Facebook has become the number one place to promote a business or a brand on-line, especially for B2C businesses.

The benefits are clear – controlled environment, large potential customer base and a two way communication tool that allows you to have a dialogue directly with your customers.

One of the challenges facing businesses using Facebook is how to get “Likes”. A “like” ensures that you can continue the dialogue with your customer even if they’re not directly looking at your page. It also allows your customers to spread the message about your business to their friends thus increasing your reach beyond just those who follow you.

In this article we’re going to look at one way to encourage Facebook users to “like” your page by using a Squeeze page.

A squeeze page (or Tab) is a welcome screen that users first see when they go to your business page, but only if they haven’t already “liked” your page.

Its used by brands to give users a taster of what they could get if they “like” the page and point you towards the like button. The perception from users is that they have to “like” the page before getting access to the content within it. This is actually a falsehood as users can look through a business page on Facebook without actually “liking” it but most people don’t realise that.

Take a look at the Tesco Pets page shown here. The first thing you see when visiting their page is their squeeze tab which has a large blue area at the top with an arrow pointing towards their “Like” button above. The inference is that by clicking “Like” you as a friend of Tesco Pets will get offers that you wouldn’t as a normal visitor to the page.

Tesco Pets has over 15,600 Likes so it must be working for them.

How to create your Facebook Squeeze page

Static Iframe Tab

Obviously you need to have a Facebook Page for your business or brand initially. This is fairly easy to do but if you’re unsure how to do this drop me a line and i’ll help you out.

The first stage to creating your squeeze page is to go to your Facebook Page and click the Edit Page button in the top right. If you’re the administrator of the page this button will be available.

The squeeze page is created by adding an App to your Facebook Page. There are a number of apps that will help you create a Squeeze page but I find that the “Static Iframe Tab” app is the best.

Search in the top search bar for “Static Iframe Tab” and you should see it pop up in the drop down list that appears. Select it and go through to the app page.

Click the big green “Install Page Tab” button. It will then ask you to confirm the page you want to add it to so select your business page from the drop down list and click “Add Static Frame Tab”.

You will then be taken back to your Facebook Page. Click Edit Page again and navigate to the Apps section. You should now see the icon for the Static Iframe Tab in the list.

Click the Edit Settings link and give the tab a name (e.g. Welcome or Special Offers). This is what the users will see on the side of your Facebook Page.

Now, return to the Facebook Page itself (so leave the Edit area) and you should see your new tab on the left. Click the tab link and you should see a page like the one below…

You will need two sets of different content – one that your fans see and one that your non-fans see. This way people who have already liked your page won’t see the same Squeeze page each time they visit your Facebook Page.

The field for Page Source is where you put the content that you want your fans (people who have already liked your page) to see. This could be a range of special offers or exclusive content.

Click the option for Non-fan page source.  You can then select to use an image, a url from another website or add in your own HTML. To make this easier for you (if you’re not a web developer) click the Editor link and you’ll get the WYSIWYG editor which will allow you to format and style your text and add in images etc.

So, with your two sets of content you now have a squeeze page created that will show different content to fans of your page and non-fans. You now need to make this the default landing tab for the page.

To do this, save your squeeze page and click the Edit Page button.  Go to “Manage Permissions” and change the option for Default Landing Tab to your new tab.

And that’s it – your very own squeeze tab on your Facebook Page.


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