Flooring in Toronto is a booming business… so why has our service been able to keep growing and find new customers for carpets and hard wood floors throughout Ontario? A lot of the answer has to do not just with our selection and low prices on flooring in Toronto, but also the fact that every member of our team knows a great deal about carpets and flooring – and they are all committed to helping you find the right look and materials for your home.

That’s important, because Toronto homeowners don’t want to be limited to just one kind of flooring, or even a dozen; they want to choose premium carpets and hardwood floors that are durable, affordable, and match any style or decor. We are proud to say that we think our service does a better job of helping them than anyone.

Toronto flooring: service, selection, and more

Toronto flooring

Our service is able to give you more than our competitors because we work hard to provide the best value, including:

  • Hundreds of Toronto flooring styles, including carpets, rugs, and hardwood floors
  • A trained team of flooring experts who can help you choose the right styles and materials for any budget
  • Delivery and installation throughout Toronto, along with the Vaughn and Woodbridge neighborhoods
  • Flooring in Toronto for new homes, renovations, and decorations of all kinds
  • Carpets and hardwood flooring for businesses and institutions

A lot of homeowners, decorators, and builders in Toronto do tell us that they would happily pay a little bit more to get the service and value we offer at our service, but luckily, you don’t have to! In addition to a committed team and Toronto’s best flooring selection, we also have prices that are hard to beat, no matter where else you shop for carpets and flooring in Ontario. Since we have the very best in choices and value, why would you look for flooring anywhere else?

Premium flooring for all of Vaughan and Woodbridge, Toronto based customers

Toronto is a growing city with lots of places to get flooring, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for the best. We offer flooring in Vaughan and Woodbridge, along with complete installation, as part of our mission to become Toronto’s number one source for carpets, hardwood, and rugs. So, if you’ve been wondering whether our service delivers to your neighborhood, the answer is yes we do!

If you are looking for flooring in Woodbridge or Vaughan, and want to find out about our policies for other areas of Toronto, simply contact us today or stop into one of our showrooms. We’ll be happy to look at a map and get you the answers you need.

Want the best in carpets and flooring in Vaughan, Woodbridge and Toronto? Come visit the check why we are best, with professional installation in Toronto, Vaughan, and Woodbridge!

Toronto Commercial and Residential Carpet Store that Installs

Carpet Store Toronto

Carpeting Installation in Toronto: Our service is a Toronto Carpet Store that has been in business for nearly two decades. We offer a wide selection of different carpets for your flooring needs. Flooring in Toronto can help if you are looking for residential carpeting in the Toronto area or if you are looking for commercial carpeting in the Toronto area.

We offer a number of services for your convenience at our Toronto carpet store and we sell carpet tiles in Toronto as well as broadloom in our Toronto store. Whatever your carpeting needs are we can help you achieve your project goals.

Commercial carpeting from our Toronto area

Commercial carpeting from our Toronto area carpet store is high grade and a high performance product. Commercial broadloom (from our Toronto store) offers the warmth and beauty of residential carpet, but is durable enough for your high foot-traffic areas such as schools, office buildings, churches and banquet halls. If you are in need of carpets in the Toronto area the showroom at Flooring of Toronto has a wide selection of carpet tiles of Toronto and broadloom in our Toronto store.

Many people are confused by the many different kinds of carpets and their multiple styles. Here at Flooring of Toronto we will help you, the customer to find exactly what you need for your carpeting project. Let’s start with how many of the commercial broadlooms in our Toronto carpet store are made. (This is also true of the residential broadlooms in our Toronto carpet store).

Nearly all carpet today is either “woven” or “tufted”. With Woven carpets, the pile and backing are brought together simultaneously on the loom. (the pile is the top of the carpet that is beautiful and for acetic purposes and the backing is for the carpets stability and durability). The other style of “building” carpet is called, Tufted. It is a more modern style that involves loops of yarn being inserted or “tufted” into a pre-woven backing. This is not only more affordable for customers, but it also brings versatility to the designers. Of the two styles mentioned above, Tufted carpeting is sold the most today because of its affordability and durability.

Flooring of Toronto offers these styles for both commercial carpeting needs in Toronto and residential carpeting needs in Toronto. Come and visit our showroom at Flooring in Toronto for a first-hand look at our products.

Looking For Premium Hardwood Flooring In Toronto?

Hardwood flooring in Toronto is becoming more popular than ever, and homeowners from all over Ontario are finding out how to get it for less than they would spend elsewhere.

