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Halifax, Nova Scotia seo search engine optimization service

As you read this article, you will learn why Halifax SEO service is one of the most cost-effective, accountable and profitable ways to market your business. Let’s look at your business from investment and revenue perspective, apart from SEO. Answer the following questions: What is the percentage of your repeat customers? How many new customers do you get per month? and in direct relation: How much money do you make from your repeat customers: per month | quarterly | annually? How much money do you make with new customers: per month | quarterly | annually?

Even if you’re not ready for Halifax search engine optimization, those are useful questions to answer to learn your revenue flow outlook. To answer those questions, look at the data of who buys from you or uses your services. The goal is to come up with a good estimate, for example:

  • Repeat customers constitute 30% of my business and bring $X amount of money
  • New customers constitute 70% of my business and bring $X amount of money

You will most likely learn that new customers are the majority, meaning, if you get more new customers per month, you will raise revenues. How can I get more customers?

Using Halifax SEO service as a customer acquisition strategy

What is your business model? Can you turn referrals into money? Do your customers call you to find out about services or do they buy direct? Let’s look at an example.

A Halifax real estate agent wants to get more customers, so he buys real estate ads in Yellow Pages. He knows this fact: “people who use yellow pages are very qualified because they need the service he offers”.

He also considers direct mail, but direct mail is not as effective, because most people do not open a package full ads and the vast majority are not interested in realtor services(how do you know who’s interested when you send out direct mail? No one knows, its large guesswork).

He decides to go with yellow pages, because people who look at yellow page ads are the people who want the services, as opposed to blind guessing (direct mail, radio, billboards). Customers who get the fat yellow pages book, take the trouble to find “real estate” section and call some numbers on the list. They want the offer.

Search engines Halifax

Search engines act in similar fashion. When someone searches for “Halifax real estate agent” on google, they want the services. It is their intention to find websites, call agents and decide on one. They look for you, not the other way around and come prepared to spend money.

Google search in Halifax local

Unfortunately, Yellow Pages are being replaced by search engines. It’s far easier to search on Yahoo or Google and get results in milliseconds, then to browse fat Yellow Pages. (just look at the example on Google for a search “Halifax real estate agent“. It’s very useful)

This is the reason why Halifax SEO can bring you more qualified customers and increase your profits.

You can learn more about SEO Competitors how we can help your business.

Professional search engine optimization Halifax in summary

It takes at least 3 months to see results. Professional SEO company does not bring instantaneous results. Minimum time frame is 3 months, but it can span for as long as 6 months or more. Initially we go for less competitive keywords. Once spots for less competitive keywords are attained, you move closer to top rankings for more competitive keywords.

Why does it take so long to attain rankings? – Google has incorporated “trust algorithms”. The threshold for trust algorithms is several months. What Google essentially wants to know – can your site be trusted for us to show it in top search results? Of course your answer is YES, but Google has no way of knowing, but to figure out algorithmically. Wait period is several months. If a professional SEO company sells you anything less – run away, it’s 

Professional SEO Halifax costs

Costs cover optimization of your website and first page placement for your keywords. We do not guarantee first spot, since it’s a risky path, but many of our clients are holding first spots.

The approach to partnership is rather personal. For the most part our clientele are private businesses, so if you’re a private business you’ll find a lot of commonalities with Daniel, who is the main SEO in Halifax. There’s no “corporate veil” and you can reach everyone directly by cell phone. Be prepared for some friendly jokes. We also send updates to your inbox in regards to progress.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Vicky Davis

Best SEO service and experts.Thanks to Daniel our business grown up and your ecommerce store get lot of new customers. Within 3 months we raise our sales for 40%.

William Holder

Great seo service they made my site become popular. Thanks Daniel

Kenyatta Johnson

One of best SEm services that i had. Top service for small and medium business.

Muiko Lamberto 07/04/2020

Great company best SEO company in the USA. We work with them for 6 months and I am most than pleased.