Do you know why it is important to rank first page on Google? First of all, Google is considered the most widely used search engine in the world. It takes up more than 70% of all search engine activities in the different continents. Secondly, when your web pages take a first position, they are likely to receive 74% of all web traffic as opposed to another site which is on second position and only attracts 14% of all web traffic. Thirdly, it is for a fact that 80% of web visitors are likely to visit the first page.

These are some of the reasons why we at SEO Competitors help our clients to rank first page on Google. We understand how hard it is for you to improve your web traffic with a low ranking. It affects the number of visitors reaching your web pages on a daily basis and ultimately your conversion rates. A top ranking boosts your website’s exposure online. More people get to know the existence of your business online even when there are millions of other websites which offer similar services. SEO Rank Guarantee ensures that your website stands out among millions of others.

So, how do we do this?

first page on google
How to get to first page on google?

Well, there are many ways to make a website gain a top ranking on Google but not all of them are favored by search engines. There are those black hat techniques which we completely disregard because they tend to do more harm than good. Black hat techniques include activities like spammy content and poor link building. They may move your site a rank higher but this positioning will be short-lived when Google catches up with you.

Keyword research

One of the things that we do to give your website a top rank on Google is finding the right keywords for your site. Keyword research is a very integral part of SEO because it helps you to target the right customers. We do a thorough research on your behalf and come up with a list of keywords for your site which receive high traffic online. All these keywords must be related to your website. We really emphasize on choosing the right keywords for our clients because these are the same terms which we will be optimizing your site for. In essence, the right choice of keywords lays a proper foundation for us to succeed in SEO.

Great content

As soon as we have the right keywords, we begin focusing on great content based on these keywords to help you get a high ranking. Many of the websites online do not have great content. It is easier for you to rank higher than these websites by just posting high quality content on your web pages. We take our time to ensure that the information that is posted on your web pages is original and attractive to the readers. We avoid stuffing keywords on your website lest it might be considered as spam by popular search engines. Our policy is to write content with the reader in mind and not solely for the search engine.

Quality links

SEO Competitors will help you to rank first page on Google by building quality links. Google really considers the quality of your links when positioning your site. In fact, most sites are able to maintain that top ranking because of the quality of their links. Having multiple links pointing to your website is always a great way to improve ranking. However, we must ensure that these links are coming from well known websites online. Our policy when it comes to link building is to employ quality over quantity. We do thorough analysis to determine the quality of all the websites we will be linking to. All our directories are credible and will not negatively affect your ranking on Google.

Social media

Everyone is using social media sites. A large number of this group of people is your target customers. This is why we help you to reach out to them through social media SEO. We pay a lot of attention on sites like Facebook. We give your website a great Facebook business page and then focus on boosting the number of followers you have on this page. As soon as we are able to boost your exposure on social media sites, your website will improve in ranking. This is because Google pays attention to the publicity you have on social media when doing its ranking.

Technical SEO

technical seo

Other than that, we have a qualified team of web designers to ensure that your website structure is not preventing you from ranking first page on Google. Our web designers know all the factors that can affect your ranking. For instance, too many images and flash on a website can lower your ranking. For you to rank first page on Google, we take time to develop a great web design that will help enhance ranking. We evaluate all your internal links just to ensure that none of them is broken. We also ensure that you have additional features which affect your ranking like a sitemap, Google Search Console etc.

Guest posting

Guest posting is a great way to improve the number of quality external links. One of our ways to boost link popularity for our clients is through guest blogging. We have a qualified team of experts who perform thorough research to know the most popular blogs in your niche. As soon as they get to this famous blog, they will get to learn the kind of articles they publish, what receives a large following and how to write the best to attract readers. Guest blogging helps you to create great relationships with online users and top bloggers in your niche. 


In essence, at SEO Competitors we understand that being able to rank first page on Google is not something that can be done overnight. It is a step by step and continuous procedure that takes time and practice. We have valuable experience in SEO and boosting ranking for our numerous clients. As an SEO company, we only endorse white hat methods to help your website rank first page on Google. 


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