Have you ever realized that why at times, even after long and extensive sessions of good search engine optimization, a website fails to rank well on the SERPs? Along with making brilliant SEO efforts and following the appropriate strategy, it is important for you to get to assured that your efforts are being counted by the search engines. Nowadays, intelligent webmasters have discovered a number of techniques to gauge whether their efforts are considered by the search engine spiders or not and one of these are a search engine simulator.

With every search engine, the work principle remains the same. The spiders crawl through the web and index pages that are already stacked in the database and then apply algorithms to analyze and evaluate their relevancy, ranking and etc. Also, the strategy that they follow to index the websites are quite similar to each other. On the contrary, the only thing that differs in this case is the set of algorithms being used by every search engine. Hence, in order to get indexed and ranked most importantly, it is extremely important to understand the things that interest search engine spiders the most.

Search engines spiders are completely mechanical; they have set pre-requisites and will take your website into consideration only if it fulfills that. Do not even try to lure these spiders with spectacular flash designs and JavaScript as they cannot even see it. Let us now take a look at what all things that a website consists of are visible to search engine spiders.

Flash, JavaScript, Image Text or Frames:

Frames internet

Search Engine Spiders go blind when it comes to Flash, JavaScript and image text. Frames, which surely can be a great thing as per the designing and usability terms, but completely useless for availing ranking. In fact, the biggest mistake that a website, aiming for good ranking, can make is having a Flash intro page with the keywords flashing in the animation. In fact, if you happen to analyze a page studded with Flash and images by the help of a Search Engine Spider Simulator tool, the outcome will be a blank page. Spiders like text and hence, if your text is written in an image, then it is useless for proper search engine optimization of your website. In fact, a smart SEO trick recommended and often used by every SEO Company is including a genuine description of the image in the ALT attribute of the  tag. However, you need to be very careful with this because too many keywords inclusion in this description may get your website penalized for keyword stuffing.

Visibility of Dynamic Pages:

Dynamic pages are something that do not get proper attention from search engine spiders and hence, can be extremely demanding of your SEO services. Especially, those with question marks face terrible problems. However, it may not be valid to say that they are totally rejected by the spiders because many search engines spot and index dynamic pages quite easily.

Meta Keywords and Meta Description:

Meta Description
As its name signifies, Meta keywords and Meta description are placed in the tag of a HTML page. There were times when Meta keywords and Meta descriptions were the most important element used by the search engines to gauge the relevancy of a particular page but today, alternative mechanisms is used and hence, the requirement of listing keywords and description in Meta tags gets eliminated.
Visibility of Hyperlinks: In order to gauge whether or not your Hyperlinks are pointing in the appropriate direction, it is advised to use the search engine spider simulator. As for instance, you may have noticed many a time that many link exchange websites place fake links to your site with _ javascript, which are not even looked at once by the search engines as the spider simulator does not display such links.

In fact, in place of _javascript based menus, it is better to use <noscript> tag as all the links placed in _javascript based menus will get ignored as page text. Such a situation is tackled by putting all the menu item links in the <noscript> tag. Although, the <noscript> tag has a lot of space, one should avoid doing link stuffing or any other kind of SEO operation there.

It is highly recommended to procure less than 100 hyperlinks on your page. If in case you go beyond that, it would become very difficult for you to check their relevancy. As for instance, if your page shows an error that does not let spiders to go through your page (such as “403 Forbidden”, “404 Page Not Found” or etc) then it gets confirmed that your page will not get indexed.


Rank tracking keywords

Keywords are indeed, one of the most likeable features of the website for the spiders. Proper distribution of most sought-after keywords among the text never fails to attract spiders and hence is counted among the prime SEO Services. As far as the positioning of the keywords is concerned, it is recommended that the keywords displayed in the first paragraphs of a page works better than those placed in the middle or at the end. However, more than the outlook, it is the coding that you need to focus on.


The approach that spiders follow while indexing the websites is very similar to each other. Interestingly, the only dissimilar factor is the algorithms that are used by each search engine. Therefore, to be indexed and secure top ranks, it is must to know the things that attract search engine spiders.


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