What is the strength of the social media signals propagated by your brand? Are you satisfied and happy with your website social media presence? Today the social media plays an indispensable role in building brand power online. With effective social media marketing you can improve the online performance of your company by 200%. Social media has the potential to carry your brand to thousands of targeted customers instantly. Carefully planned social media branding efforts can improve brand loyalty and drive more fresh leads to your business. Regardless of whether you are an online enterprise, offline enterprise, partially online operation, B2B or B2C, everyone can benefit from social media marketing and every business needs social media marketing to be successful.

If you have not been focusing on social media marketing either because you have not appreciated the importance of social media optimization or just because you had no time to spare, don’t worry. SeoCompetitors is here to assist you. We are a leading Social Media Optimization company with several years of hands-on experience in offering Social Media Branding services. We provide exceptional social media marketing services that will help you create and enhance your social media presence.

Social media marketing and online marketing

Over the years, marketing has dynamically evolved ushering unique and out-of-the-box campaigns and strategies that have revolutionized the way we look at brands. With the ever expanding mediums that have sprung up in recent times, it is no surprise that marketers are voraciously invading these territories as well. From print-ads to newspapers to television, marketers leave no stone unturned when it comes to promoting their respective brands and now, they have the internet. Ever since the rise of the internet, a variety of social media platforms, each with their distinct features, have sprung up. These social media platforms are now forming the basis for most marketing strategies. It leaves us to wonder:

What is social media marketing?

Going by a textbook definition, Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing that employs various social media platforms to achieve marketing communication and branding goals. This involves creating content, images and videos for social sharing across various social media platforms. The primary focus of Social Media Marketing is to increase traffic on a website which will eventually lead to conversions. The secondary motive of SMM is brand building, establishing a good online reputation and promoting new events, products or brands. Basically, SMM revolves around creating awareness about your brand/company by targeting the right audience. It’s like flashing a torchlight over a dark spot in a remote alley.

Why is social media marketing so important?

social media marketing

Social media levels the playing field for everyone. Everyone who begins on social media starts from the same level, like a race. Only social media is not a race, it is a marathon. Social media is important because it gives your brand visibility. Social media to a brand is what the sun is after a stormy day. If you do not have your brand up on social media, it will remain in darkness for all eternity and you know how difficult it is for people to see anything when it’s dark. Social media gives a brand the opportunity to monitor its audiences, interact with them and build good and stable relationships.

It gives you the opportunity to get personal with your followers. Moreover, based on the feedback you receive from your audiences, you can fix and improve your strategies. Listening to your audiences, implementing changes and resolving their issues can also improve your brand’s overall reputation. Social media also lets you monitor your competitors and see what they’re up to. You no longer need to send spies who’ll infiltrate your competitors’ workplace and leak out top-secret information, it is all there on their social media platforms.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

First and foremost, social media marketing is absolutely free! You won’t be spending a dime on your posts unless you’re promoting them via the paid features available on the social media platform of your choice. Secondly, social media gives you an insight about your target audience. You can easily monitor what they’re looking for and provide relevant information regarding the same. If there are complaints regarding your brand, it gives you a chance to quickly resolve them and prevent any damage to your reputation.

Moreover, there’s no one better than your consumers who can tell you about your brand. Since social media is public, your content has a wider scope of being shared. Repeated exposure of your brand on the vast realm of social media eventually leads to more conversions on your website. Moreover, the traffic received through your social media efforts benefit the SEO of your website. Lastly, you’ll be surprised at the prospects you receive, especially from the most uncanny sources.

Social Media Branding In All Leading Platforms

Seo competitors will promote your website and your brand in all the most popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You need not have to lose your nights sleep worried about your social media branding needs. Let FreshRank create professional profiles for your brand in all the top social media sites and promote it. You do not have to spend several hours every day promoting your website in Facebook and Twitter; our experts will take care of everything from creation of the profile, posting of content, building social media fans to monthly reporting. You cannot find a more hassle free approach to social media marketing.

Professional Approach To Social Media Marketing

With our SeoCompetitors Social Media Marketing services you can how enjoy very professional image in the social media sites. We adhere 100% to social media marketing best practices. All the strategies that we use will not only be highly refined but they are also Google friendly. Ensure that your website social media image is fully guarded by choosing our SMO services.

We work with websites from all niches and we guarantee complete satisfaction regardless of your niche. We use proven strategies to create powerful social media presence for your brand or website.

Dependable Social Media Marketing Services Within Your Budget

If you have been staying away from social media optimization services all along just because it is making your overhead expenses soar high, here is some good news for you! You can enjoy impressive social media marketing services within your budget. We have reasonably priced social media marketing plans that guarantee excellent value for your money. Give your website a special advantage by choosing our SMO services. affordable effective SEO canada1

What is the scope of social media marketing in Canada?

