Many businesses and online marketing managers are seeking SEO consultants as they should be. But the task is not very easy because they may not be asking the right questions.Lets begin this mission with some background information.

It is not a secret that a companies web presence should be found within an organic search listing in any search engine (namely Google). I don’t know the exact statistic off the top of my head although it could be found easily through a Google search but something like 80+ % of searches begin with a search engine query. This is more than enough reason for your company to take SEO seriously so the search for knowledge begins. If you are a marketing manager you will seek out an agency, company or consultant to help you with your organic listings. Lets face it, most marketing managers don’t know how to rank their companies website to the top of a search by themselves. If they knew then they would be ranked top spot but their is only a finite number available to that organic position….first.

You seek online and search terms like “seo consultant in vancouver” or “seo vancouver consultant” and manage to get a nice list. Obviously you give credit to the listings because they are ranked. But you want to dig and shop for the best SEO consultant fit for your business. How should you proceed and what questions to should be asked?

Question to ask an SEO consultant in Vancouver?

SEO consultant in Vancouver
  1. How do you know that your SEO information or blueprint is valid or even works?
  2. Where do you obtain your SEO knowledge?
  3. Can I see some examples or a track record of your successes?
  4. Can I see a timeline of how long your successes are currently?

These are the most fundamental questions. Why not cost? Price is not the highest importance. If you run a national corporation I assume SEO consultation means more than a local company in Vancouver.

Lets now expand on the above questions:

How does an SEO consultant know if their blueprint works?

Good SEO consultants know their SEO knowledge works by APPLICATION through trials. You will never ever know if SEO techniques work unless they have been applied or practiced. SEO specialists become SEO consultants after their personal successes. You can’t teach or consult something unless you have done it yourself. The obligation is left for the SEO consultant to prove what they know.

Where does the SEO Consultant obtain their SEO Knowledge?

The first thing to always bare in mind is that there is no SEO school that is accredited by ANY search engine. Don’t fall into the trap of believing there are proper SEO schools online. There does exist courses but do you really think that they offer insider intel on Googles algorithms before their algo updates are released? Google would never ever tell the masses on how to rank top spots in their search engines because this would work contrary to their business model. Google wants you (the business owner) to PAY for adwords. They are not in the business of teaching company owners how to obtain the top spots.

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You are an SEO consultant in Vancouver. Can I see some examples?

Probably the most important question is to ask to see a portfolio or examples of work implemented to success. Not all examples may be given because of possible confidentiality agreements but examples should be provided naturally.

How long has your SEO successes been visible until now?

This question is a bit tricky because what you are really asking is… has your SEO technique implementation survived past panda, penguin, pigeon updates. If they have not survived these updates then what do you think that means? Ranking drops to happen and this is a benefit to Google as it increases ad revenues but how quickly you adapt prepare and manage such changes are what is truly important.

3 Reasons for Using SEO for Your Vancouver Business

The internet is such a vast resource that encompasses a wide range of different websites ranging from business sites to personal blogs. If you are looking for the best way to attract the most traffic to your website, you may want to consider using SEO tools. SEO is an extremely important aspect to owning a website as it can help you to attract your target audience in Vancouver and even attract more customers to purchase your services and/or products. Below are 3 important reasons as to why you will want to begin using SEO for your business.

Increasing Effectivity

The number one reason as to why you will want to begin using SEO for your website in Vancouver is due to the fact that it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. With the way that search engines are evolving, it seems to be that SEO is more important now than it ever has been and it will stay that way for a long time. If you want to make sure that your website is up-to-date and above your competition, it is imperative that you determine which SEO tools you can use to your advantage.

Cost Effective Marketing

Imagine all of the different ways that you could advertise your products and/or services, ranging from billboards to television ads. Now imagine the ability to reach a larger audience by using a marketing tool that is relatively free. Learning how to implement SEO tools into your website is free for anyone who is willing to learn, but if you do not have the time to learn, you may want to consider hiring a SEO company. Either way, you can essentially reach your target audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Considering Market Share

The way that consumers shop is changing quickly as more and more people are flocking to the internet to buy a variety of things. According to recent studies, approximately 80%-90% of shoppers check online for reviews and prices prior to shopping at regular stores and this number is said to increase. It’s only a matter of time until everyone begins shopping online. With that being said, you will want to make sure that your website has the necessary SEO tools so that you can be one of the many websites that people visit to shop. Plus, it can also give customers valuable information about your business in one convenient location.

Seo Competitors

SEO Competitors

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