What is social media marketing?


    Social media marketing is the biggest thing to hit the marketing world. Social marketing uses the power of networking to spread the word about a brand, website or product. Social media can be hard to navigate as a beginner, but it’s entirely possible to utilize the power of these websites to promote whatever it is you want to promote.

    1. Build Pages On All Social Outlets

    It sounds like a daunting and time-consuming task, but having a profile on the major social-media websites can give your company a boost. It gets your name out there, and it allows customers to find you easily in a number of ways. You can share links on each of these pages to get recognition too.

    2. Talk To Fans

    Some websites are integrating a system that makes your posts visible to a select amount of people. This can be frustrating. Talk to your fans as often as possible on your page. Encourage conversations between fans with creative posts. People talking is always a good thing.

    3. Make A Call To Action

    Telling your fans to share a post is the easiest way to get it spread around. It may seem overly simple, but it really works. Those trigger words make people want to share with their friends. If it’s something relevant or important, they are more likely to share it. If you are having a contest or giveaway, this increases the number of shares.

    4. Host A Giveaway

    Giveaways are an easy way to get new fans. They encourage conversation too. If a giveaway is relevant to your company, then find a way to incorporate that into your social-media marketing. As the giveaway goes on, watch the increase in fans and activity on your page.

    5. Post Often

    Frequently posting content to your pages and your websites will draw people in. No one wants to interact with a company or page that rarely updates. It is easy to be forgotten in a fast-paced world. Keep your fans engaged by posting lots of fresh content each day.

    6. Offer Subscriptions

    Offering subscriptions for your content or website is the best way to keep people engaged. You should routinely encourage fans to subscribe to you through your social pages. This will increase traffic, purchases and interaction with your company.

    7. Meet People Where They Are

    Following tags on popular sites and reaching out is the best way to make people follow back. If you notice a photo, post or comment that is promoting your company, respond to that person. This kind of interaction makes people feel important and special. It makes them feel like a person and not another customer. It’s a good strategy for all companies to follow. Meet your fans where they are instead of making them find you.

    8. Be Friendly

    Being friendly will go a long way. The customer is always right. Be sure to present your company in the best light possible. This will give you a strong presence in the social-media world, and that is what you want.