What is search engine optimization web design?


    SEO Competitors is a professional search engine optimization and marketing firm offering full suite services including SEO website design. Please explore our website if you would like to find out more.

    Website Design Services Include:

    [following SEO web design practices only outline general guidelines]

    Clean Search Friendly Coding

    From the ground up, we ensure that the website follows World Wide Web Consortium design guidelines. We code in strict HTML code and CSS layout making it easier for search engines to scan through the website and extract vital information for search rankings.

    Search Friendly information Structure

    Advances search engines such as Google place weight on the informational structure design of the website(links, navigation, site maps). Clean, relevant, keyword-rich structure can drastically affect search rankings. We ensure that your website is built from its fundament to satisfy search engine requirements, increasing chances of hitting top spots.

    Content Creation

    As we design your website, we ensure that the written content contains all of your main and secondary keywords in elements such as: h-tags, metadata, page titles, navigation, link anchors, written text.

    Link Popularity Building

    Building a website from the ground up is a challenging search engine optimization and web design task, as the new website is unfamiliar to search engines, hence it lacks a required “trust element” to be featured among top results. We gradually build up links pointing to your website increasing the “trust element” and ensuring that your website will maintain top position, regardless of competition or big search engine changes.

    Professional search engine marketing

    As a professional search engine marketing and search engine optimization web design company we ensure that your newly build website ranks high for targeted keywords. Be it new or old domain. We will also assist in picking the right domain name if you haven’t done so, as domain age and domain keywords play a role in search ranking algorithms(i.e. “optimization.ca”)

    SEO Competitors company

    SEO Competitors is a Canadian SEO web design company servicing Ontario, Quebec and other Canadian Provinces. Our websites rank amongst top results for some of the most competitive keywords.