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Online Audit – Visibility and Presence


  • How visible are you in search and social media?
  • Is your website responsive (mobile friendly)?
  • Are you making the best use of Social media?
  • Is your website truly search engines friendly?
  • Have you seen your back-link profile?


Most businesses build a website and may add some social buttons and might even create some accounts on social networks, but very few have ever reviewed their online presence and evaluate how effective their website and online marketing efforts are. The set and forget approach should never be used with regard to your website and online presence.


We conduct a comprehensive online audit of your internet presence enabling you to identify areas in need of improvement, especially anything that is required as part of developing and implementing an internet strategy.

Online Visibility

Before implementing any changes or developing a new Internet strategy, you need to know what your current online visibility is on the search and on social media. This includes checking what keywords you are currently ranking for and how many of your pages are indexed. This can help identify what is working and what is not.

We will check your current online visibility on search and social media enabling you to focus on the areas that need more attention, as well as identifying and making the best use of what you are already visible for.

Search Engine Friendly

Many business owners believe that their website is search engine friendly because this is what they have been told by their website developer. This often does not mean much more than the designer used a template that was described as SEO friendly, but there is a big difference between using an SEO friendly template and actually implementing on-page SEO.

There is also a big difference in how a search engine looks at your pages and decides what they are about and how you intended them to be understood. On-page SEO is about ensuring the search engines can index your website the way you want it to be indexed and reduce the possibility of them just deciding what a page is about and which keywords should be indexed

We will evaluate how search engine friendly all the major pages on your website are, and how they are currently viewed by search engines. We will provide detailed recommendations on what needs to be done to make your pages search engine friendly.

Responsive Web Design

Websites built even just a few years ago might not be mobile-friendly. This means that anyone viewing the site with a smartphone or tablet could find it difficult to read and difficult to navigate, making them frustrated and causing them to move on to a competitor’s site that is mobile friendly. With almost fifty percent of all online browsing now done using a mobile device, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is not just a nice to have feature. It is now a CRITICAL component of your online marketing and internet presence.

We will check that your website is responsive to mobile devices and run some tests to confirm it is optimally configured.

Backlink Profile

Your backlink profile is simply an analysis of a list of all your backlink or inbound links to your website Businesses. It is increasingly important to review these, as the quality and diversification of your back-links are now a major consideration affecting your ranking. In the case where Google and other search engines, deem your backlinks to be from a bad neighborhood, there is the possibility of penalties being imposed on your website. This is based on the belief that you have created these to try to manipulate the perceived popularity of your website to achieve higher rankings.

We will produce a back-link report for your website and evaluate it looking for relevance and authority. We will identify any “toxic” bank-links and if we believe they might be adversely affecting your rankings, we can propose submitting them to a disavow process whereby you can request search engines to ignore them.

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Outsourced online auditing of your internet presence. If you don’t know where you are now you can’t chart a course to where you want to go

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Vicky Davis

Best SEO service and experts.Thanks to Daniel our business grown up and your ecommerce store get lot of new customers. Within 3 months we raise our sales for 40%.

William Holder

Great seo service they made my site become popular. Thanks Daniel

Kenyatta Johnson

One of best SEm services that i had. Top service for small and medium business.

Muiko Lamberto 07/04/2020

Great company best SEO company in the USA. We work with them for 6 months and I am most than pleased.