Megan Zucaro grew up in Minnesota on a side interest ranch west of Minneapolis and began her profession with a BA in Journalism Broadcasting from the University of Minnesota, “GO GOPHERS”. While Megan was in school you could see her on the Fashion Channel and CVN day by day.

Professional Career:

Mrs. Texas

After graduation Megan worked for ABC as an Assignment Editor, News Reporter and News Anchor. Megan Zucaro has figured out the code on effectively mixing business with family life. In the wake of leaving Minnesota to Marry Zeke her significant other of 14 years, Zeke was a Pilot and Officer in the Army at the hour of marriage; being a military spouse opened and roused Megan’s points of view while moving multiple times in seven years with the Army. Megan turned into an authorized money related organizer, land financial specialist, contract merchant, open speaker, TV Host, Radio Host and Mrs. Texas.

The previous Mrs. Texas has composed four books, including one entitled Remarkable Women. Megan’s 14 years of Real Estate Investing and Finance have made her the, “Individual Real Estate Expert™ “.


While speaking Megan helps individuals the nation over with imaginative answers for selling, sparing and purchasing homes and discovering TRUE land bargains. As Megan likes to state the “Real factors of Real Estate” which has enlivened their TV Show.

In 2011 Megan and Zeke’s National Infomercial was discharged and Megan and Zeke are out and about helping individuals the nation over Buy, Sell and Save their homes. They are well known for helping families regardless of what their circumstance is and offering them non one-sided guidance. You can see and hear them on radio and TV appears the nation over set for assist individuals with accomplishing budgetary harmony.

She wedded Zeke at 26 who was an Officer/Pilot in the Army! From that point forward; Megan and Zeke have been Financial Planners, Owned a Mortgage Company, Real Estate Investors, Authors and National Speakers. Megan is known as a land Strategist! She can help you regardless of what your circumstance! Megan is adored by everybody who meets her; she was Mrs. Texas in 2007-2008 and her crucial, “What would i be able to do to Help You” After conquering a significant individual budgetary emergency in 2008 Megan chose to take all that she gained from her awful monetary bad dream and help others! Megan and Zeke began a Radio Talk Show offering budgetary guidance which prompted an objective of National TV Show to enable the Nation to out of Crisis and Give America HOPE!

God Grace International

There are people who are well-versed in the doctrine of grace but are not moved into the action because their lives are not being impacted by God’s grace. But people who work with the grace of God have the desire to serve, give, sacrifice, and do more. They often work quietly but the impact of their efforts speaks volume about their contribution to people who needed their help the most.

Megan is currently working with God Grace International to uplift the evil of addiction and gambling. Through grace, we deepen our relationship with God. With a more profound connection with God, we are much more sensitive to the gracious opportunities given to use. These are opportunities to ask for forgiveness, forgive others, turn away from sins, and be compassionate. When we open ourselves up to receive God’s grace, we are dedicating more of our time, efforts, and resources to helping others. This way, we are connecting with more people who need comfort and relief from whatever difficulties and challenges they are going through.

Miracles happen every day but many people fail to see them or acknowledge them. This is because they’re only looking for the incredible mythical events that cannot be explained by science or even religion. They ignore the everyday miracles that happen as a result of God’s grace working to make their lives better.

Random acts of kindness are small miracles that can lift people’s spirits when they are going through a difficult time in their lives. Even in times of disasters and calamities, it is God’s grace that compel people to volunteer their time and service to help those who are affected.  It’s the same grace that drives people to feed the needy and the less fortunate.

Taking care of the sick by giving medical care and assistance is a selfless act that can only happen if God’s grace is present in our heart. Even to the dying, God’s grace washes away their fears and gives them comfort until their very last breath.

People reviews about Megan Zucaro:


A person wrote about Megan, quoting:

“Megan is a ball of energy with who wears her heart on her sleeve! She knows her stuff when she is educating students on real estate investing. Being a Realtor and having come from taking other various real estate investing courses I still learned some new things from her and Zeke! She is loyal, honest and will follow through with what she says she is going to do. I highly recommend Megan and Zeke as coaches and teachers. If you take just one class or a series or if you choose to do the whole coaching thing with them you will learn! Thank you Megan!”

Why God Grace:

Seeing life through the lens of God’s grace brings us tremendous joy and happiness that we can share with others. Everything we do becomes a gift to others as well. We are sharing the immense feeling of gladness and contentment. The gratitude spills out into a genuine love for others.


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