Search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), Internet Marketing and website design is what  provides. Customer focused, timely and respectful service is how we provide it. As a SEOSMO and web design firm, our competitive advantage is the quality of professionalism combined with great results and very competitive pricing.

Search Engine Optimization offers Search Engine Optimization to firms seeking to increase their web presence capitalize on the growing revenues coming from the Internet. We are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Our clients enjoy great results, often doubling and even tripling their traffic coming from the top search engines. Finally, we offer Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization. Meaning our SEO efforts will get you onto the first page of Google, and once we get you there, we’ll keep you there – guaranteed!

Search engine optimization also known as SEO, is the method of optimizing Websites for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search engine optimization is the discipline of growing the traffic to and visibility of a website. The definitive aim for any search engine optimization plan is to get the website onto the first page of top search engines for relevant long-tail keyword searches. The increased traffic and visibility provided by the search engine optimization will help the business exploit the Internet sales potential.

Search Engine Optimization experts will use several ways to boost the website’s traffic, including Social Media Optimization (SMO), Onsite Optimization, Internet Marketing and link building. Seo competitors uses the needed combination of the website in order to achieve quick short-term and continuous long-term results.

Social Media Optimization provides social media optimization (SMO) to people, firms and other organizations looking to tap into social media to build their brand. As always, we provide our SMO with professionalism and timeliness. Our programs allow clients to build a targeted campaign to inform, attract and protect their customer base. builds Facebook pages that look and function like websites; carry-out Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn communication campaigns and even grow your foot traffic through the use of social media sites like Foursquare. Of course, grows your online social network at very competitive rates.

Social media marketing (SMM) is a way for organizations to develop loyalty with its clientele, suppliers and employees.  Social media optimization for businesses can develop a sense of community by followers which can increase loyalty, increase Internet “word of mouth” and supplement traditional recruiting means.

Website Design prides itself on providing businesses great website designs for less. Our clients enjoy professional website designs that represent their image and brand for less. We don’t cut back on the quality of the websites we design, only the price. We believe that organizations should get websites at rates that allow them to also market the sites.We offer template website designs for businesses on a tighter budget, but not willing to compromise on quality. We also provide custom website designs for organizations who are seeking a website as unique as them. 

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6 Reasons You Need a Website

  • A website can add revenu dollars to your business.
  • A well optimized web site is a very powerful and cost-effective way to market and advertise your business and attract new clients.
  • Over 70% of all consumers search the net for products and services. If you do not have a website those dollars will be lost to your competitors.
  • A professional web design allows your business to make the very best first impression and present a favourable brand image.
  • A website is an easy way existing customers to find you. Don’t lose your customers to your competition becuase they can’t find you!
  • A Web site saves you money! Customers can go directly to your Web site for standard questions so that you do not have to answer them. This means that you can focus your energy where you feel it matters most. After all, your time is money.

5 Reasons a Website Must Be Optimized

  • Search engine optimization or SEO means that your website can be found on Google and all the other top search engines, local directories and social sites when people look for you, or your products and services.
  • When your potential customers do a search with a keyword that relates to your business you will appear on the first search engine results page, where 90% of all traffic (and business) comes from.
  • A great way to make more money! Search engine optimized websites mean revenues coming from the Internet. This means your website becomes an added sales person working 24/7.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing protects your market share.  You could have the best-looking Web site but if you’re not showing up when consumers search, they will go to your competition.
  • Top search engines play a key role when it comes to purchases on the Internet. Web site design and search engine optimization complement each other and work in tandem to ensure the best results.

Why Seo Competitors?

social media menagment

The reality is that a great deal of Montreal and Quebec businesses do not have a Web site at a time when more and more customers are turning towards the Internet for their purchases. The need for companies to have a Web site is evident and must be answered; otherwise Montréal and Québec businesses will be left behind! This is why was created.

At we come to you! That’s right; we still believe that the best way to serve our customers is the old-fashioned way – through a face to face approach.

Here is why you should choose for your Web site, search engine optimization and other Internet marketing services:

Speed and Efficiency: 

Speed and efficiency also imply simplicity. At, substantial time, thought, and effort have gone into our process so that the delivery of your Web site from beginning to end is as seamless and expeditious as possible, without compromising quality.

At we understand how important your time and keeping things simple is. As a result, we created a process that allows us to be as speedy and efficient as possible for your Web site design, search engine optimization and other Internet marketing services.


Choose from 1000+ professional and attractive Web site designs or website templates. Whatever your profession or industry, we will find the right Web site design for your business. More importantly, whether we create your Web site using website templates or create a purely custom web design, we will always optimize your site so as to improve its search engine optimization and search engines rank.

Any website we create is in accordance with SEO best practice principles. Simply, it means that we deliver a search engine friendly site in order to improve your search engines ranking.

Affordable: is a Montréal based search engine optimization and Web site design company that’s all about affordable web design and Internet advertising. We believe that Web sites and online advertising should be affordable regardless of the size of your company. Too often, we see companies or individual designers charging a very significant premium for their Web design services and their Internet advertising services. The result is a product many companies simply cannot afford.

Enter! We solve this equation by providing small and medium sized companies in the Montréal area with Web sites and other Web solutions at an affordable price. What’s more, often too much attention is placed on the aesthetic appeal of the Web site which contributes to its big price tag.

Unfortunately, optimizing one’s Web site for the Internet is frequently forgotten, a serious mistake that will cost you considerably! We believe in a professional and great looking Web site that is also optimized for the Internet so that prospective customers may find you.


Web site design and Internet advertising can only be done correctly when one puts their heart into it and makes it a full time pursuit. In a world of instant gratification, our perspective at is that every new customer represents the beginning of a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship. We will never shy away from the commitment and responsibility we owe our customers; we’re in it for the long haul!

Once your Web site is functional and online, our relationship truly begins. Whether it’s hosting and updating your Web site, or search engine optimization, we do all the worrying so you won’t have to! We will be there every step of the way to offer you our very best service!

Seo Competitors

SEO Competitors

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