By now most webmasters have got used to the idea that adding blog content to their website is a necessity for improving search engine page rank. But not only do you need to maintain your site with regular, good quality content, your blogs must also be posted on a consistent basis.

Google spiders monitor sites and award points for good house-keeping as much as they do for quality. If you post blogs say twice a week, readers – and subsequently search engines – expect you to continue publishing posts twice a week on the same day.

Your blog is effectively your industry magazine. Therefore, like any other traditional magazine you buy from the newsagent, publication has to be consistent. Google has started marking down websites that do not maintain their sites consistently.

Regular SEO web content

SEO Content Creation

Don´t let me worry you too much as Google does offer some leeway. They appreciate busy schedules and vacations can impose on your blog updates. Missing a couple of weeks will not hurt your search engine ratings – although it may deter readers from coming back as they think you are not reliable. Believe or not but readers are more demanding the search engines which is why Google & co. take such as hard approach. They have to appeal to their customers – your readers.

You will get penalized by search engines if you stop updating your website for several months and then begin posting them again. Likewise, if you post blogs or other forms of content haphazardly with no clear pattern. The purpose of adding content is to help your raise tour online profile and attract readers, but readers will not concern themselves with your site if every other time they visit you don´t have anything new to read.

Common content marketing mistakes

There are two critical errors webmasters make. The first is they start out with enthusiasm adding content on a regular basis. Then when they are ranking well and attracting a substantial amount of customers, they stop their blog posts. After several months of inactivity, Google deducts points and they drop out the top rankings. Subsequently they lose customers. It then takes several months to re-build during which time the business suffers.

The second problem is webmasters have no patience or they run out of budget. It can take several months for Google to register that you are a trustworthy site and add good quality content on a regular basis. We´re talking at least three months here, more if you are not doing a great deal more to promote your online business through other means such as social media networks.

In this scenario, the webmaster gives up on the blog posts altogether and either concentrates on other methods of internet marketing or just gives up on it totally. By all means promote your web site through other channels, but again you will move slowly up the rankings if you do not add content on a regular basis.

Advertising your web content

Advertising your web content

Despite what many SEO companies tell you, internet marketing is not as affordable as many commentators will have you believe. The reason for that it because improving page rank is time-consuming and slow process if you do not have the time to work on it for several hours a day. You can pay professional SEO companies to do it for you and depending on your budget you will get results.

To market your website on your own however, you should write at least one blog post a week  and spend at least one hour a day being active on several social media accounts, especially Pinteretst and Facebook. Twitter works for some businesses, but not all and you have to dedicate a lot of time to tweeting as only 20% of your followers actually see your tweet and even less follow the link.

Your content also has to be well written, informative and engaging, otherwise readers will not want to return to read more and without visitors to your site you will not improve your page rank. 

Improve Google Rankings with Quality Content Management

Quality SEO Content

In their hunt for reliable partners, Google is putting emphasis on quality web content. Content of course means your web copy, blog articles together with photographs, infographs and videos. For SEO purposes the best way to improve your page rank is to add quality web content on a regular basis.

That´s not to say it is necessary to go mad and post articles every couple of hours or even every day – unless you are a news site of course. Twice a week on a consistent basis is sufficient for Google to consider you are a conscientious web owner that maintains your website with quality content.

You should also post content on to your blog the same days each week. This will not directly improve you SEO standings, but readers will get to know your patterns of posting and visit your site on the days they expect to read a new article. The blog is the new mag.

Driving traffic to your website

Bolting a blog to your website helps drive traffic to your site. Blog posts are made available from within the provider of your SEO content management system (WordPress, Blogspot) and are also accessible to users of social news sites such as Digg and Reddit. You can also set blogs up with RSS feeds and newsletters to inform subscribers when you have submitted a new post.

Blog posts should be engaging and informative – not used to sell your product or brand. By all means discuss a specific product and mention your company name, but don´t try and ram a sales message down the throat of the reader. Think of blog content as a stepping stone to the relevant product page.

Link building

Link building has come something of a contentious issue with Google and they have outlawed the majority of techniques historically used by SEO companies to manipulate the search results. The last tactic to be seized as SEO contraband is “the exchange of products in return for a back link.” In other words, you can´t write a blog post for a third part site and imbed a link back to your site.

The best way to get back links now is through social media campaigns or contributing to an industry magazine that is relevant to your online business. Another option is to set your blog up with a Google Author rank and either build up you author rank or pay a writer with author rank to post blog articles to your site. You can identify writers with author rank in Google listings as there is a photograph of them next to the link and page description.

Add Quality SEO Content

Not only is adding quality SEO content essential for your page rank, but also for sales conversions. Web content does not just mean a blog post with an image, it is also product description, sales copy and images of your products. With the resources for video content these days, it is a better idea to demonstrate how good your products or services are using video footage.

All search engines ask for is that the content you post to your website offers visitors something they can take away with them – usually insightful knowledge that is beneficial to them. Visitors to you website however, ask that the quality of your products or services will improve their lives somehow. Fundamentally, the content you produce amounts to the same thing – give the customer want they want!

You SEO content therefore needs to engage your prospects and appeal to their desires. Once you have done that you will secure a sale 7 times out of ten. If you don´t know how to make your products appeal to your prospects either by word or by video, hire a professional copywriter that does!

The more visitors you receive to your website, the better it is for your search engine page ranking – and subsequently sales conversions. As you are probably already aware, the higher you are in Google listings the more organic traffic you receive and the more sales you make. To get to that position however, you have to first build the trust of search engines and the best way to do that is by adding quality SEO content on a regular basis.

Best way to improve your page rank

The best way to improve your page rank is to add quality web content on a regular basis. In the last year, Google has put an emphasis on finding websites that produce web content that is unique, informative and engaging.  Given some of the poor sites Google searches churns out you can be forgiven for thinking the strategy is not working, but the Big G is heading in the right direction and this is why quality SEO web content will benefit your online business in the long-run.

When I say regular content, I don´t mean you have to go mad and post an articles every day or every couple of hours. Two or three times a week is sufficient providing you posts are consistent. You can´t post content for six months, get a good rank then leave your website to fester without content for six months. Well you can, but if you do you will lose your rank!

Generally two days a week is sufficient. It takes time to build up your rank in the initial stages because search engines are assessing you as a trustworthy partner. They do this by monitoring the content you upload to your site (articles with images, just images, videos or just articles) and how often you post.

They will also assess the number of visitors to your site and more importantly how long they stay. For example, do they stay long enough to read or watch your content! If you are engaging visitors the Big G et al will give you more kudos and you will climb up the ranks.


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