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Selecting the right seo service in Vancouver

Search engine optimization is what delivers the results to your company and ensures that you are getting motivated customers and expanding your revenue flow. The level of Vancouver search engine optimization you need depends on the competitiveness of your industry, the complexity of your website and the complexity of your products and services.

Does this sound familiar you get a consultant and they walk in and claim to have all the solutions to your problems. There's one problem. They don't know you, your team, your problems, business model and most importantly your customers. Should you listen? The answer is no.

Vancouver search engine optimization at the critical steps

You cannot have a successful Vancouver search engine marketing campaign(or any marketing) without strategic planning. You cannot have successful planning without successful keyword research. There's a reason its called keyword research. Some companies believe that marketing is about being creative and making stuff up as that's what ad agencies are for. Successful companies in Vancouver know that marketing is about something that is out there that represents the truth. The purpose of keyword research is to find out important facts about your targeted customers and their search behaviors.

The first and the most important step of Vancouver search engine optimization, keyword research, build a solid foundation on which the rest of the campaign gets executed. Before we touch anything, we must have a deep understanding of your customer search behavior, language and perceptions in your industry. Keyword research results in keyword lists that take into account key phrases with different search volumes, different intentions, and indicators of interest in your company. This approach provides a better customer acquisition approach and a better ability to convert visitors into customers.

With our proven search engine optimization methodology, we can easily implement a strategy that brings results. We will work with you or with your team to establish and hold the best search engine spots for keywords that indicate interest in your products and services. Our approach can help you:

  • Discover new opportunities for your company
  • Develop better online brand awareness through link enhancement services
  • Optimize your website for Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines
  • Promote you an industry leader in search engine listings
  • Develop an online customer flow to your website through search engines

Please review this page for a more detailed look at the benefits delivered with our search engine optimization services.

What you will receive with Vancouver seo marketing services?

Upon completion of our search engine marketing services, you will receive at least 3 first page search engine spots (depending on your package). If you prefer a more tactical implementation explore our local search engine optimization service.

Vancouver SEO process. You and your team will be involved in the process. It may be required by one of our representatives to visit our offices and discuss in detail your objectives.

Our Vancouver search engine optimization services are available to any business. 

You can engage in a short term search engine optimization campaign or shoot for the long term where we will capture a spot for each competitive keyword in your industry. Throughout our relationship, our team communicate with you and evaluate your suggested courses of action.

Contact us now to discuss your Vancouver search engine marketing goals

New SEO Vancouver companies are born about as often as you blink and many of these companies make grandiose claims, so how on earth can you figure out which ones are trustworthy? In order to wade through all the lies and find an SEO company that knows its onions, you have to know what to interview several companies to see what they're all about. The following are 8 questions to ask when you're shopping around for a Vancouver SEO company.

Do you have references?

Dont hire an SEO Vancouver company unless they can provide you with references. It is very helpful to speak with a company’s previous clients to determine whether or not their service is indeed reliable and efficient. Be wary of SEO companies that are reluctant to provide you with the contact information of their previous clients or that dont have any previous clients to speak of.

Ask the Vancouver SEO company you want to hire exactly what SEO techniques they plan to use

Choose an SEO company that can explain to you exactly what they are going to do and why. You shouldn’t trust an SEO company that’s secretive about their SEO process or that isn’t able to explain their process to you in plain English. Beware of jargon. 

What are your pricing options?

Pricing is a good indicator of whether or not a Vancouver SEO company is worth your time. Good SEO companies are typically expensive, and they’re picky about which clients they take on. If an SEO company pricing model sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. You may as well flush money down the toilet if you’re going to buy a package that costs, say, $39.95 per month. 

What kind of off-site SEO techniques do you use?

If an SEO company doesn’t mention a word about off-site SEO techniques, run in the other direction. Off-site SEO is an essential component of any and every SEO campaign. A good Vancouver SEO service will implement ethical SEO tactics and understand which social media sites and directories are worth your time. 

Vancouver search engine optimization faq

What is Vancouver search engine optimization?
Search Engine Optimization Vancouver is an active practice of achieving website visibility on major search engines. Put into more practical words – prospects find you when they need to find you.
How can seo help us?
Search engines are “brand-blind” and do not take into consideration offline market influence. Websites among top search results receive organic, targeted visitors who have indicated interest and are essentially saying: “We want your products”, while candidates on top are answering:
“We have what you’re looking for.”
It is a simple, but powerful formula, a win-win for both parties – prospects find what they need, businesses make their sales.
How does it work?
There are 4 main components to identify.
  • Keyword research
  • Search Friendly coding
  • Search engine copywriting.
  • Link Building.
Combined, those practices achieve the desired market exposure. Keyword research identifies the exact key terms that prospects use to search. Vancouver Search engine copywriting implements sourced keywords throughout the site, making it relevant to a particular query. Link building gives ranking power to a website, while search-friendly coding eases the job of search automated software.
What is return on investment and in how long?
This depends on 2 key factors.
  • Industry
  • Competition
For example:
Optimization for “HP pavilion laptop” will take some time, but will pay off quickly due to its vast market. Less competitive – “bridge expansion joints” will be easier to rank for, but might take longer to generate returns due to a smaller market. Competition, demand, and initial position analysis must be conducted in order to make accurate, factual estimates.
Why is the need to outsource seo?
SEO Vancouver can be compared to public relations. It takes professional expertise, teamwork, and knowledge to produce convincing campaigns. The equivalent applies to SEO – it takes experience, relationships, and strategic thinking to achieve sustainable revenue growth.
Do you use spam, banned methods?
We only engage in ethnical techniques and never put our clients under any risks.
What is the cost associated?
Three factors dictate the cost:
  • Initial positioning.
  • Demand.
  • Number of pages to optimize.
  • Number of keywords.
Therefore project magnitude is a leading factor in price determination. Typically our minimum charge is $800
Is Vancouver seo an ongoing process?
Search Engine Optimization Vancouver is a continuous process due to the dynamic nature of search engine algorithms. Search engines constantly adjust their ranking criteria, hence reactive tweaks and updates must be rolled out swiftly to preserve the spot. Competition plays its part as well, and coordinated counter-reaction is key to keeping its impact on a minimum.
How can we measure seo campaign?
Successful SEO speaks for itself, measured in dollar revenues and overall return on investment. Quality has no corners to cut and no “will do” lists, so before our long walk(no running) to top listings succeeds, we update clients with bi-weekly reports and updates on campaign status.

Have you worked with businesses that are similar to mine?

Find out if a Vancouver SEO company has worked with businesses that are similar to yours. An SEO company that has had success with similar websites will be better able to replicate that success with your site.

How long will it take to see results?

It may take months for you to see results, so be suspicious of any SEO company that guarantees you overnight success.

Do you use any black hat SEO techniques?

Beware of SEO companies that use questionable tactics. Black hat techniques may bring you temporary results but they could get you banned from the search engines in the long run. Only hire SEO companies in Vancouver that use ethical, white hat techniques.

Do you have a portfolio of your work?

Any experienced Vancouver SEO company that's worth its salt will be able to show you a portfolio of its work. Dont hire an SEO company that doesn't have a portfolio because they probably dont have enough experience to live up to their guarantees!