You cannot argue that SEO forces businesses to come up with quality websites. The techniques which we implement at SEO Competitors always improve the experience of web visitors. For instance, we create relevant and interesting content in order to help our clients gain a top ranking on Google. We also eliminate those poor landing pages which have been giving your web visitors a headache. Web visitors enjoy great content and fast loading speeds. SEO Competitors has experts with critical SEO skills to keep you fully satisfied.

What are our SEO skills?

SEO copywriters

For starters, we have the right team of qualified SEO copywriters. These are the people who are responsible for coming up with unique content. They will replace all the duplicated content on your web pages with fresh and original material. We stick to unique content in order to increase the chances of Google indexing your site. We use various online tools to check whether a website has any duplicated content.

You will also need the services of our SEO analysts to help you identify the topics which will up create a buzz online. It is important to focus on the topics which will attract attention among your target audience.  We ensure that your content has links to direct a lot of traffic to your web pages once it is published. Our team of SEO content writers can also create quality press releases on your behalf. Press releases are meant to give web visitors new information regarding your brand.

We have SEO link builders who understand the value of quality link building. We need to give your site some quality back links. Back links are simply links which are found on different sites other than yours but direct users to your web pages. For your site to get indexed, the search engine robots will crawl all over the Internet using these links. This is why back links are very important. At SEO Competitors, we understand the value of quality as opposed to quantity when it comes to link building. For instance, we ensure that a client has links from sites with similar content than numerous poor quality links from sites which have nothing in common.

More important SEO skills that we offer

SEO skills

The other important skill that our SEO specialists have is coming up with the right tags. Title tags and page descriptions should are carefully written to include important key words and phrases. This is because the information that is included on the title tags will appear as a search result link when a web visitor performs a search on a search engine. We make sure that the title clearly describes the information on that web page to a user. We attract traffic to your site by including popular search phrases on these title tags and page descriptions. We ensure that any user who reads title can have a basic understanding of the content on your web page. This is how we help you to attract target customers.

Simplicity is one of the important SEO skills which the experts at SEO Competitors have. We will always keep your site very basic because we want it to be search engine friendly. For instance, we minimize on the number of flash players on your site. This is because they can affect the page’s loading speed and interfere with the user’s experience. Additionally, flash sites are not as easily indexed by search engines as other basic sites.

We also keep the number of links on your web pages to a minimum. At the end of the day, SEO Competitors web designers have to make sure that the site is user friendly. Lots of links on a single web page can make the website look cluttered and unflattering. This can be more confusing to a web visitor. We develop SEO skills which will not only attract web visitors to your web pages but also keep them there.

PHP, media and social media

PHP skills

Our web designers have great PHP skills to help you succeed in SEO. PHP scripting has become as important as CSS and HTML. It is required to draw quality web traffic to various web pages. We know how to manage your data on a regular basis because we have a team of copywriters who can handle numerous contents for different web pages.

SEO Competitors utilizes video clips to boost search engine ranking for its clients. People love videos because they present information better. In fact, many web visitors prefer viewing videos because they give a better meaning to what they were looking for. This is why we always insist on incorporating a few video clips on our clients’ websites. We optimize these videos for search engines and then post them on social channels like YouTube.

Our experienced teams of SEO experts have proper social media SEO skills. With the right social media skills, we are able to make your brand more credible on popular social channels. For instance, we can help you create a good business page on Facebook and Twitter. This will be an avenue where you interact with customers, share ideas and get opinions regarding your products and services. This will help you to tap a different audience and also develop a connection with some of your clients and prospects. We will go ahead to garner numerous likes, comments or shares on social media, to get you ranked top by popular search engines.


SEO Competitors knows how to utilize the information on Google Analytics to boost your SEO campaign. There are always new metrics and parameters being introduced by Google Analytics. We are always updated on some of the new processes and techniques which can help you to gain better visibility.

Basically, search engines keep on changing the algorithms they use to rank websites online. You can hire SEO Competitors and benefit from the latest strategies which can be used to boost ranking. There are very many ways to gain better visibility but not all of them will work for your project. Hire a company which will take time to study and understand the goals of your campaign and effect SEO strategies which will work in the long run.


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