If your business is online, it will definitely have a website. To make sure your website ranks top in the search engine results page as well as able to grab customers attention it must incorporate some vital elements. One extremely important element among all is high-quality and search engine optimize content.

While you can always hire a reputed SEO Company but having some basic knowledge about tips and tools related to it can help you make the most of it. With SEO optimized or friendly content, your website shows up on the main search engine page. This drives more clicks, likes, shares, and increased customer engagement to your site and ultimately your business.

If your website is written with the best content but the content is not SEO optimized then it will not be able to reap the desired results. In this situation, the best written articles are of no use.

But at the same, writing SEO optimized content is not an easy task. There is lot of foresight and thought involved into writing powerful SEO content. Here check some of the top tips and tools that will help you write a rich content for search engines, which is also relevant for your business as well as customers.

Tips to Write SEO-Friendly Content

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Follow these tips to write high-quality, SEO-friendly content:

Include Sub-headers and Headlines in Your Content

Incorporating sub-headers and headlines in your content can make it optimize for the search engines.

Headlines and sub-headers can make your content more skimmable. For this reason, it is easier to read and understand. Being easy to read, more people would prefer reading and sharing it. In addition to this, sub-headers and headers improve the keyword placement.

Add Links to Your Previously Published Content

Adding links to reputable and high-quality websites enhances the online validity of your website. If you link your website to better quality links then your page will rank higher in the search results.

Additionally, you can incorporate some credible sources within the content body to generate trust among your readers.

Select Appropriate Keywords

Before you begin writing your content or article, you have to decide for keywords that you wish to incorporate in your article. You can search keywords relevant to your business through a marketing service or using a tool. This way, you can select the keywords on the basis of results for planned keyword searches.

Selecting appropriate keywords your content would help you write an SEO optimized content. Use keywords in the headers, titles, main text, and tags.

Optimize Your Article Length for SEO

Top-notch search engines, just like Google, give priority to lengthier articles. But if your article is too long then you will lose out readers. It is necessary that your article is a minimum of 300 words length.

Though there is no specific limit to maximum words length, the only thing to ensure is to keep maintaining the interest of your readers. Hence, you can cap the length of your content around 700-800 words.

Additionally, you must maintain appropriate keyword density for your content.

Write Content of Extremely High-Quality

Writing high-quality content must be self-evident however it is not always applied. The finest way to get more people to read and engage the content is to write entertaining and useful content.

Reward is always offered to search engines with relevant and high-quality content. It is therefore important to maintain the quality of your content.

Once you are aware of how to write and format the content, you can some additional tools to simplify and enhance the process.

Optimize the Images Included in the Content

You can make your content interesting and more shareable by including high-quality images. Customers always prefer purchasing content from companies whose site includes attractive and attention-grabbing photos.

You can optimize the images of your website by adding keywords in the image files and including ALT tags. It is necessary to optimize the size of the photo as well. If the images are too big then it will take less time to load. As a result, it will hurt your SEO rankings.

Therefore, create small images that are SEO optimized but without compromising on the quality and visibility of the image.

Create Shareable Content

Once you have been able to successfully write SEO-friendly content, then the next step is to make it shareable. The content must be rich and interesting so that more people wish to read it.

You can take help of websites like AddThis and ShareThis in order to incorporate social media buttons to your site. This way, more people will be able to share your content easily.

Tools to Optimize Your Site for SEO

In addition to following these tips, you can use some professional tools to optimize your content for SEO. Even if you hire a SEO Company in India, make sure it uses all or some of these tools to deliver you the best results.

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is one of the premium on-page optimization tools. With the help of this tool, you can analyze your website or URL address and have an overview of the various SEO optimization aspects.

This tool lets you analyze the performance of your selected keywords. You have to add a maximum of five keywords which will be searched by the algorithm to inform you how often each keyword is used.

Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor is an increasable tool to perform everyday writing tasks. However, it is particularly helpful to review articles for SEO optimization.

With the Hemingway Editor tool, you can analyze the articles to find and highlight sentences that are complex or too difficult to read. This tool also lets you highlight examples of passive voice. As a result, you can write articles that are more readable. This will increase the frequency of sharing the articles and share them among the best SEO rating.

Keyword Density Checker

This is another excellent tool that lets you scan the URL address or text to find out the number of times you have used each keyword. It is of great help if you are writing a large article.

Using this tool ensures that your article is not saturated with keywords. It is because keywords must not have more than 1-2% of density.

Essay Mama

This tool provides clients with a range of writing services. You can take service of SEO Company in India in order to create SEO-friendly content for your site.

Readers prefer using correct and clean content. This tool also offers proofreading and editing services and can let you have a proper website format including images and headlines.


This tool works similar to Hemingway Editor and judges its ability to analyze the articles based on readability. However, it does not highlight complex sentences, rather gives your text an overall readability score.

With this score, you will be able to conveniently read the page. If there is URL rather than text, you can enter the URL for checking.

We hope this content is useful to you. By following these tips and tools, you can create SEO optimized content regardless of which industry you belong. Eventually, you will be able to write content that is readable and shareable.

SEO-friendly content can bring more traffic as well as conversions to your site. Hence, follow these tips and tools in order to bring in the best solutions for your website with SEO-optimized content


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