Stamford American International School Singapore Review

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      Choosing an international school for a child used to be a sporadic affair a few years go. Many families experienced countless problems when selecting the school in a new relocation destination. Due to technological changes, the opening of the world market and increasing demand for international schools, every single city in Singapore today has at least one international school.

      To help you make a knowledgeable decision, I’ve decided to offer you reliable information about Stamford American International School Singapore from an Alumni standpoint. This school caters for a healthy mixture of local children and expatriate.

      Stamford American International School Singapore Overview

      Stamford American International School (SAIS) is an international school with two campuses in Singapore. One of the campuses is located at Chuan Lane, about 1.6 miles from the Elementary and Secondary Campus. This Campus offers education from pre-Nursery to KG2. The elementary and secondary Campus is located at Woodleigh lane close to the Woodleigh MRT station. The latter is committed to providing education to students from 1-12th Grade. Students from this school can graduate with the US accredited Stamford High School Diploma or International Advanced Placement diploma.

      I understand that parents are highly careful with the school they choose for their children because of the accreditation issues. SAIS is accredited by the Commission that accredits schools, and the WASC. It’s also important to know that SAIS is an IB World school.

      Stamford American International School opened the doors in August 2009, but the $300 million Campus was completed and opened in 2012. The school made a huge step in 2017 when they opened the world’s largest pre-school in close partnership with Australian International School.

      Are teachers at SAIS the best for your child?

      Teachers at Stamford American International School are very responsive, qualified and responsible. The school provides native teachers for local and international languages. The teachers have been praised for their effort on the exemplary academic performance.

      Students at the IB Diploma program have a pass rate of 76%-90%. In 2017, we had a pass rate of 76%, which eventually increased by 14% to 90% in 2018. In the same year, students that scored three and higher increased by 9% in 2018.

      The teachers at the school have offered a conducive environment for asking questions, clarifications and guidance, which is the reason why the school is accepted into the competitive universities in the world. After the studies, more than 86% of all the applicants received the top two universities of their selections.

      Leadership and Faculty

      The school has students from 77 different nationalities. According to Dr Eric, the school currently has 15 faculties representing 15 different countries. The superintendent says that when the school is hiring, they’re not only looking for the best in terms of academic qualifications but also those that will complement the needs of different nationalities.

      I cannot close the review without touching on how the student community is. Every alumnus would agree that the school has a warm and welcoming student community. The management wants to provide a family to every person regardless of where they come from.

      Co-curricular activities

      SAIS offers countless opportunities to the students to get involved in some activities such as performing arts, music, dance, games, community service and athletics. The students at the SAIS are exposed to community service based on their appropriate ages.

      Stamford American International School Singapore committed to growing international athletics by offering appropriate pathways for sports development from the lowest Grade to grade 12. A student can participate in tennis, softball, rugby, gymnastics, golf, touch rugby, track and field and Volleyball among many other games.

      SAIS puts up about ten full-scale productions for students every year at the Reagan Theater. The state of the art Reagan Theater is the only school theatre in the country with an LED backdrop screen. Drama classes are offered weekly from Kindergarten to Grade 10.

      Students at the Stamford American International School Singapore are also introduced to music and Movement at the age of 18 months. This school is the only one in Singapore offering Suzuki Violin Programs for students as early as 3 years old.

      After school programs and International languages

      SAIS offers its students a chance to study local and international languages. As a matter of fact, the school has an after school program where the students can enrol and learn mother tongue. The program was initiated and run by parents and the largest international community.Every week, the school offers 12 different tongues with the main languages including Danish, Filipino, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, Sweden, Dutch, Finnish and Hindi. The school also offers native teachers and classroom facilities for the children in these programs. We also had access to IT support, event spaces and library for effective learning.

      School’s facility and extra-curricular activities

      The school offers some of the most involving extra-curricular activities. The facilities at the temporal campus were well kept, and those for the elementary students are very nice. The new Campus that opened in 2012 is now providing more facilities for the children. Some of the facilities provided today are very effective for middle school and High school.

      Programs to prepare the child for repatriation

      Parents moving from another country to Singapore would notice how hard it can be to prepare the child for the transition from one Curriculum to the other. If the child is not old enough, there are chances you won’t need much of curriculum transition. Their American Curriculum would easily prepare your child for repatriation.

      Parent-Teacher organizations

      SAIS has an active and very effective PTA. This organization plans social activities for the teachers, parents and students. The organization is very open to new parents and volunteers to keep it running throughout the course.

      Stamford American International School Singapore has the best environment for your children. It has a real family for students regardless of their origin and race. I had the best experience in the school and had a good chance to make great lifetime friends.

      Stamford American International School Singapore is actually a place I would like to go back. It’s a place where all the students would like to get every single morning. Every corner you will turn to you meet people smiling and warmly welcoming you.