Online businesses cannot escape from the fact that they need Search Engine Optimization to survive. Search engine optimization is the process of ensuring that your site gains visibility on search engines. It is a concept based on the fact that when people search for information online, there are certain terms that they are more likely to use. As such, you should design your online business site in such a way that it can be easily picked up by search engines. But, do not be fooled; SEO is not as easy as it sounds. You need to work with search engine optimization professionals like us who are experienced in what we do. At SEO competitors, we use several white hat techniques to ensure that your online business remains visible online.

Cut throat competition is prevalent these days. If you have something to sell, whether a product or service, you need to steer yourself clear of your competitors. Websites of hundreds and thousands of your competitors are out there on the internet; almost yelling at your customers for a second of their attention! Search Engine Optimization or SEO, can help you to do that.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the improvement in visibility of a web page in the search results of a search engine by employing few techniques. It must be noted that traffic to a web page increases with its rank in the search engine results. It has become an important tool in the hands of website promoters to reach out to the global as well as local audience.

In the past, search engines would rely on keyword density in a web page and other criteria to display it on their search results. Such criteria were easy to manipulate and were abused by unscrupulous marketers to take undue advantage of the same. They would stuff their web pages with keywords and Meta tags and indulge in all sorts of shoddy acts to seek attention of search engines and subsequently appear on the top of their search results.

Gone are those days when such gimmicks used to work to make web pages appear on top of search engine results. Such techniques can lead to penalty and complete removal from results. Thereby resulting in tremendous loss. These days, one has to make use of several legal techniques to achieve this purpose, or even come close to it.

Here are some of the legal ways by which Search Engine Optimization is achieved: Optimization of Web Page Content, Improvement in Prominence of a Web Page, Prevention of Crawling, and creation of backlinks

Optimization of Web Page Content

seo process circle
SEO process circle

Web page content can be optimized in a zillion ways. There are certain guidelines which web developers and content writers ought to follow; certain acts that they need to perform and some which they should not. For instance, the keyword density should be around five percent of the total content and these should not be hidden in the content (Yes, the search engines come to know about that as well).

Keywords need to be present in title tag; URL, Meta tags, and one can use synonyms and keyword phrases. Inbound links are good, but link farming is discouraged and the links from directories and forums are loved by search engines. Too many outbound links are a strict no-no and should be avoided. Flash based content is suicidal with regards to search engine optimization. Its negative impact can be lessened by coupling it with an HTML version of the site, but not eliminated. Try to avoid using flash altogether and use other ways of creating sites and animations. This is so-called on page seo.

Improvement in Prominence of a Web Page

There are a number of ways in which prominence of a web page can be enhanced. Its content should create an optimum density of frequently used keywords. Certain free as well as paid utilities available on the internet can help you to know about such keywords. Consider updating site content on regular intervals it will make it more attractive for frequent search engine crawlers.

Prevention of Crawling

google crawler

It is a good idea to exclude pages like internal search results for the fact that these are considered as spam. In addition, you may not want to display your shopping cart login page from your visitors. This purpose can be achieved by creating and maintaining a text file named robots and in it, you need to specify such pages that you want to exclude from search results.

Backlink Building

Building backlinks, a lot of them, is essential for making your website darling to search engines. This can be done in a number of ways – post in relevant forums, write good quality articles, submit them to article directories, and share links with like minded website owners.

Whenever you are submitting an article, link it with your Facebook or Pinterest profile (create it if you do not have one). Doing this will give your site definite advantage over your competitors who have not done that.

Writing press releases and submitting them in appropriate websites is another easy way to create good quality backlinks. This option must be explored in detail and if required, consider availing services of a professional PR agency. You may not mind spending a few bucks for driving lots of traffic to your site.