While Flooring Toronto, a supplier of hardwood flooring in Toronto, might be best-known for unmatched selection of carpets and rugs, we also feature dozens of styles of premium hardwood flooring – including exotic teak woods – that can be purchased, custom-fitted and installed into your home. We’ll even come to you if you aren’t in downtown Toronto; in fact, many of our customers come to us after searching carpet stores in Vaughan and Woodbridge.

Regardless of whether you are looking for simple hardwood flooring, or very specific types of hardwood laminate flooring, we can help find what you need, set it up, and have it looking beautiful in your home in no time. There’s a reason that hundreds of homeowners, builders, and interior designers throughout the Toronto area choose to get their hardwood flooring from Flooring Toronto – you just can’t beat our service and pricing.

Flooring made of Hardwood in Toronto,Vaughan, and Woodbridge: get the best

Flooring made of Hardwood in Toronto

Why turn to Flooring in Toronto for hardwood in Toronto? There are a lot of reasons, from price, selection, and a highly trained staff of sales and installation experts. Here are a few more considerations:

  • Toronto’s best selection of hardwood flooring
  • The best prices for all kinds of hardwood styles
  • Solid hardwood flooring, cork hardwood, and even teak varieties to match your home’s style
  • Delivery and installation all across Toronto, including hardwood in Vaughan and Woodbridge
  • Financing that makes it easy to pay for hardwood floors

In other words, we’re the ones to turn to when you need the very best.

Not sure if you want hardwood flooring in your Toronto home, or if you can get it in your area?

That’s all the more reason to visit Flooring Toronto. On the one hand, we are more prepared than any other carpet or flooring store in Toronto to help you make the right decision. Every member of our team is trained to help you choose the type of carpet that won’t just look good in your home, but will last a very long time. But on the other hand, if after looking through our showroom and hardwood flooring samples, you decide that you don’t want a hardwood floor in your Toronto home, then our service has a number of other options, including Ontario’s best selection of carpeting and rugs.

We also feature delivery and installation of Vaughan and Woodbridge hardwood floors, so no matter what part of Toronto you live in, you won’t have to shop elsewhere to get the best in service and prices. If you have more questions about hardwood floors, don’t wait – get in touch with our service today!

Is it Different Buying Carpets in Toronto Than it Would be Somewhere Else?

Carpets in Toronto: Are they any different than they would be anywhere else? Is there anything special that someone who owns a home in Ontario would need to know that another Canadian wouldn’t?

Believe it or not, this is a question we hear fairly frequently at Flooring in Toronto. That’s because, although many of our customers might not think about Toronto carpeting and flooring every day, or even every year, they do know that they want to get the best, and particularly to find the best carpeting value for their money. Unfortunately, given that there are lots of flooring companies in and around Toronto, that’s not always as easy as it would seem.

A handful of things you should definitely know about carpets in Toronto

  • Given that Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, it’s no surprise that there are so many carpets stores around
  • Relatively high home prices in Toronto means that you’re probably spending a bit more in your house – and so it makes sense to buy carpets and
    flooring that will last
  • The rain, humidity, and snow that are so prevalent here in Ontario make stain-resistant carpeting more important than it might be in other parts of Canada
  • Also, depending on what Toronto neighborhood you live in, certain building styles or architectural types may make certain carpeting styles and designs more popular or desirable
  • Regardless of what you’re looking for, the expert team at Carpets Plus can help you find exactly what you need
  • Flooring in Toronto also sells and installs carpets in Vaughan and Woodbridge, so don’t settle for less, no matter what part of Toronto you’re in

What else should you know about carpets? For Vaughan, Woodbridge based buyers!

Vaughan Carpets

Although they aren’t really specific to carpets and Toronto, there are two other things you might want to keep in mind. First, no matter what type of flooring you’re looking for, or what type or size home you have, it always pays to look for the right value. That’s just as true if you’re shopping for carpets in Vaughn or carpets in Woodbridge.

In other words, it’s important that your flooring not just look good, but also be durable and match the style and decor of your home. The last thing you want to do, after buying new carpets and having them installed, is to find yourself shopping around Toronto carpets stores again in a few years because what you bought didn’t last.

The other consideration with carpets in Toronto is that, like anything else in your home, you should buy based on your own personal preferences and budget. No one but you has to live with it, and so it’s important that you visit a Toronto carpet store that offers a lot of different brands and choices. The more of them you see, the more likely you are to find exactly what you were looking for.


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