At this point in your exploration of SEO, you most likely know that this process is like investing in the stock market, diversification is your friend. We think you should “mix things up” and and get a wide variety of content out there, going for many different kinds of links – Guest Posts, social shares, forum comments, blog comments, a little of everything – anything you can get. This will make sure your linkbuilding profile is diverse and appears natural. One of the most under appreciated tools we love that is just superb at diversifying is – the Press Release – really it is a hidden gold mine for SEO that not many use like they should.

What are two kinds of Press Releases?

Basically, there are 2 basic kinds of Press Releases.

The first has the true intention of a press release – an event that is newsworthy and really should receive coverage from the press, being closer to what you read in the newspaper or that would air as a small segment on a TV news program. That is what press releases are truly meant to do – announce to journalists and the media a piece of information that they might want to put into a story in progress, publicize alone or look into for more information.

Yet, there is also another solid use for press releases that has a whole industry that has sprung up around it: press releases for SEO. What we aim for when we do an SEO press release is to get citations and backlinks, it’s that clear cut. Now, obviously it is important to have the content be of quality and when you can make that press release newsworthy then it’s even better, but what we are truly after here is getting it distributed to the large network of press release sites out there today.

How We Approach It

We have an approach we recommend when we do press releases and we think you’d do well to follow it. What we do first is create a PR every month, as a general rule, for every site we promote and then we send those press releases to more than 125 different sites. Every month we also make a higher profile distribution of a press release via NewsWire so that we are mixing it up a bit by getting these PR’s placed on sites with higher authority.

How Effective is This Approach?

For linkbuilding and raising a site’s authority press releases certainly are effective. Most sites that pick up press releases have a fairly high authority. When you can get a link from them, even if it is a DA low deep link, the trustrank and authority are beneficial. Beyond that, you also get several citations from distributions like this that are positive plus they appear nice and natural to search engines.

When your web site is mentioned within content, even without having a link that goes to your site, this is called a citation. You might worry that this is useless, but that’s incorrect. Take Google Local as an example, it gives citations quite a bit of weight.

Below is a graphic showing a recent Google results for a press release we put out for one site a while ago.

seo press release

Remember, though, that this post was originally written on the 24th of November, 2018 and updated on April 12, 2019 and we captured that image the same day we put out the original press release. In order for you to get a glimpse of the real power a Press Release offers you after distribution, let’s look at this search just about 30 days later on the 28th of December, 2018. Just look at how sharply its increased because of the distribution.

seo press release 2

The Easy Way to Get Press Releases Distributed in No Time

There really are many different options for this. Obviously. since we own a content business, and use it ourselves, we recommend its Press Release authoring and distributing service because it is “hands off” and gets you manual submission to more than 125 different sites, giving you a full report on each submission made. We’re even able to do NewsWire type submissions for you on a quarterly basis. Still, we recognize that not everyone will want to do this and we respect that, too, because there are plenty of other routes you could take.

Doing Press Release Submissions Yourself

For those that would prefer to keep things free, lots of different sites will take press releases, like and plenty of other, similar sites. If you do a Google search for “free press release distribution” you will find a lot of these sites. You’ll spend a good deal of time of this because you need to research them, make an account on each, verify that account and then get started uploading content to each of them. However, over time you can create a swipe file of the sites you are using with your account info in it and that will make things somewhat faster. This is what you get from a press release distribution by our store but there isn’t any reason you can’t handle this on your own if you don’t mind spending the time to do it.

In Conclusion

You can choose to do everything by hand, outsource the whole process or do a little of both by having someone else write your press release and submit it – there are a bunch of options so make sure you are taking advantage of this smart, effective tactic for SEO that too few are using to bolster their sites. Press releases might only give us limited benefits in terms of targeted anchor text, but they can really boost citations of your site, build non-anchor text links and offer you a diverse selection of domains from which to get links.


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