Sometimes it is not sufficient to have little or partial cleaning services for the residence or workplace. A full set of cleaning services is required to remove the dirt and dust off your space, and our Ménage Total Montreal Cleaning Services is here with professional cleaners in Montreal and Laval and required tools. We have enough experience to supply the clients with a full set of services. You can rely on our trustworthy hands to take good care of all your belongings.

Services we provide

Ménage Total has improved a better cleaning service that contains special features and unique quality service assurance. We offer our customers different kinds of residential and commercial big cleaning services. Our big cleaning includes

  • A to Z Cleaning Services: It provides almost all our services including floor, surfaces, other rooms, HVAC or air duct cleaning and moving in and out, power washing and others as per your necessity.
  • Home cleaning: For one particular home, we offer a set of services like bedroom, bathroom, basement, living room, kitchen, window, frame cleaning along with necessary repairing and fixing.
  • Commercial Cleaning: To clean the dirt of retail centres, we render services like a window, carpet, chandelier cleaning and janitorial cleaning. We also give move in or out cleaning if required.

Excellent cleaning service Montreal

Our excellent cleaning service is done uniquely to complete it much faster than others maintaining our quality work. If you think that excellent cleaning needs much time and a big budget, then you are wrong when it is Ménage Total Cleaning. Having a very suitable price to afford, you will be rendered overall services in time and with care. You need not tensed about anything as our workers look after your property as their one.

Ménage Total Cleaning Services Montreal is a highly recommended service for having big cleaning Montreal by others. We can assure you that you will be surprised to see the outcome of our great cleaning services just for once. We can ensure to provide first-class excellent cleaning services with trust and responsibility.

Janitorial Cleaning Services Montreal

expert cleaners menage total

Ménage Total Cleaning Services has developed a standard quality janitorial cleaning for commercial and residential areas at a moderate price. We have modern techniques along with equipment to fulfil all your cleaning requirements. We have experienced and efficient cleaners for janitorial cleaning so that you will not find any error while having our services. Our workers will take good care of all the dirt you don’t want to have in your space. Our services are not only safe on security issue but also very much cost-effective. You don’t need to stay much longer in the area, and you don’t need to keep the lights or other electrical devices operational either in the commercial or residential centres.

Why our janitorial services?

As discussed above, we have cleaning experts with skills who are always ready to give you a high-class janitorial cleaning with quality assurance. They render your services as per your requirements along with the surrounding conditions of the space to be cleaned to provide the entire area with an astonishing outlook. They are trained to handle and use modern tools to make it easier to give better and cleaner services without polluting the environment of the space. Ménage Total offer you caring cleaners who can turn a space full of dirt into a beautiful one, and we have special features for commercial or residential or other areas as the surrounding environment is different from each other.

We serve quality and reliable cleaning services to your space in a suitable value which may seem a little higher at first. But after having our services, we can guarantee that you will find it less actually. We can say that we offer one of the best and most exceptional janitorial cleaning services available in your locality.

In the end, we are always determined to serve you better janitorial cleaning services for any space than other available services. You will appreciate our extraordinary and unique services if you have our services just for once. Serving the customer with a high standard quality cleaning to represent a new surrounding condition has always been the goal of Ménage Total Cleaning Services.

Top Commercial Cleaning Services Montreal

In this competitive market of cleaning services, we are offering you top commercial cleaning services in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil. Specialised machinery and modern instruments we used for better services. If you want to ensure the best treatment for your wealth, you can appoint a top service provider like Ménage Total cleaning service Montreal.

We provide cleaning services for office cleaning, restroom cleaning, lobby cleaning. We are aware of the desk, upholstery and carpet. All of your material will be cleaned in such a way that will return you a glossy and glittering look. Mats also will do great care with the help of modern technology. All kind of odour and stain are removed, and your carpet will be safe from any harm.

Ménage Total special

We Ménage Total are special in performing our work with the least possible time. Most of our clients demand to complete the work within a short time. As a result, we have several expert teams to provide you with top commercial cleaning services in a limited period but with the best quality.

Industrial cleaning and shopping centre cleaning services also provided with special care. There is some complexity in the interior form of a factory. So, the cleaner must be careful about the equipment, and you can depend on us in this matter. All of your expensive property is safe while it is our responsibility. Admittedly, our services won’t disappoint you.

Hospitals and restaurants are susceptible to places. The germ-free and healthy environment is of supreme importance. We use such kind of solutions which don’t have any adverse effect on the health of patients and customers. After all, we are always opponents of harmful substances.

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