Is Your Site under Google Penalty?

spend a lot of time in various seo communities, get to speak with experts of the industry and check what sort of seo services brings good results
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      In order to ensure a site’s search ‘appropriateness, it is important to know what can get you penalized by leading search engines or Goggle in specific. Knowing how to measure the state accurately so that you can gauge if you have been recently penalized can assist you considerably to get your website back at the top for your search terms.

      Obviously, Google does not disclose the criteria that it decides for penalizing a particular website and hence, it is obvious that we all have to come up with sensible and educated guesses. Spend a lot of time in various SEO communities, get to speak with experts of the industry and check what sort of SEO Services brings good results. For those who strictly follow SEO best practices and regularly keep themselves updated with the specified guidelines, falling for some trick that can get them penalized doesn’t seem possible. However, a few competitive and tricky situations may involve intelligent SEO warriors and unfortunately, this does not become visible at initial stages.

      Differentiating between Google Sandbox or Penalty

      Yes! Google sandbox exists and there is a difference between getting penalized and getting dropped in sandbox. When a fresh website is launched, it does not get indexed for about a few weeks or sometimes a few months s. It is only that until a new site or new pages earns its trust as far as Google is concerned, it may not appear in the search results. Once the search engine verifies the new pages or a website, it starts appearing in the search results. Till the time a website is stored in the sandbox, the website owners should continue with content improvisation and other SEO Services.

      Lack of awareness leads to penalty

      So whether you are in charge of taking care of only your website SEO services or a bundle of clients’ websites, you need to know to exactly how to identify the situation when your website get penalized. Only once you identify the situation, you can actually start with the process of determining the problem and getting it back into the search stream. Obviously, the first step that will propel you to think about getting penalized is absence in search results for your primary keywords.

      However, perhaps, initially you would observe a sudden, drastic falling-off of traffic. Here, you need to be very cautious because not every sudden fall is an outcome of penalty. The reason could be as simple as the new algorithm of the search engine, where the search trends have changed and the terms you optimized for are no more as popular as they were. Such a situation is mostly a case with many websites witnessing sudden drop and therefore, it is highly recommended that one should keep consistently reviewing the in-use search terms.

      Specific points of Getting Penalized

      Learning from getting penalized

      A few basic insights into Google penalties may help you learn the following guidelines:

      Victim of the search monopoly

      If you have been penalized on the grounds of practicing unsanctioned SEO services or intentionally deceptive techniques then it may be very hard for you to regain your original status in the search engine results without heavy deal of efforts and unwinding. In fact, even after cleaning up your site, you can actually gain inclusion in the index, and certainly start with the program to build real significance and structure that can hold up your ranks rightfully.

      Interestingly, what is more frustrating is when you cannot figure out the actual cause for your penalty. Many cases involve penalty embarked by Google for no obvious reason. An innocent website that is kicked out of index because of some mistake or beyond understanding reason, is a real victim of the search monopoly. For such cases, a class action lawsuit is the remedy. Obviously, this is very difficult although.

      How to Avoid the Google Penalty Plan

      Every day Google delivers nearly a ton of traffic to millions of websites all over the world in various languages as well as topics. Ranking a site and placing it in the SERP is a difficult task especially when the competition is very high. It is hard to guess the procedure that Google follows to rank a site and even penalize one. But the fact is that Google has to ensure strict policies to identify the unscrupulous sites. The way Google penalizes the sites with paid links and the constant shifting and changing algorithms used to rank the web pages have left the people guessing the game right now.

      Google penalty is generally imposed on websites that do not follow quality content and webmaster guidelines that are set by Google. Your website gets temporarily removed from the index for a certain period of time. In this SEO business, website owners need to be careful about not wearing a Google penalty, since it is the biggest search engine and delivers huge traffic to your business. By penalizing the site for certain reasons Google protects itself from perpetrators who produce all kinds of scams. The best method of protecting your site is to use ethical methods to optimize your results in the SERPs.

      The webmaster whose livelihood depends on the rankings on Google will definitely feel aggrieved by any sort of penalty that is imposed on them. It would affect the webmasters both large and small but understanding the motivation behind Google’s penalty is important before passing any final judgment. Google is the most popular search engine and it returns the most relevant result for any terms searched by the visitors. When people try to manipulate their search positions by unfair means, it totally disrupts the process followed by Google to rank a page. Google then penalizes the website in defense.

      Check your Website for:

      Hidden Elements:

      If you have matched any text with the background color of the web page for a higher ranking then it is better to remove them and not to attempt to trick the search engine.

      Inbound links:

      Instead of building thousand of back links it is advisable to write fresh and relevant content that people will want to link to. Excessive inbound links may get you penalized by Google.

      Outbound Links:

      While linking yourself to other sites, you need to be meticulous as links to penalized sites will have a negative effect on your site too. This will damage your credibility amongst the Google spiders.

      Keyword Stuffing:

      Keep a track on the number of times the selected key phrases are used throughout the descriptions, titles, Meta keywords etc. A keyword density checker may help you to assess this and save your site from getting banned.


      Having relevant information about Google penalty is extremely important for every webmaster. Tactics that are not in compliance with Google’s guidelines, may help you optimize the website, temporarily or achieve top positions in the search engine. But they ultimately result in getting your website penalized by Google.