Achievement comes in different ways for individuals with a driving force toward accomplishing their goals. Fostering innovation to reality is a genuine hustle, and for every successful individual, some mentors need to be recognized. An emotionally supportive network and coach behind somebody can make a significant difference in somebody’s path. Andrew Sobko is one of the latest success stories and a model of inspiration in business enterprises.


Charles and Sobko

Andrew Sobko’s reputation is built on hard work, business savvy, and a bold attitude to take calculated risks toward significant impacts.  Andrew is involved in several business ventures, all aimed at internalizing sustainability in global markets. Growing up, Andrew dreamt of operating his businesses and changing the world through innovation. Like everyone, Andrew also had a mentor that guided and walked behind him through his journey. Though very few people can claim being mentored by such high-profile business leaders, this is where Andrew’s story differs from many others. Charles Koch is the 11th richest person alive in this world. He has created numerous jobs and continues to invest in the oil and agriculture sectors. Through a chance meeting, Andrew and Charles developed a professional relationship that carries through to today.

Over time, the relationship between Charles and Andrew grew stronger. According to Charles, he has rarely seen a person like Andrew Sobko. Charles mentioned that Andrew builds healthy relationships by focusing on creating values for others. His businesses aim to not only target innovation in various industries but are people focused.

CDL1000 – AI in Logistics


One of Andrews’s most notable enterprises is CDL1000, a supply chain logistics company powered by groundbreaking, AI-driven transportation solutions. In this role, Andrew led the creation and implementation of pioneering solutions for the daily challenges surrounding the road, drayage-intermodal, and warehousing operations. Andrew innovated a 3PL smart logistics platform with AI-driven solutions that unite industry components and customers toward maximizing logistic opportunities. CDL1000 has created more than 200 jobs in the Chicago-metro area and is one of the most profitable businesses in Andrew’s portfolio. A true logistic expert, Andrew surely knows the needs of his customers. Andrew’s philosophy for a successful business includes a primary concern that the entire team, from frontline to the executive office, is well motivated.

Boxing Enthusiast

natex boxing

Andrew is a sports enthusiast who has a background in boxing. Out of his love for sports, he found the need to promote the boxing sport. To nurture the sport of boxing in Chicago, Andrew founded Natex Boxing Promotions. For more than five years, Natex has trained many boxers that have won several competitions. As Andrew’s main hobby and networking platform, Natex Boxing has collaborated with some of the boxing world’s most notable athletes, promoters, and managers including Roy Jones Jr, Egris Klimas, Vasyl Lomachenko, and Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn.

Andrew believes in a healthy future for all. He believes that through motivation and innovation, the workforce will become more assertive with an eye on productivity. Andrew turns his ideas into reality and promotes them through various channels. By creating and leading several companies, Andrew leads by example with hard work, dedication, and integrity.


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