Social Media Management

our social media management service establishes your ongoing online presence on social media, and ensures that inquiries and feedback are seen.
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      Social Media Management

      Today a social media presence is expected, yet only a small percentage of businesses actively use social media. Those businesses that have set up social media accounts and added social buttons to their website often see little or no benefit. If the job of maintaining and updating the social media accounts is actually assigned to anyone at all, it is usually as an additional duty aside from regular work. More often than not day-to-day work pressures take priority and social media management is neglected. Another problem is that the person responsible really does not know how to use social media to promote a business. There is a big difference between knowing how to use social media as a user and managing an online presence for your business. The internet is scattered with social media accounts set up by businesses with the best of intentions but usually abandoned after just a few months. There are many reasons for this, but the main reasons are the time commitments required, and a failure to see any immediate tangible benefits.

      We manage your online social presence for you, freeing you up to focus on your business. Our Social Media management service establishes your ongoing online presence on social media, and ensures that inquiries and feedback are seen and can be responded to in a timely fashion. We will manually login daily to check your major social media accounts using dedicated accounts setup on virtual machines. It’s like having a computer set up just for managing your accounts.

      Businesses that created their social media accounts a few years ago probably do not have Facebook, which we consider one of the most important in terms of promoting your online visibility. Another new kid on the block is Pinterest, which has rapidly grown to be what we consider the top five. Social media management means keeping up with the latest trends and being able to add and update social media as required.

      Your online presence should appear uniform and professional across all your social accounts.

      Setting up accounts is only the first step, but accounts need ongoing management. Someone needs to attend to all the administrative duties associated with maintaining an account including managing personal profiles, fan pages, responding to friend requests, personal messages and any changes from the social network that require action.

      Regular updates of Social Media are the key to developing a successful online social presence, yet this is the area where most businesses fail. Most social media services will employ third party social media update tools that use API’s (Application Programming Interface). This is software that will log into your social account on your behalf and post updates. These tools have their place especially when you want to schedule multiple updates throughout the day. However, there is a lot they cannot do, and if used exclusively there is a danger of important updates being neglected. It is also known that updates posted using such tools are treated differently by some social networks and given a lower value.

      Social has become a new way to communicate with your customers and is something that you ignore at your own peril. Gartner predicted that by 2018 engaging with customer inquiries via social channels would be as important as phone and email. If you are not active on social media, you may be missing important feedback and even more importantly missing sales and marketing opportunities.

      Our Social Media Management package is the perfect place to start for businesses that have no social media presence or may have created one but do not maintain it. Your dedicated social media manager will spend up to 30 minutes a day (2.5 hours a week) on various aspects of your social media according to where we consider attention is needed or where it would be most beneficial.

      Our Social Media management service team will spend up to 30 minutes a day five days a week for the management of all your social media accounts. There is no limit to the number of social accounts we can create and manage. However, as you can appreciate the more social accounts being managed the less time there is available for each. Important social media accounts can be given priority and checked daily while less important ones would be checked less frequently.

      Outsourced social media management Your time and that of your staff is worth a lot more to your business than trying manage your own social media presence.