The Internet is a powerful marketing tool for small businesses in Canada. Understanding how to increase search engine rankings and appeal to the local market means assessing a website’s content, using directories and evaluating everything from title tags to web traffic. Small business owners or managers need to pay attention to who is visiting a website and from where. Every detail counts towards building a business’s reputation. Word spreads fast on the Internet. Taking the time to tweak content and monitor analytics helps small businesses refine their internet marketing techniques to increase both traffic and sales.

Consider the Website’s Content

Content is a valuable currency on the Internet. Canadian businesses need to identify what they are selling and to whom. It is important to craft quality web copy – repeating keywords a hundred times will only make a business look desperate. Instead, business owners should develop sharp content that explains a business’s products and services in a unique and creative manner. Smart businesses will weave in relevant keywords in a subtle manner.

Refine Title Tags and Descriptions

Title tags describe a web page’s offerings. It is important that the description is accurate and unique. This is a chance to include local search keywords and to really make sure that visitors are getting what they expect. After all, the goal of a website is not just to increase visitors but to increase sales. It is important that the right consumers are finding web pages so they can find what they need.

Use Local Business Directories

Businesses need to get the word out about their business and what it offers. This is why it is important to list websites and business information on business directories or citations. Many of these local directories are free and can generate a lot of traffic and attention. Managers should make sure that such postings are clear and specific. Contact information and a brief description of the business plus the web address are integral additions to any directory listing.

Metrics Are Important

Canadian business owners and managers need to understand web traffic, how long visitors stay, and what they look at and do on the website. Investing in tracking and analytics helps businesses keep track of consumers’ activities so that content can be refined. This helps managers improve their websites and understand if marketing is effective. After all, if a person has listed their business on a directory, one will want to see if people are finding out about the business this way.

Regular Updates

No one wants to visit a website that has not been updated in over a year. By posting new promotions and deals or adding a blog to the site, business owners can keep their website relevant and fresh. It helps to have an email list or newsletter too so that consumers are reminded of a business’s offerings. Including a variety of information and media on a website also keeps a business interesting. For example, adding videos, using blogs and linking to other websites speaks to a variety of visitors.

Social Networking Websites

Social Networking Websites

We live in a world of instant gratification. People use social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay connected in an immediate type of way. Smart businesses can target their local community and spread the word about their offerings by creating profiles on such social media sites. This helps businesses directly communicate with consumers and can help spread the word about a new product or service or promotion.

Business Reviews

There are many websites today that focus on reviewing businesses. It is important for managers to monitor what is being said about their organization. This means encouraging consumers to review them, resolving any negative comments and making sure that businesses are represented on major websites.

Carefully Placed Paid Advertisements

Smart business owners will think about their advertising efforts. When people search a keyword, they will see not only the search results but also paid advertisements. It is important to look into placing a few of these paid items in popular search engines and on social media sites like Facebook. Business owners could also look into local blogs and websites and place them here too.

Consistent Contact Information

Smart businesses make sure that their name, address, phone number, web address and email are listed in every possible place: from local websites and search engines to marketing materials and directories. This makes it easy for people to find a business. Changing contact information too often makes it hard for people to find accurate information about a business.

What can improve my local business visibility

What about google my business?

If you want online searchers to find your business, then you absolutely need to use Google My Business. With a properly complete Google My Business, your business could potentially appear at the top of Google search results when someone searches for a local business in your industry. For example, if someone searches for a restaurant in Vancouver and your local listing is properly optimized, then your business could appear right at the top of the page.

Joining Google My Business Local is easy, but you will need to spend some time on your page to get the most from it. We recommend that you enlist the help of an expert local SEO company like Seo competitors.

What about Local SEO?

While a Google My Business Local listing will help you, it’s still a good idea to do some local SEO to ensure that you’re attracting the attention of the largest audience possible. This means optimizing your website for local terms. There are a number of methods to target local keywords, such as creating local-based landing pages, blog posts and more.

What about Reviews?

Reviews are very important for Canada local businesses that want a strong online presence. Not only do the reviews convince people that your business is good, but they provide backlinks and they can show that you are willing to fix mistakes if there are bad reviews.

Many search engines are putting weight on reviews from qualified websites when it comes to serving up relevant search results. Not only that, but many people use these review websites to find local businesses, which means that you must have a presence on the most popular review websites. Getting just a few good reviews could give a major boost to your online marketing efforts.


Marketing is quick, easy and affordable if people take the time to use the Internet. This is a chance to reach out to the community and really generate some important word-of-mouth buzz. Business owners and managers need to remember that quality is always more important than quantity. Thus, every word, image and decision should be carefully weighed to ensure it is in line with a business’s image and mission. The Internet has taken down the walls separating people geographically. Online marketing helps businesses get noticed for all the right reasons.

Why SEO competitors?

We’ve determined that above local strategies work, and they have been proven to attract new customers. Marketing your Local business through the Internet requires the help of a professional. At SEO competitors, we have the experience and expertise to maximize your local SEO potential.


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