Having a website is hard work.  There are so many things to think about that you may feel as if you will never manage to get it all right.  The design of your site has to be visually appealing and easy to navigate.  The information has to be relevant and interesting.  All of this is already a lot of work in and of itself, but then you also have to find some way to make sure people actually know your site exists, or can find it through other means, which is known to some as search engine optimization.  More often than not, we tend to enlist the services of professionals and SEO experts to deal with all of this.

Typically, we have websites because we want to sell something, even if we are only selling ourselves.  However, this is usually a physical product which is sold for actual money, but it can also be an idea or a service.  Every time we add something to this, a new product, a new idea, a new service, we need to go through the entire process of optimization again.  One of the ways to achieve this is through a press release.  A press release works in conjunction with your SEO expert every time you want to announce something new.  The problem is, however, that “the press” is about as big as the internet itself.  Making sure your newsworthy item actually goes to the right people is almost impossible.

prREACH, however, is there to help you achieve this.  They claim that they are bigger and better than any other service of its kind, going as far as claiming that they make the competition obsolete. They do this by combining three systems being, nationally syndicated press release, videos that search engines use to increase your rankings and a proprietary social mention system.  But is there any truth in what they say?  Is this really the best way, or even the only effective way, to get your press releases out there and increase your search rankings and exposure?

Why Press Releases Are Important

Some people don’t quite realize just how important press releases actually are.  In the grand scheme of things, they are very inexpensive and they ensure your visibility is massively increased.  As such, they offer amazing value for money.  As soon as the press release is completed, it can be made available to the public, which means you no longer have to wait for journalists to take the time to write a story about you or the product/service you have on offer.  If you are good at writing press releases, they are a really good form of nearly free advertisement, reaching the same audience as commercial products, but at a fraction of the cost.  Through a press release, you enable yourself to reach a huge range of new customers, as well as to improve the strength of your brand amongst your existing customers.  You do have to remember that a press release is not actually an advertisement: it does have to announce something that is newsworthy.  Hence, you have to learn how to write them, including thinking about who your target audience is.

Most website owners have a press release strategy as part of their general SEO and marketing strategy.  Press releases are really important in terms of maximizing the exposure a website can get.  Understanding how they work can help you get your brand out there, and keep it there as well.  As such, it is recommended to put a press release out there once a month at the very least.  Statistically, this has shown to reach about 10% of your market, and they are then able to reach the other 90%.  This is because the people you are reaching are journalists, experts, editors and so on, and they, in turn share your information with others.

Consistency is, of course, very important.  Not only does this allow people to trust in what you say, but it also shows you are an expert in your field.  Building this reputation will see your product, service or information become a source of choice for others.  Furthermore, it will improve your existing media relations, as the media, who keep seeing your press releases, will start to come to you if they require an angle or information about your niche.  By writing regular press releases, you allow yourself to stand out from the crowd.  This is exactly what prREACH promise to deliver for you.

Who Are prREACH?

prREACH is made up of industry experts, designers, SEO professionals, writers and more.  They have put their heads together to develop what they claim to be is the best news release service online today.  Their goal is to make sure that your message gets out there.  In order to achieve this, they always stay up to date with all the developments in the online world, so that you know your information will stay at the forefront of everybody’s mind.

They achieve this by nationally syndicating every single press release.  Each of these releases can easily be shared through social networking, is optimized for the search engines and goes out to relevant media.  This means the coverage is absolutely perfect.  Secondly, they allow your release to contain additional files, like images, documents, videos and more.  Hence, your coverage can be increased almost limitlessly.  Suddenly, you will have created a press release that can be shown on YouTube, for instance.

prREACH has access to thousands of media experts via their distribution channels, which include journalists, bloggers and publishers.  Any press release is sent out to them right away.  Besides this, you will also receive full access to the PSMM (proprietary social mention multiplier), which the search engines currently love.  Naturally, as soon as any changes occur in the world of optimization, these are included in the PSMM, so that your press release will always be beneficial to your business.

Finally, one of the most popular features of prREACH is that they are not only a Press Release Service, but a Video Press Release service. That right, each press release you add to their system is read by a professional anchor person and distributed to not only their national media sources like all other Press Release services do, but it is also syndicated out to Youtube as well, adding a very professional social/viral element o the mix. With the combination of a video distribution in parallel with a press release syndication and their proprietary PSMM, you can see why prREACH states they have made their competition obsolete.

prREACH Prices and Packages


All prREACH packages include the following:

  • The PSMM system.
  • Press releases that are national syndicated
  • Unlike any other PR provider out there, prREACH turns every press release into a video.  Your text is read by an anchorperson, thereby immediately giving you third party validation.
  • Full optimization for social sharing and search engines.
  • Pings, indexes and promotions on any press release that is picked up by another website.
  • The possibility to add audio, video, documents, images and more.  This also means you can release a press release video, which no other provider is able to do.
  • A link to your social media accounts, to where every press release will immediately be shared.
  • RSS subscription options for prReach readers and journalists.
  • Promotion to the major search engines, bloggers, news sites and publishes.
  • The option to customize your URL and embed your website.
  • Automatic submission to 65 other press release companies and other video channels.
  • The possibility to include a summary script.

What I Liked about prREACH

  • prREACH claims that they have made all other press release competitors obsolete and since they send every press release to tons of other PR distribution channels, it seems they are right in this bold statement.
  • The prices are very reasonable, particularly compared to other similar sites.  They really offer fantastic value for money.  Furthermore, prices are not per press release, but rather for packages of releases, with the exposure being the same across all packages.
  • The PSMM system is totally unique and really effective.
  • The video release of each PR is absolutely amazing.  Every press release is read out by an anchorperson and presented as a news segment.  The third party validation this offers is tremendous.
  • Google loves video news, which means that this option hugely increases your visibility and page rankings.
  • The team at prREACH is focused on making sure that they stay on top of developments in the online world.  If there are any changes, such as to Google’s algorithms, they ensure that they know about this, and that their own systems are updated so that your press release still has the same reach and impact.

What I Didn’t Like about prREACH

  • Currently, they don’t seem to offer an opportunity to track the impact of each press release that is made, something that other PR sites do offer, but much of that is meaningless, as it just means they sent it to other media channels not that someone necessarily interacted with it. (Note: prREACH has informed me that PDF reports will be available in the next few days, so this wont be a problem for long!)
  • I could not find any information on who the media contacts of prREACH actually are.  Although I understand that this information is likely to be classified – otherwise, we would all send our press releases directly to the media – I would have liked to have a little bit more of an idea as far of whom we are sending to. (NOTE: prREACH has informed me that full distribution lists will be available via PDF in a few days as well)

The Verdict

I understand the importance of writing press releases and how these fit into any SEO, marketing and traffic strategy.  Although Google has gone on record as stating that they have changed their rules slightly again to make sure press releases no longer influence page rankings as much as they did before, it doesn’t seem to have changed the face they still pack a serious punch. Additionally it is still important to remember that they are essentially a free form of advertisement.  Not just that, if you are able to have your press release shared widely, it will indeed affect your search rankings, traffic and exposure.  Considering prREACH also creates a video from each press release, they really are hitting an entire new market here, which really set them apart in my opinion.  Google loves video news, which means you rankings will immediately start to climb.  Also, the third party validation that you receive by having your press release read out by an independent anchorperson is something that will quickly build the trust your customers will have in you and your product.  I am hugely impressed with the work that the prREACH team have done, and how they have developed their PSMM system, and fully recommend them to anybody who needs a good PR service.


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