Marketing through social media networks is a great way to promote brand awareness and attract traffic to your site. However, there is a code of conduct you need to follow. First and foremost, let´s not forget that social media networks is not intended to be a marketing platform – it is a central database for sharing things you find on the internet with your friends. Follow these tips for social media networking and you will have more success.

1. Engage with your followers

Social media marketing campaigns will not work if you do not get involved with what your followers are doing. Build relationships by making comments, sharing thoughts and cracking jokes. Take an active interest and you will get noticed.

2. Don´t send too many Facebook invites in quick succession

Facebook invites

Facebook does not encourage advertising although it does tolerate it. However, there are restrictions to the number of followers you have in your account and the number of unsolicited strangers you invite to follow. If you invite scores in one go Facebook will freeze your account and may even suspend it!

3. Do share helpful resources

Use social media networks just like everybody else is using them for – sharing information. This is especially true for Twitter and Facebook. Social media sites that are designed for business to business connections such as Linkedin and Pinterest is ideal for sharing your own knowledge in articles you have written – particularly if you provide a specialised service.

4. Don´t only share links to your own site

If the only links you are posting on to social media networks are links back to your own website you will get a reputation as a spammer. Regular users of SMN´s are forging an unwritten code of conduct and spammers are not welcome!

5. Get your followers involved

Although your intention is to raise your brand awareness, products and services, social network users want action, excitement and humour – so give them something that will attract them to your website. Get them involved in photo competitions, telling funny stories or posting a funny video that possibly relates to your line of business – check out banned adverts on YouTube perhaps!

6. Don´t make offers you cannot keep

If you choose to make an offer to your followers, make it worth their while, but also keep it real. It is not good business to make offers you cannot keep otherwise all the good work you have done building up your social media accounts will unravel in one foul swoop.

7. Do share your connections with followers

If you notice one of your followers is asking if anybody knows of someone for something they need – like a plumber for example – put them in touch with your contacts. You will get credit from both parties this way and others will also notice how helpful you have been – especially if you keep the conversation alive, during and after the work has been carried out.

8. Don´t lose control

lose control on social media networks

If somebody makes a negative comment about something you do not agree with, even if it is something you are emotionally charged to, refrain from getting involved – or if you really feel you need to do not lose control. If the comment is negative about your business, be honest and make sure the matter is resolved quickly and admirably. Remember on social media accounts you are in the public eye and showing people what great customer service you offer builds trust.

9. Do keep comments brief and interesting

Time is of the essence – not only yours, but others. Make your presence felt with brief posts rather than long-winded opinions unless they are truly interesting. If what you are saying does not have a point to make, there is no point in saying it!

10. Do not make mundane comments

Nobody is interested what you just had for dinner or that you have just put your kids to bed. They may be interested in what you are watching on TV if it is a new show or has something of particular interest or relationship to your business. Saying “Just off to watch Corra,” is not going to cut it. We don´t care!

Most businesses are not taking full advantage of social media networks as an advertising platform simply because they are not using in the right way. When using Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks for business purposes you have to be creative and interesting -engage your followers rather than sharing crap.



Internet is the most visited technology compared to any other media around the world and social media is a trend which has spread swiftly. A Business in the marketing field is all about reaching to the audience before any other brand does.

How to boost your social media post?

This article includes all possible elements required to boost your posts to the top of social media platform. Every competitor in the market is aware of social media and has made use of the media platforms to engage target audience and gain social followers.

Here are some important (legally) pointers and ideas to drive audiences to the social media site:

1. Stay updated with the latest social happenings in the marketing world
2. Use social updates for creating content. Keep your posts at par with latest developments.
3. Search for material which audience loves to connect with!
4. Use humor to let your content connect with people better.
5. Do not forget to create quality content.
6. Share what is organic. No one enjoys repetitive information.
7. If you are willing to gain your audience’s trust, make them aware of what your brand is and what it does.
8. Creativity does not always mean new. Sometimes, repetitions can be implemented in smart ways!
9. Use attractive framing of words because it just takes a few seconds for a person to decide whether he/she needs to stay or leave.
10. Give your content a personalize touch! People love being addressed personally.
11. Never communicate with your consumer as ghost. Keep it humanized!

Ways to promote your brand on different Social Media platforms

Some of the most popular platforms have strong advertising tools that can help you get the right spotlight for your brand. Let us understand the behavior and the use of the popular social media giants.

Facebook: There are a variety of ways available to promote your posts on Facebook. For instance, after the post is published, you can promote a single post by using the boost button. Facebook allows you to target your audience, schedule your post, choose your budget and go through the analytics to review your post reach. If this intrigues you, you ought to try it!

Twitter: Twitter analytics is the best option for tweets promotions. You can choose a perfect financial plan for your tweets to be promoted and target the customer you want, to be visible to drive specific people to visit your site.

Linkedin: Linkedin is a serious business page where no casual updates are posted. You can sponsor from the page with sponsor updates button or you can also manage it through the links taken to the traditional LinkedIn ads where you can decide interface of your sponsor content.

Pinterest: If you are not getting the expected results you want, then you need to promote your pins by signing up for Pinterest. While it allows personal pins, it is good to avoid using personal accounts for business purposes.

Instagram : Advertising is not yet available for all the Instagram users as of now. Even though some features were added in 2014, more updates are likely to be included in the near future. You can advertise for products with website links and offline sales.

social media menagment


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