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Coronavirus and logistic

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As governments and health care organizations around the world work to prevent the spread of coronavirus, importers and exporters in 164 countries are struggling to manage the growing impact of the pandemic on their supply chains. Despite past lessons about the weaknesses in their supply chains from the 2003 SARS outbreak and the 2011 Fukushima tsunami, companies have been challenged to manage logistics issues arising from sourcing strategies and risk management.

Developing a methodological supply chain response to coronavirus pandemic can be challenging depending on the magnitude and rate of the pandemic outbreak. Supply chain leaders must mitigate such disruption and plan for future events, or risk falling behind.

Current supply chain projects have largely adopted the philosophy of one-size-fits-all, as immature materials are found and produced worldwide. While this has enabled the low-cost ‘cost-to-server’ model, recent commercial differences and the now coronavirus epidemic have left the footprint on the economy. Organizations should aim to increase the production and distribution capabilities of their supply chain, not with resilience and operational power, but with dynamic. For example, a technology company may consider separating production centers with local supply sources for each major market, without counting a single source. For some companies, supply chain managers are aware of the risk of collective bargaining but are working to reduce costs. These decisions weaken the availability of goods, which affects consumers who do not come directly from the affected countries, but whose suppliers do.

Supply chains

Supply chains

To avoid future conditions, companies should research suppliers in specific geographical locations, or look for a second source outside the first area to mitigate the impact, in order to recover goods from the affected countries. This will help to change the right chain further.

Although many organizations around the world recognize the importance of a risk management system, they often rank high in the absence of a risk profile. Consistent with a paper published by the Center for International Material Supply at the University of Tennessee, only 25 percent of a typical end-to-end company estimates it as damaging in any way.

Supply chains are very reliable, but companies can directly control all levels of risk through their risk management systems. For example, an accurate assessment of inventory is provided, but it is also important to understand how restrictions on imports from China and affected countries affect current inventory and general shipping efficiency. When setting up an information acquisition system, interruptions on risk management strategies should be used, such as mapping and supplying suppliers. Companies will also have to wait for suggestions if there will be changes in cargo in the coming weeks – a decline in air volume due to demand for canceled passenger airplanes and current baggage.

Health and safety in CDL 1000

Above all, remember that people are most affected by the epidemic. The health and safety of employees and consumers should be given priority when this outbreak occurs. If possible, activate endless sessions of remote work arrangements and apply a clear communication strategy to the organization. How employees are notified while ensuring that business performance is less disrupted by doing so. For example, companies can create a web-based information center to address company policies that include frequently asked questions and employee retention strategies.

Keep your suppliers in these systems – including the right number of staff and multi-volume facility planning, and agree on work readiness. It is important to maintain customer support and flexibility in customer service in these difficult times – and remember when they turn sour they understand how well a company responds to those problems.

We are still closely monitoring what is happening and the resulting global impact on coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our disaster management team is looking into the matter and is taking steps to restore wellness. The safety of our employees when operating in accordance with our business continuity plans. There is a group. Provide timely, timely updates to our employees, clients and contract managers. CDL1000 remains internationally full-time, working internationally and at home. Transport in compliance with government and health regulations. Our scale, technology and singularity, Global Multimodal Freight Management System, Noisier, Enables Support for Our Network About 200,000 customers and contractors worldwide. We have systems and mechanisms for business continuity to see our employees at all our locations. This is necessary because of the distance. Our global reach and expertise put operational support in a position of control.  What is needed to make sure the service is not interrupted. We are available to assist in product planning and evaluation Make sure you have prepared yourself with strategy and operational support and appropriate mitigation strategies if needed.


For CDL 1000 the safety of employees and their families is first priority. We recognize the situation remains very fluid.  CDL1000 monitor the situation creating by this epidemic  on economy and environment CDL1000 also notices the epidemic effect on global and domestic transportation and provides complete updates through social media and other ways. Our international network of experts is committed to providing you with the highest quality service and support.


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