The content on your website encourages your visitors to go deeper into your site and helps to establish the credibility of your company in the field. It is in fact the strength of the content that is responsible to a large extent in attracting potential visitors to your site and drawing valuable search traffic to your site and earning links from targeted customers. Content can be intended for various purposes but it is important to know how to use it.

Attractive content on your website is one of the most vital elements that help you to draw the attention of the web searchers. It is through relevant content that is informative and genuine that you can provide the viewers what they are exactly looking for. There are millions of sites but it is only few that people visit again and again. So, what makes them coming back all the time? It is most likely compelling content that is updated in the website on a regular basis. Whatever be the means, be it articles, web pages or blogs, the writings should be easily scannable by the search engines so that the searchers can easily find the information they are in need of.

What does it mean by Scannable Text?

Scannable Text

Thorough studies of human mind have revealed that viewers do not read the entire content but try to find out snippets that will answer their queries and help them to understand the topic before going into the detail. It is just the same with the search engines as it too tries to find out the specific search related keywords or key phrases in the content and then rank it accordingly for the viewers to get the information. So the question comes here, how scannable is your web content? Including lots of information in your content can satisfy your visitors and definitely increase the credibility and expertise and even encourage them to become repeat visitors but it is important to remember that at the same time a particular style has to be maintained so that it becomes easy for the search engines to scan the text and place it accordingly on the search engine ranking page.

Few Means to Make the Text Scannable:

While searching for some particular information on the internet you may come through tons of content and reading them thoroughly is really very tiring. Internet users do not have much time to go into details, if they do not find the content they click on the next option hoping to find what they are looking for. There are many alternatives where viewers can find ample material to satisfy their needs. This makes it important to write web content pages that can be easily scanned and make it possible for the readers to understand at a glance what the page is all about. It is not a stylistic preference but a fact that readers usually do not take much interest to read two pages of gray text. It is important for the Content Writing Services providers to make the web content page effective and well organized that is easily scannable.


Using bullets that can either be numbered or unnumbered can be the best means of adding eye resting white space on the web page. Using numbered bullets enables you to communicate the various points to your readers easily and this is very important to make the page scannable. Avoiding space between lines or paragraphs makes reading the content very tiring.

Following the inverted pyramid:

Even on high speed internet connection, information does not travel immediately and reliably. It is important that the most important information be revealed first to draw the attention of the readers. This writing style is often called inverted pyramid and viewers expect that the content should be precise and direct to the point.

Shorter paragraphs:

The paragraphs of the web page should be short and each paragraph should handle different points. This helps the viewers to understand the matter easily without any confusion. You can also maintain a checklist especially if you are giving certain instructions that has to be followed. Here the order doesn’t matter much but the readers can be sure that they are not missing on any steps while viewing the content.

Highlight your keywords:

Highlighting the keywords that you have targeted while writing the content of your web page will help you to draw the attention of the viewers easily and they can easily find it out if your website can provide them with the information that they are really searching for. It is important to make your web content well equipped to perform exceptionally for varied people but at the same time it is important to highlight the keywords so that you can have some potential viewer looking for that particular content.


The best means of covering certain topics is through a chronology that helps the readers to understand the different perspective of the chosen topic. The readers will be able to easily identify the previous and the latest items on the site.

Writing a tagline:

Having a one sentence tagline is crucial and the chief purpose of this tagline is to let the visitors know instantly what your website is all about. A tagline is a sentence describing your site and it informs the visitor if the information they are searching for falls under the website category thereby assuring them that they are in the right place. It is very effective and is beneficial for a website.
Making your website content scannable is very important especially if you are engaged in SEO or SEM campaign and you have some targeted keywords based on the popular search terms used by the viewers.


We all know that web surfers do not have sufficient time to read the whole content on the site. They just scan the page and try to find out words or sentences that they are looking for. This makes it important to attract the readers not only through compelling content but also through scannable text. With only few second in hand to impress the viewers, it is vital to write content that is easily scannable so that the viewers are hooked to the site and do not click on other options available on the net.

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