Forum marketing is also a great technique we use to optimize your website. Forum marketing involves sharing information about your business on forums where like-minded people interact. In the world of business, you cannot do it alone; you need to share and compare notes with your business ‘rivals’ every once in a while. In order to do this, you need to come up with content and post it on forums which allow this kind of sharing, of course while taking care not to overshare. We ensure that we provide you with the necessary means to make your presence felt on these forums. It is important to have links on these forums as they direct interested traffic to your site.

The content is king with backlinks

When it comes to attracting direct traffic to your site, you have to keep in mind that content is king. Fresh and informative content is what keeps the traffic coming. As a business person, you might not have the time or SEO skills needed to ensure that you come up with just the right content. This is why you need to leave the business of keeping keywords optimized and fresh content to us at SEO competitors. We have the right experience needed to ensure that you stay ahead of the game as far as content is concerned.

Article marketing is a great way to ensure that you get backlinks to your website. High quality backlinks will lead to increased traffic to your site and this improves your overall ranking on search engines. In order for article marketing to work, you have to ensure you make article submissions to the right directories. Not only do we do this for you, we also do it manually. Manual article submission is the best bet when it comes to getting the best out of directories.

Automatic article submission is cheap and fast, but not quite as efficient. Editors at the article submission sites are more likely to mark your links as spam links if you submit articles through computer software. Manual submission eliminates this risk. Manual submission also allows the content to be placed in the right categories, something that automated submission does not cater for.

At SEO competitors, we understand all this. This is the reason why our team is dedicated to submitting your content to article submission directories manually. We understand that the effort put into manual submission is worth the benefits reaped.

Website design and SEO

Your website’s design is also crucial to the optimization of your site. It is for this reason that you need to contact us even before you put up your site. This allows us to incorporate the important optimization tools into the site even before the site goes up. Search engine optimization is a continuous process that requires a strong foundation in order to succeed. 

Keywords and Search engine optimization

black hat white hat search engine optimization

It is very important you choose professionals who deal in white hat search engine optimization techniques as black hat techniques could get you penalized. Black hat means will also ruin your online reputation which can be extremely detrimental to your business. So, what exactly are the techniques that we use to attract more traffic to your site?

The keywords you use on your site are very important when it comes to attracting traffic to your website. Using the right keywords increases the chances of your site being picked up by search engines. SEO competiors focuses on ensuring that your site is optimized using the keywords and search phrases that are most likely to be used on search engines.

We also ensure that you place the right content and the right keywords on the title and meta tags. When search engines crawl the web, they are more likely to pick up your site if you used the appropriate content and keywords on the title and meta tags. This means ensuring that you tell the search engines what your site is about while using the right keywords. And this is something we know quite a bit about.

Why search engine optimization is so important?

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO? 1

The online business world is buzzing with cutthroat competition for consumers. Regardless of whichever niche you are in, you cannot afford to lay back and wait for consumers to come your way. You need to put measures in place to ensure that you attract attention to your business. Search engine optimization is the recommended way to attract traffic to your site. More traffic translates into increased profits for your business.

A lot of business owners worry that search engine optimization is going to take up a huge chunk of their budget. The truth is that we are quite affordable and you need not dent your business’ finances. What’s more, the increased profits will cover the costs of hiring search engine optimizers like us.

Knowing that your site is optimized allows your mind to be at peace and frees you to focus on other aspects of your business. Since you have the spotlight on you, you therefore need to be keen on providing the best products and services for your consumers; anything less than that will only drive your clients away.

There you have it; SEO is something that businesses of today cannot run away from. It is the difference between being a main player and being just another entity in your field. SEO Competitors is your best bet when it comes to optimizing your site.


Search engine optimization is not a one-time activity. It is a long term one instead. If you are a website owner, you cannot say that you have optimized your site for search engines and rest assured. Continuous efforts need to be made to ensure that and stay clear of their competitors.

If the above mentioned tasks seem to be too much for you, consider availing services of an SEO company. Since your partnership with such an agency will be for long term, spend some time in searching one and seek help from friends, if required.


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