The value of onpage SEO should never be underestimated. On site SEO benefits the web visitor and site owner alike. The web visitor benefits in the sense that, most SEO techniques are employed to enhance user experience. On the other hand, the web owner will experience an increase in ranking position since the site will be well optimized for search engines. At SEO Competitors, we understand the importance of on site SEO. We utilize a number of techniques to make sure campaign emerges successful.

First, you need to understand what on site or on page SEO is. In simple terms, onpage SEO refers to the techniques or configuration settings which need to be used within a website or web page to improve your ranking position. These techniques will help the website to gain maximum exposure in popular search engines. The use of these techniques will also contribute in making the website fully functional and dynamic so that the web visitor feels satisfied.

Onpage SEO techniques

Onpage SEO techniques basic

Secondly, you need to understand the importance of on page SEO. At SEO Competitors, our first stage to boost search engine ranking involves the use of onpage SEO techniques. Unlike off page SEO techniques which are sometimes manipulative, on page techniques will always make your site more understandable to search engines. Search engines are basically computer programs which speak a particular language. For the search engines to understand the contents of your website, you must design your site in a way that it speaks their language.

It is also important to keep in mind that on page techniques are very user-oriented. Most of the onsite SEO techniques provide relevant information to the user. User friendly websites will always have high conversion rates.  On page techniques also make your website very usable. If you are running a small website for your local business, we can optimize it for local searches by using on page SEO techniques. These are some of the main reasons why on page techniques are very critical.

Great content for onpage SEO

content writing technique

There are so many settings that we can apply on your website for it to be perfectly optimized for search engines. Firstly, we need to ensure that your website has great content. Great content can mean original articles, videos or even images on your website. Any rewrites or copied content can cause more harm than good so we have to do away with it first.

We always include some piece of text on non-textual content like images and videos. For instance, we make use of keyword-rich text descriptions on the videos and images on your website. This will give search engines the opportunity to crawl and index your site fully.

We have to ensure that all the material that is published on your website is useful and well researched. People want to get both sides of a story so we cannot concentrate on biased content. Our experts will take time to research and prepare good posts for your readers.

Additionally, we have to post great content on a regular basis. Sometimes our copywriters make use of editorial calendars to control the publishing frequency and posts. We succeed by sticking to our strategy of publishing great content that will keep readers glued to your site.

Onpage SEO basic

SEO Competitors uses unique page titles will help search engines to have a better understanding of your web pages. A page title is meant to describe what your page is about. We ensure that all your page titles have the right keywords and they are meaningful to the web visitor.

Page descriptions are very important because they give web visitors the first impression regarding the content of a particular page. The description is what convinces a searcher to click on a particular page. It can be up to a maximum of 150 characters.  We have to make sure each page on your site has an original description which clearly tells the web visitor what the page is about.

We have a team of SEO web designers who understand the value of proper formatting practices. For instance, they know where and how to use headings and subheadings (h1, h2, h3…), italics, bold, font size, paragraphing and underline. All these elements make the text readable and search engine friendly.

To prevent images from altering your page loading speed, we make use of a content delivery network service. In such a case, your images will be hosted on another server so this will not affect your website loading process. We give all these images descriptive file names.

The structure of your URLs plays a very important factor in onpage SEO. Each page will have its own URL. We have to make sure that it is less than 255 characters. It needs to be separated by hyphens and utilize text that describes the content of that page. There are cases whereby we include a site map which clearly displays the structure of your website.


We focus on internal links because they are critical in onpage SEO. Search engine spiders usually go through the links they find on your page first. It is important for them to find links within textual content that point to other pages within the website. The spiders will follow these links and read those pages as well. This will give search engines a better understanding of your website because they have discovered other pages in your site.

When placing links to other pages within your site, we follow a number of SEO rules to make visitors spend more time on your website. For instance, we do not include only keywords on these internal links. We also make sure that your web pages are not stuffed with internal links. A maximum of 8 internal links per page is good enough. We can even link some related posts which are on different pages on your sites.


Poor coding techniques can affect your onpage SEO campaign. Search engines will find it hard to read and understand pages with bad code. This is why your website needs to be properly designed by SEO Competitors web designers. They will code it according to the W3C validation standards. This will make it search engine friendly and boost your rankings in the long run.


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