NATEX FREIGHT SYSTEM INC  – Drayage Intermodal Trucking company is located in Chicago, USA founded in 2015 currently working with around 200 drivers and more than 1700 satisfied clients. Natex freight system inc are specialized in moving 20,40 and 53 ft containers from Around Midwest and considered as the top ranked logistic company in Chicago. Natex freight system inc – Drayage Intermodal Trucking company is offering the highest quality Rail Drayage our from Chicago Rails, and Los Angeles and Georgia and much more coming soon. With about 200 drivers and best technology solutions Natex freight system inc has scale and resource to become your single Intermodal solution.

Natex freight system inc is an asset-based third-party logistics leader. The company instead of following “one size fits all” solution; it meets with needs of the customers to learn about their business, determine their unmet needs, then design a solution to improve their supply chain. Natex freight system inc doesn’t just move freight; instead, we move information as we recognize the important role of information in supporting our customers’ operations.

By employing an asset-light model and some company assets including best latest technology in the industry like Real Time Tracking updates and Web Base Calculator, it is considered as the top ranked logistic company located in Chicago. It involves combining different modes of logistic services like dedicated truckload solutions, port and rail container drayage, warehousing and distribution, terminal operation, as well as transloading.

Natex freight system inc is an Illinois based trucking company

trucking services

Natex freight system inc is an Illinois based trucking company that moves freight all over the country. It has been one of the most trusted companies in the business when it comes to moving high-class freight. Natex freight system inc – Drayage Intermodal Trucking company  treats freight like information, and it is said that they take special measures to make sure the shipment arrives on time and in its best form. Natex freight system inc has been in the trucking business far longer than all the other companies. Natex freight system inc moves a lot of types of freight, which include;

  • General Freight
  • Household Building Materials
  • US Mail
  • Dry Bulk
  • Paper Products
  • Import and Export containers
  • Trade show
  • Automobile Drayage

Largest intermodal logistics

The Natex freight system inc is one of the largest intermodal logistics that you can find in Chicago. Our services include workforce management solutions, delivery of comprehensive transportation, and others which are:

  • Domestic Intermodal Trucking Solutions
  • International Intermodal Trucking Solution
  • Local Chicago Transloading
  • Warehousing Solutions
  • Port and rail container Drayage
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Terminal Operation
  • Transloading

To overcome the inconsistencies of the logistic industry by comparing it with the latest technology, Natex freight system inc – Drayage Intermodal Trucking company has introduced a variety of features and engaged the clients with latest technology to have a better supervision of the container. The features introduced in the company are :

  • 24/7 Operating hours
  • Excellent on time delivery
  • Experienced ports and rail yards
  • Block chain technology
  • API and EDI Capabilities
  • Customer Visibility
  • Crosstown Trucking

As an experienced and well known largest retailer, Natex freight system inc is  aware of the technical needs of today’s global market. With a vast experience, the Natex freight system inc Chicago provides the best services as far as intermodal needs and global market demands are concerned.

Natex freight system inc provides people with the opportunity of the best local jobs in Chicago

Furthermore, Natex freight system inc also offer trucking services for ocean and domestic freight. Apart from that, the company supports over the road moves based on case to case. There is a tri-axle chassis for customers with heavier loads. Ancillary services include delivery services, transloading, and pick up. With Natex freight system inc company, it is the foremost priority products are in good hands.

Company’s ancillary services include delivery services, transloading, and pick up. Company comes with tri-axle chasis to overcome the needs of customers with heavier loads. Company officials are available 24/7 to overcome and solve every issue or problem. Company always remains in touch with team of drivers to make sure that  goods get the right destination without wasting time. Our secret is focusing on crosstown and intermodal trucking.

Company hires massive army of drivers time to time as the demand for freight increases in the global market. As the demand of freight is increasing gradually, company offers a number of jobs. Company ensures the safety of the employees and their respective commute.

The company provides an employ with the following facilities:

  • This job and company offers you to have a partner for your long commute
  • CDL drivers required
  • Training will be free for drivers.
  • The company pays 30% from gross $300-$400 per day.

Furthermore, NATEX will not only lead you in the driving sector but will accommodate in several ways. You will surely be granted dental, health and other benefits. Therefore, a good remuneration is attracting you towards the transportation sector.


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