If you are new to online trading and all this SEO nonsense, you are probably somewhat perplexed about talk of link building and page ranking. Fear not, it´s quite simple and only overly complicated by SEO companies that use industry clichés to make it sound technical.

To be fair, SEO can be technical, but only on a need to know basis and for all intents and purposes you do not need to know anything other than the basics – which is principally what you need to do to attract traffic, shares and likes in order to build your page rank. And that is what we will cover in this post.

How Google works

In order to understand the purpose of SEO, it helps to know a little about how search engines work – again sticking with the basic fundamentals. Basically Google et al want to offer the best websites to end users so the search engine has to assess websites for quality and content and grade the site accordingly (page rank).

The nature of a specific website is identified by search engines through the use of keywords – a word that represents your products and services. Although keywords do not carry as much weight in article content anymore, they are still required for search engines to index your website. i.e file it in the virtual cabinet under your specific keywords.

When an end user types a search term into Google, the search engine pulls out all the websites that are indexed under specific keywords identified in the search term. The websites meeting the search criteria is then offered in a list. The more page rank points you have been awarded by search engines, the higher up the list your website appears.

How to improve your search engine page rank

page rank

At the moment there are three principle methods of improving your page rank and it all revolves around producing quality content, engaging readers and getting your social media fans to like and share your content. Search engines are putting an emphasis what users like to grade websites.

This is all means you have to be pretty active with blogging and sharing your content on social media. Content includes, written articles, photos, video, infographs, photos, drawings and anything else that delivers information other than pop ads and the like. The content you post must also relate to the products or services you offer.

The important thing about content is that it must be original, informative or entertaining. It should also be well-written. Poorly written content will not be shared and furthermore put readers off returning to your site – thus you will rank in a low position and your online business will suffer. 

Organic links

Organic links

Another method of search engines use to grade a website is by how many organic links you receive from other websites. The idea behind link building was to help search engines determine which websites had quality content – and they would know this by how many web owners were referring their readers to another website. Long story short it failed and millions of websites were penalised.

However link building lives on, but it has to be approached in a tasteful and professional way. There are other websites that accept guest posts with a link back to your site, but the content has to be of very high quality otherwise third party web owners will not accept the content and you have wasted your time.

The best way to ensure you provide top quality web content is to hire a top quality web content writer with SEO experience and a good track record of publishing content in various different websites  for link building purposes.

4 Resources for Effective Link Building

Link building is not as easy to do as it used to be. Search engines have limited the number of opportunities for webmasters to attract inbound links to their website, but that does not mean that you need to give up on the idea totally. The secret to link building is to attract inbound links naturally.

Before embarking on a link building exercise always keep in mind that links back to your website must not appear as though they are manipulating search engine results. Therefore it is also best practice not to overdo link building exercises and make the links appear as natural as possible. In reality, you are only limited to four methods of link building.

Social media networks

Social media seo

The most obvious way of directing traffic to your site is by posting your page links on social media sites. However, Google et al will not credit your website with link building points if nobody is sharing or liking your content. You therefore need to get creative and think of ways of engaging your audience to visit your site and share your content.


In general blogs have become more difficult to leave backlinks in the anchor text, but that doesn´t mean you can´t write the odd article with a link imbedded back to your site every now and again. Just don´t do it every week or even every month. Just randomly every now and again.


Forums are a legitimate platform to leave links providing the link you are leaving is of benefit to the reader. Ideally you should join a forum that has a direct relevance to your business and give advice to everyone you are able to by posting answers and advice to questions. Wherever it is possible direct them to a specific article you have written for your blog. Not only does this direct traffic to your site, but will be credited as a backlink – but only providing it is relevant.

Online magazines

If you are an expert in your field consider contributing to a magazine on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Professionally respected online magazines always credit the writer and you can leave a link back to the homepage of your website. Writing for a reputable magazine will also benefit your author rank status.


If possible, it is recommended that you use all four of the above mentioned methods – or at the very least the top three. It may be that you have difficulty being accepted to write for a professional magazine, but the way around that is to hire a professional copywriter who can ghostwrite the material under your name.



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