There’s a magic word you need to know that will change the way you write content for your site. It’s a small word, but it gets gargantuan results for those who know about it. This word describes the kind of content that pulls in readers far and wide because it has a way of spreading through word of mouth, both online and offline.

The magic word is EPIC. That’s right, one guy recently wrote an article with a decidedly more colorful and succinct title covering this very topic, called ‘Write Epic Sh**‘. In his article, he makes a powerful argument that in order to truly achieve relevance online today, anyone with a blog needs to reach deep into themselves and create the best written content they can. For those creating non-written content, he suggests doing the same thing with whatever their medium happens to be: videos, audio, etc.

Get Rid of Those Worn Out ‘Magic Tricks to Online Success’

Epic Content

Writer was passionate about writing ‘epic sh**’ and he thinks you need to be, too. One of the reasons he states for hammering this point with such great force is that he is sick of
seeing people go crazy with promotion while paying little attention to the quality of the
content they are hyping. Forget the promotional tactics, he says, because they will not help expand a site’s audience if the content those visitors encounter when the arrive at the site is not of seriously high quality. It’s a little bit of the ‘boy who cried wolf’ story, in a way.

Yet, he does see a time for promotion to happen and still believes in using solid marketing tactics to reach out once quality content is in place.

Once you’ve created something epic, you need to make sure other people find out about it. But if you really write outstanding content, it won’t take much effort on your part to get the word out. Your new fans will do most of the work.
Great content can promote itself but even the best promotion can’t create great content.

That is a rather tall order, but writer is passionate about his point and cites plenty of
examples of successful bloggers that back his theory. He says passionate entrepreneurs he knows and interacts with are spending only around 20% of their time thinking about promotional strategies. They aren’t coming up with better ways to use Twitter or Facebook. They aren’t trying to bring in floods of traffic to lukewarm sites with low-rent content. They’re trying to create the very best they can and after they have done this, then they worry about reaching out to others.

Looks Like Daniel Knows What He’s Talking About

Anyone who has been following SEO competitors for any length of time know that Daniel is known for a saying a particular phrase he’s used time and time again on sites. The expression wasn’t invented by me, but it resonates in many aspects of what we do online today. The phrase is: “Garbage in, garbage out.

Write things that make people think. Inspire people. Change lives. Create value. Blow people away with your usefulness.
Only after you create epic sh** should you worry about sharing your content with other people. All the promotion in the world won’t make your site popular if your content sucks.

It’s quite likely that we all already know this to be true. We are raised to ‘do our best’ and
told to ‘go hard or go home’ but the Internet sometimes seems like a different world, doesn’t it? It is all too easy to get to thinking that online is different somehow and that things here can happen easily or even magically. It is all too easy to get into that lottery mentality that can be so damaging to our efforts to build a successful business.

Big Talk and Backing It Up with Real-World Examples

Woman-Surprised-by-Epic-WritingSome would argue that the magic word ‘epic’ being an adjective for the content you should write sounds like hard work. 

In case it sounds as if this is a herculean effort of possibly Quioxtic nature, keep in mind
that Sethi’s blog regularly receives 3.6 million visitors a year. He’s also a regular contributor to The New York Times and a book he wrote is now a bestseller. Is it possible to achieve such success over night? Probably not.

Still, he doesn’t envision the struggling entrepreneur sitting in their office banging their
head against their keyboards and praying for inspiration. We have different advice.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to create epic stuff without outside inspiration. Get out there and do things and learn things that people will want to read about. Get inspired yourself, then infect your readers and customers with that inspiration.

Start Working Towards Epic Content & Equally Epic Success

Outside of the blogosphere, think about the fastest growing services and how insanely useful they are. GrouponKivaEvernote and Twitter are all great examples. Is your service that useful, really?

From my own experience, my sites grow slowly when I produce average content, then they grow like bamboo when I pour my soul into a piece of content and make it as undeniably useful as possible.

We have heard content is king for years, but until that content is truly ‘epic’ how can it really pull in visitors? How could it possibly compete with all of the funny cat pictures and other memes that tend to rule the social networks?

The answer starts with aiming to create the best content however you can. Maybe ‘epic’ isn’t even a magic word. Maybe it’s just common sense. Don’t we owe our visitors that much for their time? Shouldn’t we strive to have one more site on the web that they won’t regret visiting? We would like to hear what you have to say so please leave a comment and speak your mind!


  1. It is a smart idea to compare our sites to big winners like Groupon or Twitter. Maybe we are in different markets from them, but they really put everything into what they do. I think sometimes it is difficult for me to write great content but that is why we hire writers right?? You focus on what you do well and then outsource the skills as said in this article.

    I know that this would depend on your niche but do you think that interviewing people in your niche who are more expert than you would hurt or help your site? As an example, if I were to have a site about relationship coaching and I am new to it would it be bad or good to see if could interview someone (maybe from the offline world??) who was well known for their relationship coaching? Maybe this would be self undermining?

    Pardon me if this is a strange question it just came to mind!

    • yes, you can get great outsourced content but you need to be prepared to pay for it. Don’t expect SEO grade writers to create high-quality content for your site. You need to find high-quality writers for that and you’ll have to pay significantly more – at least $25 to $50 an article. We offer such a service if you’re interested – our authority articles.

      Interviewing people can be a great way to build up your site’s authority and traffic – absolutely.

      Hope that helps…

  2. I think refinement of existing offers is truly important. This is too often ignored in internet marketing. I am glad to see it being advocated here. I have noticed in observing your offers that you already do this, improving what you offer. It can remove some of the stress and strain of trying to compete if you compete with yourself, I believe.

    Such valuable insights 🙂

    Thank you.

  3. Great content with great insights. I saw some unique tips from other articles in same sector. Your contents are already good and also I liked the sticky bar.


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