There are many definitions of SEO. So what is simple SEO definition? We at SEO Competitors define search engine optimization as the process of turning any website into a success. A successful website is one that can be easily spotted on popular search engines and attracts new and targeted web visitors on a daily basis. We employ different techniques to make your web pages more relevant to customer searches and more explicable to search engines.

So what is the importance of a high ranking on popular search engines? According to research, 90% of web visitors who visited a site for the very first time got to find it by using a major search engine. A web visitor simply keys in the relevant search terms and a long list of search results appear directing him/her to various web pages.

It is our job at SEO Competitors to ensure that you obtain a high ranking on popular search engines. With a high ranking, you are likely to attract more web visitors. This is because a web user is likely to click on the first web pages that appear on SERPs. The first pages are considered more relevant to the search term. This means that, a user is likely to find what he/she is looking for when the search results appear. Once we give your web pages a higher ranking, you have better chances of closing sales because you will receive more visitors on a daily basis.

How SEO Competitors helps you to get that top ranking

SEO Definition

At SEO Competitors, we employ different SEO methods to help your website attain the real meaning of SEO definition. We dedicate a lot of time and effort in effective SEO techniques which guarantee a top ranking. There are so many things that we can do to make your web pages rank higher.

Relevant content

For a start, we ensure all your web pages maintain interesting and interactive content. Search engines have programs which are always reading and reviewing content on various web pages before ranking. If all the information you provide on your site is original and relevant to your readers, then this will boost your ranking. We focus on content as an integral part of SEO because we understand how important it for your readers and search engines as well.

Quality website design

We also have to take a look at your website structure. It is important for use to ensure that your site has been coded correctly. This is why SEO Competitors offers web designing services as well. We understand how improper coding can make it difficult for your web pages to be accessed by popular search engines. We provide professional website design and structure to make SEO more achievable for your site.

Proper keyword research and analysis

Keyword research and analysis is also an important aspect of SEO that we have to carefully consider. We look for the right keywords and ways to use them correctly in all your web pages. Every web page should have unique keywords which specify the information on that page. This includes the use of long tail and short tail keywords on your headings and body.

Link building

Through link building, we help you to establish meaningful relationships with other websites. You can link to authoritative sites which are within your niche. Links can be established by being actively involved in social media. This will create additional traffic to your web pages. There are so many different techniques which SEO Competitors uses to build high quality links. They include social bookmarking, article directories and blogging.

Performance tracking

google analytic

Performance tracking helps us to understand the number of visitors who click on our client’s web pages on a daily basis, the percentage that is converted to sales and so much information which can help us make proper changes. For instance, if we realize that majority of your web visitors’ move away from the site immediately it loads, it could be that the keywords in use are somewhat misleading. We shall make the proper modifications to keep everything in check.

So how much time should you expect to witness an improvement in ranking?

Well, SEO takes time and lots of effort. It is an ongoing process which needs to be done on a continual basis. We do not promise you instant results but be guaranteed a top ranking once the deal is sealed. You need to understand that, search engines can take time to spider all your web pages. Search engines have to index different web pages before ranking sites based on various search terms. You need to be patient and keep implementing the right SEO strategies and you will soon see the results.

When you hire SEO Competitors be guaranteed of a top ranking which will not compromise your site in the long run. We do not make use of unfair practices which other people use in order to manipulate search engines to make their sites rank better. These practices usually end up directing some web visitors to irrelevant pages. We do not associate ourselves with black hat techniques like poor link building strategies, duplicating content and linking to banned sites. These poor SEO techniques and practices can cause your site to be blacklisted by search engines.

Most importantly, we utilize the kind of SEO that helps you to attract targeted customers. We make sure that you are able to drive traffic using competitive keywords. This is what ensures that most of your web visitors will convert to sales. It becomes easier to persuade customers to buy your product or service when you have them on your site. Remember that SEO only helps you to attract web visitors but it is your right to keep them by having engaging content on your site.


In conclusion, for you to realize the meaning of SEO definition, you need to work with the right SEO expert. SEO Competitors offers you all the expertise you need to begin that journey to the top. Our first approach is to come up with a strategy that helps the specific business to meet its set goals and objectives. We will help you meet your advertising budget by customizing the right SEO package for your business.


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