Keyword Research – Get High Rankings In Search Engine Listings

here is a detailed description of the importance and procedure to conduct keyword research. check out the step by step guide for beginners.
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      How well a particular site is optimized for search engines has a great role in determining its success. This in turn brings numerous visitors, many of whom are interested in buying a product or service being offered there. In this way, search engine optimization or SEO is crucial for your business, web based or otherwise. To make it happen, look for an SEO expert who optimizes a website with the help of keyword research, powerful backlinks, social bookmarking and more.

      It must be noted that SEO is not a one-time activity. Instead, it is an ongoing activity and demands great deal of effort over a long period of time. You need to have a combination of keyword research and optimized content, quality backlinks, article submission, social media pages, blog commenting and forum posting to achieve this purpose. Here is a detailed description of importance and procedure to conduct keyword research.

      Keyword Research To Optimize Website For All Search Engines

      It is pretty interesting to note that not all search engines work in the same way. While Google focuses on keyword density, number and quality of backlinks and several other factors, other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing do not necessarily count such factors while indexing a site. Featuring on Google is a completely different story than featuring on other search engines.

      On top of that, search engines tend to make changes in their keyword indexing algorithms periodically. Such changes may result in dramatic alteration of search engine listings of different sites for a particular keyword. Appropriate steps must be taken in order to ensure that your website features high in search engine listings.

      Relevance Of Keyword

      Search engines match search strings with keywords. Hence, keywords of a website need to be chosen very carefully. In addition, one should focus on optimizing the site for two or three phrase keywords. Achieving top listing for a keyword phrase is far achievable goal than having the same result for a single keyword. Hence, keyword research is very important for successful SEO.

      Placement of keywords is as important as their choice in first place. As a website owner, you need to place SEO keywords in page title, headings and anchor text. At the same time, do not end up stuffing your content with them. Website owners indulging in such practices often find their websites getting penalized and removed from search engine results altogether. Content which has just the right keyword density is loved by search engines.

      Keyword Research – Step One

      Start with creation of a probable list of keywords. Think like a real customer who is searching for a product or service that you offer. Filling your keyword list with industry jargons is not going to cut any ice with search engines or internet users. Taking help from close friends in this regard will be ideal. You may wish to perform a little bit of research about what words are being targeted by your competitors. Get inspired from there, but avoid copying.

      Keyword Research – Step Two

      There are a couple of keyword research tools available out there on internet that may help you a lot. Choose any one of such tools and enter a keyword phrase in an appropriate search box. You will be shown a number of sought after phrases related with the keyword phrase that you might have entered. Consider accessing an online thesaurus to know about synonyms of keywords that you may have collected by now.

      Several interesting statistics usually accompany the search results. Such statistics include number of internet users searching about a particular keyword phrase in a geographical region or across the entire earth. Such research will reveal how competitive a particular keyword is. This means you need to know how many sites happen to compete for it at the same time and what is their relative ranking vis-à-vis that keyword.

      Keyword Research – Step Three

      Now it is the time to filter the keywords obtained from above two steps. Having a database of sorts for this purpose will be a good idea. The parameters to filter keywords are competition rate, search volume and conversion rate. Keep the ones that closely related to theme and subject of your website and junk the ones that do not do so. Keep in mind that you need to generate content for all keywords that you choose. Trash the keywords for which you do not have sufficient content.

      Consider having a mix of targeted as well as general keywords. Some of them might be needed to explain your product or services even if they do not directly contribute to traffic generation. You will need around one or two dozen keywords in order to have a fair spread of ideas. Now it is time to write down good quality content with these keywords in focus. Use these keywords evenly in title of your site, Meta tags, site description, anchor text and alt text in case of images.

      Make it a point to not stuff your website with keywords. Such an approach can lead to penalties and suspension of a site from search engine listings. Instead, back your efforts with backlink creation, forum posting and submission of content to article directories and so on.

      Content Is King

      The importance of website content for SEO purposes cannot be underestimated. Good quality content is appreciated by search engines and human readers alike. In addition, such content boosts rank of a web page in search engine listings and attracts links from many other web pages. Generating such content will require great deal of keyword research and being creative to write keyword optimized content.

      But generating keyword optimized content, which is useful for visitors, might not be your forte. You might be specialized in say providing a particular service or manufacturing a product. Diverting your attention from handling clients and vendors, providing great quality services to customers and handle tricky issues at work to something else will do more harm than good. Letting an SEO expert to keyword research for you is a better idea instead!