website to help promote a sense of trust.

Make checkout easy

Do not ask too much of your customers during the checkout process.  Request only the information necessary to complete the order and give them the option to check out as a guest. Make sure you offer several payment options, and ensure them their personal information is secure.

Be transparent

Nothing causes bounce rates more than unexpected costs popping up during the conversion process.  Make sure you are honest with your customers and tell them up front about shipping charges, payment options, and return policies – all things that may annoy customers and cause them to bounce.

Reasons For Cart and Sale Abandonment

Use PPC or Display Ads

Consider PPC, Pay-Per-Click or Display ads to increase site traffic and conversions. Along with a well-designed landing page, these ads can be very effective at bringing customers to the exact page they need to be on to convert without being distracted by other content.  Retargeting ads are a great digital marketing tool to consider to helpincrease conversions.  Sending an offer to a customer that abandoned their cart or bounced off a product page can encourage them to give you a second chance.

Be Mobile Friendly

More and more people are shopping on mobile devices today, in fact, comScore reports that in June 2018, 70% of online retail occurred on a mobile device.  Obviously, you need a mobile site, or responsive design to ensure a great shopping experience for mobile shoppers, and make sure check out is easy for mobile devices too, with features like big buttons, click to call and simplified checkout.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some great digital marketing and website design ideas to help you increase conversions.  If you would like more information on increasing conversions, contact us for expert advice.

Website Management Provides Peace of Mind

We would like you to consider us as your IT partner and our website management service is our ongoing commitment to your success. It’s like having your own webmaster permanently on staff.

Our ongoing Website management package is $259 per month for a complete management and support service.

Seo Competitors

SEO Competitors

Canada profesional SEO service

So, what are you waiting for? Get profesional SEO service NOW!

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