Cost Effective SEO Methods for Your Online Business

these are cost effective seo methods that you can apply to ensure that your site receives a good flow of traffic. check them
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      Starting an online business is relatively easy. All you need is an idea, a product and some start-up capital. The hard part is getting people to visit your website so that you can sell them your ideas and products. With so many internet businesses being set up every day, it becomes easy to get lost in the crowd. The best part is that there are certain cost effective SEO methods that you can apply to ensure that your site receives a good flow of traffic.

      User-friendly site

      When designing your site, we at SEO Competitors ensure that we do so with the user in mind. A user friendly site should load easily and fast. It should also have minimal pop up adverts and should also be interactive. People visiting your site will be annoyed by pages that take too long to load and pop up adverts that appear everywhere. Webmasters are also able to easily link a user friendly site to other sites using incoming links. All these work to your advantage when it comes to search engine ranking.

      Quality content

      Another cost effective SEO method is to have quality content on your site. Quality content is what keeps your users coming back for more. In order for content to be classified as quality it needs to be fresh, original and informative. If people realize that you have something great to offer, they will visit your site more and even refer it to others. Bloggers and other site owners also choose to create links pointing their visitors to sites that have great content. When it comes to finding content for your website, do not settle for anything less than the best.

      Online directories

      Online directories are an important tool for online business, and the best part is that they are free. In order to submit your site to an online directory, you need to have high quality content which must also be original. Being listed in online directories improves your chances of being ranked highly by search engines.

      Domain name

      When creating your website, we at SEO Competitors help you to choose your domain name carefully. Buying a domain name is one of the costs that you incur when building a website. It is a cost effective SEO method which allows you to optimize your site. The characteristics of a good domain name include being catchy, easy to remember and not too wordy. It should also tell any person who comes across it what your site is about. For example, if you intend to have an online business that sells refurbished goods, have a domain name that contains ‘refurbished’ and ‘goods’.

      Article submission sites

      Posting your articles on article submission sites is a cost effective SEO technique that we at SEO Competitors use to increase traffic to your site. There are thousands of such sites on the internet which allow you to post content which readers can benefit from. As usual, we keep the content fresh and original as this will hold the readers’ attention. If the readers realize that you know exactly what you are talking about, they will be more than willing to visit your site.

      These article submission sites allow you to include links to your website which readers can follow to get to your site. If you do not have the time to create content that is appealing to your target audience, hire us at SEO Competitors to do it for you. Outsourcing for content is a great way to ensure that your audience is given only the best. It is something that a lot of website owners are investing heavily in.

      Social media

      The social media is quickly taking over as the platform where people go to when they want information about products and services. If you are an online business owner, you cannot afford to ignore the power of social media presence. Social media keeps you connected to the consumer on a more personal basis. It allows the consumers to get new information as soon as it is out. You can also answer any queries put forward by the consumers on the various social media platforms. Therefore, as a business owner you are better off taking advantage of the huge consumer base accorded by sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media is definitely one of the most cost effective SEO methods that you cannot afford to ignore.

      Video submissions

      A lot of business owners have realized that most consumers do not have the time or patience to sit through a long article that promises to answer all their questions and then some. For this reason, online businesses are opting to reach out to their consumers using videos. Video submissions are a cost effective SEO technique as they allow the business owner to explain their product to an attentive audience. We at SEO Competitors keep the video short and to the point; you will have the attention of your audience to the end.

      The visual aspect of videos also means that you can show the audience what exactly you are selling to them. This allows them to appreciate your legitimacy in a world full of cyberspace frauds. Video submission sites work just like article submission sites, the only difference being that instead of articles you submit videos.

      Of course, as with the articles, we ensure to optimize the videos for keywords when we are posting the description about the video. This will ensure your videos come up when someone searches for related keywords. And if your video goes viral, you can sit back and wait for increased profits.


      Most business owners who hear about SEO worry that investing in it is a process that will ruin their finances. This is a real worry as most small businesses do not have a lot of money to spare. As you can see, however, there exist cost effective SEO strategies that you can employ for the benefit of your business. You need not break the bank to get your online business out there. You only need to be a little more creative.