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Traditional marketing had its roots deeply spread out in Canada. Although, in recent times, the axis has shifted greatly from traditional marketing to SMM with a number of brands ranging from e-commerce sites such as Tim Hortons and Lululemon Athletica to the brewery giant Canadian Tire who have diligently employed SMM as a part of their marketing strategy enabling them to reach a wider audience across the country. This includes announcements of new products, weekly contests and updating/commenting on current events, for instance, the iconic ads by Amul. A majority of the Canadian audience is on social media. With convenience of browsing the internet on your smartphones, most of them are enthusiastically tweeting at this very moment while you’re reading this. The audiences in Canada are also voicing their grievances on social media which helps them resolve their issues at a faster pace. Judging by all the online activity ensuing on the Canadian social media, the future for SMM here looks pretty bright!



#1 Create impressive social media profiles and include top keywords in your profile. You should spend some time in putting together a unique profile for each social media platform. Do not simply post rehashed profiles in social media platforms. There are hundreds of social media sites online but there are only five or six social media platforms that matter the most, to name a few – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

#2 Try cross-platform social media promotional efforts. Do not make your social media marketing efforts compartmentalized. Cross-platform promotions will help your brand gain better visibility and enhance the strength of your social media signals.

#3 Make regular, fully optimized social media updates. Make your updates interesting so that they can be shared. You will have to come up with interesting content and information that will get the attention of your target customers. Make your social media updates are as keyword rich as possible but of course do not go overboard with your keyword optimization.

#4 Use multiple content forms. One of the advantages of social media marketing is that you can make use of multiple content forms such as images, videos, infographics, textual content and so on. Using multiple content forms will help you keep your content fresh and interesting to your visitors.

#5 Use social media to address your customers’ most common concerns. Social media gives you the chance to get closer to your target audience. So you better take advantage of this opportunity and go beyond just self promotion. Make use of social media platforms to address the concerns of your customers and you will see more people joining your social media networks.

#6 Make sure to create a profile in Google Local. Even if you are targeting global customers make sure that your business is listed in Google Local. This will help you strengthen your base camp.

#7 Optimize all your uploads including the image files. Do not make random uploads to your social media profiles. Every single image or video you upload in your social media profile should help you get one stop closer to your ranking goals. So make sure to name your files carefully so that they will help you add momentum to your social media efforts.

#8 Use your social media links in all your other promotions. Do not dichotomize your social media efforts and your SEO efforts. Make sure that all your social media links are incorporated in some way in the other SEO efforts that you are making to promote your website.

#9 Do not forget to add your social media profile links to your email signature. If you use email as one of the major forms of communication, then you should take advantage of this platform to promote your social media profiles.

#10 Use as much textual content as possible in all your social media efforts and include your brand name generously in the content. Do not forget that content is still the king. You will be able to boost your brand visibility and get search engines to notice your brand through strategic use of good quality textual content. By circulating a large volume of textual information about your brand through the social media platforms, you will be able to improve your brand visibility greatly. The quality of the content should however be top-notch because

Google promotes only good quality content in the search results.

What exactly does hiring a social media marketing service help your brand?

The scope of the social media marketing company is likely to vary from one company to the other. However, these are some of the common benefits of hiring a social media marketing company to boost your website’s traffic.

#1 Your social media marketing company will setup powerful profiles for your brand in all the leading social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest.

#2 Your social media profiles will be promoted aggressively in the leading networks to gain visibility. This will set the ball rolling and attract more visitors to your social media profiles.

#3 Engaging posts will be made on your behalf and the posts made will also be promoted. This will trigger sharing of your brand related information in the social networks and your brand popularity will gradually be boosted. A certain percentage of the social media users that come to know about your brand, website and services are likely to visit your website to learn further about your brand.

#4 As more and more people start mentioning about your brand in the social media sites and as more and more discussions take place under your brand name, your social media signals will get increasingly stronger which will be noticed by top search engines like Google.

#5 Your ranking in Google will be boosted and the number of organic visitors that come to your website will increase in turn.

#6 Professional social media marketing service will make your brand name popular and your brand familiarity will be boosted. Enhanced brand familiarity will help your brand in two distinct ways. Firstly, it will improve brand loyalty among the existing customers and secondly, it will help in generating new leads.

#7 There is yet another benefit to social media marketing efforts. You will be able to get closer to your target audience. You will be able to understand the concerns of your end users and enter into one-to-one interaction. This will help you enhance brand trust among the target customers.

Social media marketing efforts if handled correctly will help you attract direct as well as indirect traffic to your website. Make sure that you are working with a dependable social media marketing service provider. Your brand name should be promoted in the social media sites professionally, because the social media efforts taken will have direct impact on your brand’s reputation. You will therefore need to screen your social media marketing service providers very closely before you finalize your service provider.

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