Over the last 5-7 years Google has made an immense number of changes to it’s algorithm.  So many that they recently announced that their changes will be ongoing and constant, and no further announcements will be made by them.

Details of Google updates : http://moz.com/google-algorithm-change

During this period of constant change, different types of back links have been more effective than others, and certain types of links didn’t even exist prior!!  (certain social links, pdf sites, book mark sites etc).   In today’s environment there are yet again certain links which are generating the best results vs other links which have no impact, and yet others which can cause negative impact.

Examples: directory links, and guest comment / blog links were useful before.   Today very select high quality guest blogs are only useful, and very few directories are recommended for linking.   In the past exact match anchor text was used very frequently, whereas today this practice is considered spammy and hinders ranking and traffic increases.  Today a much higher percentage of generic and naked url anchor text is used such as “click here” or “visit this page”  or  www.yoursite.com”

Link mix or Link profile

The existing ‘link-mix’ or ‘link profile’ of a site can drastically affect the ability for a site to gain further high rankings and traffic, even with ongoing quality linking.   This is where a link audit, and link detox can assist by identifying the current mix, and then eliminating certain % of other links which are throwing the current mix off from the ‘ideal profile’.

Example:  an ideal link profile will have only 5-10% exact match anchors, from relevant geo located sites with high DA or authority.  An ideal link mix will also have a diverse range of c-blocks for ip addresses and will not have a high saturation coming from very few sites.  Almost all sites are off the ‘ideal’ to some degree, and therefore cleaning or detoxing the link profile will provide improvement.  Much like detoxing the body will help you to feel healthy and perform better, so will detoxing of a site’s link profile.

In the recent years there have been several sophisticated softwares developed and experts, including those at our firm, have tested the various solutions on a set of sites to see if improvements could be made to a site’s ranking and traffic, regardless of whether they had received a ‘manual penalty’ from Google or NOT.

Example:  Linkdetox and Rmoov are such software.  Some of the largest and top brands in the world use this software as you can see from their websites.  Does this mean that all those sites were using black hat tactics?  NO it simply means that these firms want to keep their link profile as optimal as possible for maximum performance and results.  They are investing heavily in SEO and other marketing and don’t want a poor link mix to hinder the progress.

Our findings have shown that almost all the sites tested gained measurable benefit in terms of rankings and traffic.  It is for this reason that we are recommending that all sites have a link audit conducted in the least, and thereafter have a link detox performed to create a very ‘natural link profile’.

Example:  we performed detox on sites that had very bad link profiles, as well as those which had quite good (but not perfect) link profiles.   All instances showed improvement.

Below are Frequently Asked Questions

I have only hired white hat SEO firms to work on my links.  Why do I need a link detox?

Nobody NEEDS or is FORCED to have a link detox.  It is a professional recommendation just like a doctor would recommend for you to exercise or eat healthier or reduce your meats and fats to improve your cholesterol.

Any SEO firm who has been delivering linking services over the last several years has had to constantly change their methods of linking to be in line with the ever-changing Google algorithm.   Through this process it absolutely impossible for a site to ‘end up’ with the most ideal and perfect link profile.   Yes, many sites can have very good profiles.   However, even good sites can benefit from a link audit and detox to eliminate potential hurdles that are affecting the site now or could in the future.

If the SEO firm created the links why should there be a cost to remove or clean certain links?

Again link detox is like a tune-up.   Tune-ups are not mandatory but they are highly recommended to keep up the performance.  Without tune-ups cars die sooner, people fall ill and don’t live as long, and similarly, a site would start to lose performance and the ability to rank will be hindered in the long run.

If you hired an SEO firm to build certain links and had them agree beforehand to ensure that the links are within a specific ratio and percentage, then, of course, the SEO firm should fix the link profile at their cost the parameters were laid out prior.  This has never been seen to be the case because as Google changes, so do the methods that SEO firms use.   Google is trying to identify the best quality sites.  If it were ever the case, those percentages would be completely wrong in today’s environment, and you would not want to have them as per the original agreement.  An SEO must evolve and keep up with the industry and standards.   In the cases where we have built the client’s site and domain from scratch and controlled everything from the start, we have more ideal link profiles, and even there we are doing link detoxing to ensure optimal performance. 

How could my site have accumulated any really BAD links or spammy links?

In many cases, this can happen unintentionally over time through various means.   You or your staff or vendors, customers, may have posted on sites with improper links or anchor text.    Press releases may have been sent out with over usages of certain anchor texts (they may have even boosted your rankings in the past).    SEO firm that was building white hat links may have used some anchor text ratios of links which were considered very good and ideal at the time, however now based on Google’s latest updates, they are considered not ideal.  Lastly, competitors may have spammed your site with bad quality links.  We have seen the latter occur in many cases, and it goes undetected by the Site owner until a link audit is done.   In some cases, the site owner themselves hired a linking or SEO firm to build links, and they just built very bad low-quality links.  Any combination of the above is possible.

If I do not undertake the link detox, is my site going to suffer or be stuck completely?

This is a case by case situation.  If your link profile is just in the ‘non-ideal’ zone then with ongoing linking your site should recover.  However, this will take more time than if you DO A DETOX because the linking has to OVERCOME the link profile issues before you will see rank increases.   A detox can drastically speed this up saving you several months or years of time at a far lower cost.
If your site has a severely bad link profile from some spammy links perhaps created by a prior SEO firm, then this could be an almost permanent issue if left unresolved.   We highly recommend that you have a link audit done in the least, and take some detox measures to recover the site.
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SEO Competitors

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