Brand management is one of the latest trends online the last few years. It has even been evolved later into pesonal online management for celebrities and generally high-profile people. The subject has gained very high momentoum the last few years as people started making theyre decisions online, Viewing reviews, articles and comments about they’re needed subjects.

The main idea in brand management is to have a full control over what the searchers will see when searching your company’s website. You want them to see only what your company had “Approved” earlier,  giving them the best impression they could have. This efforts today are received well with google and the other search engines by various adaptations they have made to theyre SERP.

What do I want users to see when they search for “Brand Name”?

brand name search

There have been many talks about what the right mix for a company name SERP is. Through my experience on a 7-results page the best mix you could have to give the best impression without it looking unnatural is:

  • 1st result – The companie’s webasite with sitelinks to all of it’s deparments and interests
  • results 2-4 – Social media accounts for your company (Facebook / Twitter / Mashable / linkedin….)
  • 5 and beyond – Reviews of your products from high-profile newsletters, magazines and review websites.

This mix serves a few purposes. At first your website result with the sitelinks well linked will both make you look as a big brand even though you may be an SMB. the more “Real-Estate” you take on the page, so does the bigger you look for the people searching for it.

Your 2-4 results, will serve as a gateway to your social world. When people are looking for your brand they will often check out and see how much those are being updated, if there are any special promotions running today, how many people are following your brand and what is theyre interaction with your content and products.

The 5+ results are of course the review ones. As people are looking for your brand there are mainly two possible needs for them. They heard about you and want to find some more information about you, OR they have seen your products and maybe think about buying them. This is the stage where they try to gather as much information about you and your products as possible. This leads us to one question and practice:

Why would I want content that is not under my direct control in the 1st SERP?

1st SERP positions

This is one of the biggest questions, some brand managers would claim that it’s best to have the full 1st page only with your own results. This has been made possible by google as they allow for differnet pages under the same domain to be listed 2-3 times in the SERP if they are relevant to the query. It will change your SERP to be about 1-3 own brand websites, including sitelinks and 4+ being your social accounts and media.

In my believe through experience, it is better to show some natural unsolicited results in those pages.

When a user is looking for information about your brand and products, they will look for reviews about you. They want to get the general feel of how you operate and how people generally interact with your products. By giving the searcher results that are coming from natural sources that had reviewed you, it will give him the answers he seek without the need to delve deeper and deeper into you, finding out things like 1 poor user review in a small website that will ruin his day, and your projected deal.

This act will make you seem like a High-Profile company straight away with alot of media attention, alot of user care and interaction. And with the right supported mentions from the 3rd party websites, it will give the user a much more trustworthy and comfort feeling about your company, resulting in higher conversion rates and overall brand managment.

Brand reputation management service

With the kind of technology available today, companies can be researched in seconds. That’s why it’s important to have an unblemished reputation on the internet. Savvy companies are aware that making investing in the protection of their brand can pay off over the long term. Going to a renowned online marketing expert like SEO competitors is highly recommended.

At SEO competitors, we can deliver on your expectation. Potential customers will usually browse the first three pages of Search Engine Results. We ensure that your company’s name will not be associated with anything negative. More than that, our team also takes time and effort to completely eliminate destructive comments on websites, blogs, forums, and social media sites. We replace misleading information with accurate ones.

SEO competitors implements a proven process for removing negative information and highlighting the positive aspects about your company. Our service package involves the following:

  • The creation of micro-sites that integrates high-ranking keywords and selected key phrases
  • Content creation and submission to powerful directories of networking websites
  • The displacement of websites that contain negative information on the search engines and the optimisation of websites that has positive information
  • Link building strategy
  • Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure success

If your company is in need of professional help in brand reputation management, we are here to help you. Our team can come up with the exact strategy that will restore your good image on the internet. SEO competitors can yield long-lasting benefits to your company. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support if you’re interested in our services.

Benefits of Brand Reputation Management

For better or worse, the internet has become a trusted source of information. It won’t come as a surprise that people do majority of their research on products, services, and companies online. This means that all organisations have become susceptible to the attacks of unscrupulous competitors, unhappy employees, and unreasonable customers.

Fortunately, all is not lost. By leveraging on the expertise of SEO competitors, you can reap the benefits of a good brand reputation and enjoy online success. Our team is focused on helping your company achieve the best results possible. The following data further proves the power of word-of-mouth:

  • 70% trust the opinion of anonymous users
  • 85% of people inform others when they have a problem with a brand or company
  • 74% reveal that the opinions of others influence their purchase decisions 
  • 67% purchase more online after getting recommendations from trusted online communities
  • 42% trust word-of-mouth information 

This means that the benefits of Brand Reputation Management are immense. Business expansion becomes easier because people trust your brand. Your company can charge a premium for excellent products, service, and other offers. Return on investment (ROI) will be high and the groundwork for long-term success will be laid out.

By taking advantage of our Brand Reputation Management services, you will also enjoy Proactive Protection, Monitoring Service, and Reactive Service from our experts. You’re definitely in good hands with SEO competitors.

How SEO Can Help Build Your Brand

People inevitably trust the websites they see at the front page of organic search results. We can help you build your brand this way. By enabling you to rank highly on the search engines, we ensure that visitors will get a chance to visit your site. Thus, they will have a positive image of your company once they see the offers.

In addition to this, we can also help displace negative search results about your brand. With the amount of available technology today, slander is a real threat. It can come from anywhere and spread throughout the social media landscape. At SEO competitors, we understand the threats your business is exposed to. Our team can take measures that will ensure that your firm will enjoy positive brand reputation.


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