Linking can be a complicated thing to explain but in essence it all has to do with coding and getting better search engine rankings on some of the world’s top search engines. So, these websites will show up in higher linkings so that people will visit their sites more. In the world of search engine optimization online, do follow and no follow backlinks are the common terms that are used by many bloggers, webmasters, and copywriters.

What seems to be the major difference is how valuable the backlink is. A lot of the research has stemmed from major search engine moguls like Google that their webmaster tools and analysis help to define the difference between the two link building strategies.

The term “do follow”

The term “do follow” is the attribute of focus and first off, it is a basic Internet slang term that is given to web pages or sites that do not use the no follow technique. A no follow backlink is a term that is given to a hyperlink that relays information to search engines not to pass on the credibility or influence to an outbound link.

This term was coined within the blogging sector of the Internet so that the number of links entered into a comment area would be reduced. It prevents spammers from being able to insert any of their information into a blog or comment area so that people can also visit that website.

In essence, the hosting website is the one doing all of the major work and for an anonymous person to plug in another hyperlink to be shown on the blog site, then they are using the website for their own promotion. This way there would be no advantage for a spammer to paste an unwanted hyperlink into the comment box. These two terms, do follow and no follow, have greatly impacted link building.

Backlink methods

Do Follow Backlink

While some websites like social bookmarking sites, blog sites, and other websites began using no follow backlink methods, it also made it hard not only for spammers to include their hyperlinks but also for honest people. However, this made do follow backlinking much more popular for search engine optimization.

No follow is not necessarily a bad thing as they can be useful too. However, to increase overall exposure of one’s website, the do follow links bring more mentions of a website and can increase traffic to a webpage. However, there are not that many websites that have areas on their page for any do follow hyperlinks to be entered. Different search engines even use no follow and do follow links in different ways.

Search engines

search engines and do follow backlinks

Google search engine does follow the no follow links but they do not recognize the outbound link to add value to a search. Yahoo also follows no follow links but also excludes the link from any calculations of ranking a website. Bing sometimes sometimes follows no follow links but also removes it from any calculations for ranking. This means that spamming a link on some other webpage will not allow for the website to gain popularity and increase in search engine rankings just by being posted on a bunch of other sites.

Do follow backlinks and spammers

spammers and links

Do follow backlinks do get a bad rap because of spammers. For people who use them properly, they are effortless methods of increasing rankings and it is very helpful to businesses that are working within a certain niche. Some spammers think that providing backlinks will help spread the word about their site when they add it in a comment or some other place on a website. It does not necessarily help it at all.

Providing do follow links that are just spam does not provide any search engine results but instead hurts the site that a person posted the spam on and it encourages any website that offers do follow backlinking to completely convert their website to only allowing no follow backlinks. For anyone that does post anything with do follow resources on a do follow providing website, it is appropriate for the whole blogging and web community to be honest and be tasteful. The links should provide valuable content that is not pumped full of keywords. Instead, if someone who includes do follow links discuss the actual website. If done tastefully, the do follow backlink can help.


There are some ways that there can be several different do follow backlinks from one source. Posting multiple hyperlinks on the same page to the same source will not be helpful at all. If a source such as the major search engines like Google starts to notice that there are multiple links pointing users to a page from one do follow link, or that it is linking to other areas on the web such as Blogspot or WordPress that provides backlinks, it will not go unnoticed.

If webmasters realize that this is happening, they will start to devalue the backlinks. It gets to where it will be a waste of someone’s time to even hop online to post them because they will do no good and will be deemed worthless, not helping at all to build search engine optimization. This will then hurt a website’s future link building in the purpose. More than likely, when backlinks are built over time, they are built with better quality and have value.


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