Facebook advertisement is getting hot these days as digital marketing progresses to it’s youth. There has been many good and bad experiences about Facebook advertisement, but I believe advertisement always produce traffic and branding… If advertisement was dead, no one would be using signboards, TV commercials etc. because it has worked for them.


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The main reason behind a result oriented Facebook advertisement is the effectiveness of ads and attraction of the products and industry. If someone says he has bad experience with Facebook advertisement, it may be the lack of interest in his product or unprofessional experts behind the campaigns.


So, we are now just a few days into the Facebook advertising and we are getting results. Yes, it’s very early to tell but the costs are negligible compared to something like Adwords so we are more than happy to keep this stream of traffic going for now having spent just 1 US DOLLAR on 60 visitors (according to Facebook). We recently ran a campaign on Facebook for one of our high tech clients.

The program was geared towards college students, a perfect audience for targeting on Facebook because you can select them down to the nth degree (age, sex, location, college, relationship status, etc.). Plus as you keep narrowing down your desired audience you can see what the universe size is. It is pretty cost effective from an awareness standpoint however our campaign saw the most clicks when we bid close to what they had recommended. For programs using Facebook social ads, I would suggest using your logo and offer inside of the graphic.


Think of Facebook as a medium to create awareness rather than a medium to generate leads. So brand building will be a high in terms of Facebook ads. The crowd that comes to Facebook is too diverse and probably not even business inclined. They are most interested in listening and seeing than doing something in the business sense. So trying to get their audience to do something is not a wise investment. It is possible to create a following or a mass which appeals to the youth ego in the sense of a fashion statement, new game which folks can play online, etc but for b2b it is not yet ideal.

Social Media is Getting Popular in Canada USA and UK

Facebook advertising Canada UK USA

Social media websites are completely based on real communities. People like to connect themselves with the other people living in different countries and speak different languages.

People share their stories, content, videos, images, articles, bookmarks and whatever they like to share. It’s very easy: The registration is FREE, once you signup you are able to organize your own bookmark lists and stuff.

Some of the worlds popular Social Media Websites are…




What I like about it, social media marketing is a healthy tool of viral marketing. You can create your company account and share your opinions, data, and thoughts with the real people online. The total numbers of social media website users in Toronto, Canada are getting higher each day. I hope the day is not very far when we are gonna have millions of users locally from Karachi, Pakistan. I am busy now a days with huge tasks.. I will come back soon with more interesting and valuable social media websites. One more thing, we have experts of these social media marketing at SeoCompetitors technologies…

Follow Up Marketing is Better than Advertising

Have you ever heard the saying, “I know that I waste half of my advertising budget? The problem is I don’t know which half!” It is this very philosophy that is prompting me to strongly inform you… advertising doesn’t work!

Let me show you why: There is no way to track effectiveness (or ineffectiveness)

It’s impersonal
The target audience is too large
It’s costly to redo or improve
There is no call to action

What surprises me is the number of small business owners that save their marketing dollars just to waste them on ineffective advertising. Then, they complain because nothing is working and they don’t have any customers.

I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t advertising and marketing the same thing?” Well, not really.

Let me explain the differences.

Advertising includes: commercials, billboards, radio, and newspapers.

Marketing includes: emails, letters, postcards, and fax. So how is follow-up marketing better than advertising?

You can track response rates
You can quickly change campaigns that aren’t working
You can specifically target your audience
It leads prospects to an immediate sell

If you really want to attract more customers, you will learn to market and leave the advertising to those gazillion dollar companies.

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